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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Little Green Apples Sew It - Show It Challenge

Let face it, when we think about apples, I bet 90% of us think about those big juice red apples.
But I'm here to tell you "Green" is "Queen"
This little 19" x 24" mini is "Apples" from "Angie Padilla Quilt Patterns"

Maybe it's the pie!
I do love a good apple pie!
Granny Smith apples are my go to for pie making.
We have used the same recipe for years, in my family. As you can see it was from the Parade magazine in the Sunday paper way back in 1979. 
Call it the "sky high" or just downright delicious, but it's still our favorite recipe today.
I've long given up on making pie crusts, though, with Pillsbury making pre-made crusts you just unroll, why would I even try!
I'm so crazy over little green apples and baking, that I even made potholders for the occasion! And I am giving them away to 2 different people, just to say thanks for visiting.
Postage is crazy, so you must live in the USA.
To enter the drawing, leave me a sweet little green apple comment and sign up on Rafflecopter.  I will pick 2 different winners on Monday March 27. That gives everyone the weekend, to catch up on blog reading.
My little public service announcement!
I recently read on a Facebook group about using these silicone face and body scrubbers to clean your rotary cutting mats.
Honestly, I didn't even know they made silicone face and body scrubbers, but I had to find them and try them out!
Cutting the Insul-Bright batting for the potholders, left a big mess on my mat.
What better time to give it a try...
Voila!, it really did work well. Who knew? 
Now I need to continue on with the rest of the mat.
My mats are a mess and in dire need of replacing. Many of the lines have been worn off.  I know I really need to get on that, but for now these little scrubbers will help keep it lint free anyway.
Amazon carries them, but Wal-Mart in the makeup aisle, was the best deal I found.
How do you like them apples?

A big thanks to Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt" for hosting this delightful challenge. Now hop on over to my fellow bloggers sharing their "green apples" with us today!

Next month's challenge is... 
If you would like to play along, drop me an email.

May's challenge is...
Let Carol know if  you want to play along.

til next time...
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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Quilt Labels and Blog Hops

 Do you label your quilts? I am the absolute worst at it, but I am working on getting better at it.

This past weekend I actually went to work and started making labels...even stitched them on my projects. LOL!!

What did I learn from all this?
Well, I can sure cut down the size considerably.
I can have the the label ready before I attach the binding. 
(that saves me hand stitching down 2 of the sides anyway)
And I need to add the date on our blog hop buttons.
Yep, that just never crossed my mind, until I printed out my labels.
I will be doing that on future buttons, in case anyone else uses them for their quilt labels.

One of the very first posts on my blog back in 2009 was about printing on fabric and the options that were available. You can find that post here
There have are many new products on the market, but my favorite is still 
"Bubble Jet Set 2000".
It's the least expensive way to do, and it is washable. Jenkins, the manufacturer explains the magic of their product HERE. I use batik fabric, because of the tight weave. Personally, I think it prints a cleaner image. It's so easy to do. Just cut your fabric into sizes that will run through your printer. Mine were 9" x 11 1/2". (later trimmed to 8 1/2" X 11") I laid them in a baking pan and poured in enough "Bubble Jet Set" to cover them. You can stack multiple layers. Let them set for 5 minutes. Allow them to dry and iron them onto freezer paper.
 I use these sheets because they are stiffer than the normal freezer paper and my printer is happier with them. I can use them over and over, as well.
Trim your fabric before putting them into your printer, making sure there are no strings to cause problems. Once printed let set for 30 minutes.  Wash them using a mild detergent or Bubble Jet Rinse, and allow to dry. Your labels are ready to go.

So...that being said

Monday starts our Sew It - Show It Challenge, and this month we are "Green" with envy.
Green Apples, that is!

31 of our favorite bloggers are ready to share.
You don't want to miss out! 


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Now, if that isn't enough...

Carol just announced a new hop

This challenge must include one or more of the following
Rose/pink fabric
Positive words
Check out all the details on her post HERE and join in on the fun.

There is still space for you on the April Challenge. 

Drop me a line if your interested.

til next time...

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Monday, March 6, 2023

It's My Day in the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop

We can all thank Bea, from BeaQuilter for making us pull those books off the shelves and put them to use.
My goal, while I had a couple months off from watching my grandies, was to actually clean up my sewing room. While it may not gone as well as planned, I did manage to go through my bookshelf.
The project I found was this sweet little scrap buster...
This is "Hugs and Kisses"
This pattern did not come from a traditional quilt book, but one of my binders of quilt patterns, I am going to do "someday".
It was on my bookshelf and yes, I did have to blow a little dust off of it!
Years ago, I went to a class on finding your creativity. It was an excellent class that focused on cleaning out the stuff you are not interested in, to make room for what you love. The instructor actually made us all bring a quilt magazine, and tear out the pages we loved and throw away the rest. That was the hardest thing to do, for everyone in the class. She also gave us each a journal that we were to paste the things we loved in. 
 To this day, I still love flipping through that journal for inspiration. It amazes me just how much it does get those creative juices flowing.
The biggest benefit from it once I got home, was I was able to take stacks of quilt magazines, pull out only the pattern I loved and throw away the rest.
Over the years, I've gone through my binders from time to time. I've added some things and tossed some. Just recently I separated them into seasonal, kids, and scrappy binders, etc...It makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for. All my internet finds are printed and stored in there, as well.
This pattern is from 2007. While it took some searching online, I found there has been a name change to "Hearts and Flowers" and you can still find the free download  HERE.

Please stop by and visit my fellow bloggers today. 
They all have been cracking open the books lately!

March 7th

Quilting Gail

Thrift Shop Commando

High Road Quilter

Moosestashquilting (you're here)

Bea asked us to share our oldest quilt book...

Mine is this Dear Jane book published in 1996, but the quilt is from 1863!
 Have I made this quilt yet???
NO :-)
But this book from 2000 was from the first official quilt class, I ever took. They told me my colors were terrible. So motivating for a brand new quilter. It's funny how you remember those kind of things. I loved what I chose at the time, but in retrospect...they might have been onto something. LOL!!
None the less, I was delighted with my finish.

 "Little Green Apples" challenge/hop is just a few weeks away. We would love to have you visit!

Have you participated in our Sew It-Show It Challenge/hops?  Come on and join in on the fun!

Here are our themes for this year. Sign-ups are announced about 2 months prior to the start. You can read all about them HERE
You can even download the schedule HERE and start making your plans!

April bring us...
There's still room if your interested.
You can read more on it HERE
Just drop me an email with "SAY WHAT" in the subject line and the following information

Hugs and kisses to all!
til next time...
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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Dust Off a Quilt Book Hop starts Monday

Bea over at 'BeaQuilter' is hosting her annual "Dust off a Quilt Book" hop
 starting Monday.
If  you are like many of us, you have books sitting on shelves with dust on them too!

So come on and join in on the fun and maybe get a little inspired to blow the dust off one of your books and see what's inside!

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I will see you on Tuesday!
til then...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Which Way to Witchville BOM - March

Marching on with "Witchvillle"!

Carol is getting us all dolled up for the "Witchville Gala Night"
You can find it at "Just Let Me Quilt"
Carla is teaching us all a new trick with her
"Flying Lessons" block
You can find it at "Creatin in the Sticks"

I am sharing the flying geese units you need. 
This pattern will be a free pattern for the duration of the BOM.
You can download it HERE

You can also find the download for these patterns on our Cackling Stitches Facebook group page
All pattern are easy to find at the top of the page, in the Featured Posts tab.

This BOM runs from Jan 1st through September 30th. As with years past, on the first day of each month, we will release block patterns on our Facebook group page, that will be free for that calendar month. They will then go into our individual ETSY shops, where you can purchase them for $2 each block.  We have had emails and fielded many questions, so what is "new" this year, is that the entire pattern is now available in each of our ETSY shops for $15.  You no longer have to wait until it's over, to be able to purchase the pattern. It's also an option for those of "us" who just can't wait for the next months release. LOL!! 

We hope you appreciate the time we put into creating this BOM and understand that we are keeping the costs to a minimum for you. We ask that you respect our copyrights and do not share this pattern. Your welcome to direct your friends to our Cackling Stitches Group Facebook page HERE, or any of our blogs and Etsy shops

MooseStashQuilting ETSY Shop

Just Let Me Quilt Blog - Just Let Me Quilt ETSY Shop

Creatin' in the Sticks Blog - Create in the Sticks ETSY Shop

February Blocks

Witchville Bakery 
An Apple a Day 

 January Block

Town Square

Now fire up your machines and start sharing your blocks with us, on our Facebook page!

til next time...
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