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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

One Fish Two Fish...You can sew it too Fish!

While the dog days of summer are rapidly coming to an end, 
it's not to late to enjoy the pool or beach.

Having your own special towel is an added bonus.

This fun little goldfish complete with scales, is easy to do
 with with "Crafters Edge" dies.

as well as with Accuquilt GO cutter, with a conversion plate set

Start by fusing a piece of  HeatNBond Fusible Interfacing on the back 
of your main body piece. 
(This gives it the stability it needs to stitch the scales on) 
Fuse HeatNBond Lite Fusible Web to the back of the fabrics
 for the fins, scales and eye.
Cut out all pieces.
Note:  fish is not fused to the background. 
Start adding the scales from the back to the front, fusing then stitching
 each row as you go.
The back will look something like this when you done.

Spray the back on the fish, fins and tail. Arrange on towel, 
tucking fins and tail under where needed

Stitch down, being careful not to catch the loops of the towel.

til next time...
Keep your head about water in these crazy times!
and...Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, August 10, 2020

Words to Grow by BOM October

We have all had a dream or two I'm sure.
Carla has shared a dream on the more positive side. 
She's brought us right back to our childhood with this sweet little block.
Remember that saying...snug as a bug on a rug?
Well this little bug has the cutest leaf as his rug, 
and what about that dreamy bed...
Complete with a quilt of flowers on top.
Yes, I'd love to crawl into it and not come out til Covid is over.

Here is the January Star block. Thank you so very much Carla.

We know this has been a very unconventional year in many ways.
Unfortunately, it has not been any different for us either.
Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to deviate from our usual format
of one block a month for a year. 
This year we have chosen to release all of the blocks
 for this BOM.
They are all now available and links for each are provided below.
Blocks from August thru January of 2021 will be available
 until the end of September free of charge.
After that they will be available, for a small fee.
We so appreciate your understanding and patience with us this year.
Now that you have all your blocks, we are excited to see your quilts.
Our Facebook group is open as always for sharing and questions.

Uploaded to Facebook by Just Let Me Quilt
(the link is in the files on the Facebook group page)

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, August 7, 2020

Words to Grow By BOM...August

                                                   It's finally here...
The center block you've all been waiting for.
You have been so patient with us and all our changes, so without further ado...
We all need a little love in our lives, and what better way to survive the crazy days
we have been living with this year. 

You can find the pattern
Not a fan of tracing?
Heat N Bond EZ Print products by Thermoweb, make it easy.
Just pop in your printer and your ready to go.
You can check it out 

Again we do apologize for the unforeseen issues we have had this year.
This is the last block of the BOM that has not already been released.
I have a complete list below of all blocks with links, for where to find them.
I will be updating with my block photos as I complete them.

Please note...the August through next January patterns all have been released. These blocks will be free of charge until the end of September.
After that, they will be available for a small fee.


Uploaded to Facebook by Just Let Me Quilt
(the link is in the files on the Facebook group page)

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop

My favorite time of the year...Christmas in July. Carol really knows how to gets us 
in the mindset of starting our holiday stitching...
Before you know it, we will be stitching up, all our favorite fall projects, as well.
(that means Halloween is right around the corner)
Ok...getting back on track here.

Yes, he was over it. He is either running away screaming or doing the happy dance.
I will let you  be the judge.

He's had time to recoup and recover a bit.
(possibly after imbibing in his favorite toddy)
He has managed to regain his stately composure, once again!
This is "Jolly Old Santa"
 from "Seams Like Home" designed by Joan Jones.
Hey, with a name like that who wouldn't love her, right?
OK...I might just be a little biased here.
I have had this pattern in my mile high stack of must do's, for a very long time.
For some silly reason, I didn't buy the pre-made face when I bought the pattern. 
Let's just say that stopped me in my tracks..
It was time to put on my big girl panties and figure it out.
Now I'm here to tell you, having  absolutely no artistic ability, with the
instructions provided, even I could manage to make a face that looks like Santa.
I started off with a piece of scrap fabric. 
Using a light board, I traced the face pattern onto my fabric with a pencil.
Then I went over it with a brown "Pigma Micron" pen.
Next came the eyes.
These were done using  Derwent "Intense Ink" pencils.
It wasn't until I sat down to write this post,
 that I realized I had bought the wrong thing.
She recommended Prismacolor Colored pencils.
(I am guessing they might be close, to the same thing)
If you have never used these, you color lightly with them, then go back with a damp pencil tip and blend it. I will say, I practiced that on another piece of fabric first. It doesn't take much water. 
My first try looked a little more "Goth" than I was going for. 

 I penciled in the black pupil first, then went in with the blue for the eye. Once it's dry, you go over it with an iron. It heat sets and makes it permanent. Final eye details were drawn in with a black Micron pen, and the white dot was added with acrylic paint.

I painted my blush on with acrylic paints. If you have never done that, you want almost no paint on your brush. Work it into a paper towel, until it seems like there's no point to it, what so ever.
The pattern shows you exactly where to "blush" your Santa face.

The real fun begins when you start layering his beard!
There are lots of layers. Laying all my pieces out numerically, was a
big help.
Getting it ready for quilting was easy.
I love Thermoweb's "Spray and Bond" basting adhesive.
No sticky needles or skipped stitches when quilting, but best yet...
There is no obnoxious oder, like so many other basting sprays have.
I have to give this product a "10" thumbs up!

Check it out for yourself

I hope I've inspired you to go out on the limb, and give "Jolly Old Santa" a try!
There's still plenty of time...
Thank you Carol for giving me that "push" I needed to get this guy done.
Now, I can hardly wait to start on one of your fabulous Halloween quilts!
(winky winky)
One last little thing...
I asked to post today!
You see, today is my birthday and being able to spend it with
my online friends and blogging buddies, is my biggest gift!
You have inspired and supported me more than you know, over the past 10+ years...
I've got a little gift to give one of you!
It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you what it was, so your going to have to trust me
Tee hee hee. 
I promise it will be good!

I will pick a winner Sunday Aug 2.
Unfortunately due to the crazy costs of international postage, 
this will be USA only.

Thanks for visiting...
now check out what my fellow bloggers are tempting us with for the holidays, today!