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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Adventures of...Color it Red Blog Hop

Welcome to my day of the "Color It Red" blog hop.
When Carol announced this hop, all I could think, was...
I red read the book...now what do I do?
What way do I go, just where do I start...
Then I took this advise...Begin at the beginning
(no look of surprise on faces, I see)
 ...and go on till you come to the end: then Stop!
Yes I was down the rabbit hole, once I started on this 
PIG (project in grocery sack)!
It's been in that sack since 2015. Complete with the fabrics to use.
Why oh why, do things get so buried?
Blog hops help me get projects back on track...so thank you Carol.
"Down the Rabbit Hole"
This 49" x 52" quilt speaks to my soul.
 (Tells you a lot doesn't it?)
I'm an "Alice in Wonderland" junkie!
After all, who wouldn't fall in love with sweet little Alice.
So grab yourself a cuppa...
...unlock your imagination
and join the tea party!
Meet the Cheshire Cat,
 who tries to be logical and explain wonderland's craziness.
The Queen on Hearts who wants to behead everyone...
The very impolite, Mad Hatter who loves to frustrate.
White Rabbit, so focused on time.
 Caterpillar, who sit's on his mushroom and smokes from a hookah.
(a drug addict before his time)
The Knave of Spades
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
The Knave of Hearts...
They are all here, to play!

This fun pattern is from Angie Padilla. You can find it right
A big thanks to "Hobbs" for providing me with their 100% Wool batting.
I love the loft, a wool batting gives a project.

In skipping through "Wonderland", it reminded me, 
I started these cross stitch designs years ago.
My "White Rabbit", hasn't done a good job of reminding me of time, it seems...
...I do hope to get back to the "Wonderland" gang, soon!
If your a counted cross stitch lover, you can find these patterns from Brooks Books
along with loads of other incredible designs.
Cough cough...and no it's not from a Hookah, I may have the entire line of the
 "Wizard of Oz" to stitch, too!
On that note...
Thank you Carol for bringing out the RED in all of us!
Please visit my fellow bloggers today, and check out what's coloring their world RED.
February 19th

You can find the complete schedule for the hop
I do hope you have enjoyed my little trip through Wonderland.
Some day's I just don't want to grow up.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, February 6, 2020

National Sweater Day

Feb 6 is National Sweater Day 
 I'm having so much fun, putting together blocks for my 
I love finding all the clip art, to create the daily blocks.
 But this particular one, really stopped me in my tracks.
The perfect design, the perfect scrap of fabric that's been in my stash for years...
It's making me wish I had a sweater like this!

I've had a lot of questions on this project.
The blocks are 8" x 10"
They are individually bound and won't be going into any quilt.
I've sandwiched the front and back to a stiff bowl fabric, so they are more like,
really big playing cards! I think they will be fun to page through, in years to come. 
 Who knows, maybe a grandchild 
will have fun learning and playing with them too.

Stash busting...some might even call it trash busting!
This is what happens when you just can't part, 
with even a scrap of "Island Batik" fabric.
While many would have made dog beds, or thrown it in the trash, I saved it. 
It's amazing what you can do with these little scraps.
And those shelves and drawers of fabrics that I just had to have...
well, hopefully these blocks will make some kind of a dent.

Do you want to play along?
Please feel free to jump in...
You can find a number of websites showing the Silly Holidays for the year.
One of my favorites is "Brownielocks".

It doesn't even have to be silly holiday related. 
How about something, that just makes us laugh.
You can post it on Facebook or Instagram with the #dailygigglefest or #365sillyholidays
You can even email it to me and I will post it here on my blog.
We want to have 365 reasons to smile in 2020.
OOPS...it's leap year...make that 366!

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see the blocks daily!
(links on on the sidebar)

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, January 31, 2020

Words to Grow By 2020 BOM

"Sew Incredibly Crazy & Friends" BOM 2020
"Words to Grow By"
What better way to start a new decade, don't you think?
Sometimes it's the "words" we choose that can make or break a situation.
This BOM is going to share the softer and warmer side of our words.
Those feel good moments, that make us feel so special.
Those words that warm our soul!

Kicking off this years hop is Amy, from "Sew Incredibly Crazy".
Her "Give Joy" pattern is pure joy for us!
You can find it
Thanks Amy.

The rules are the same this year as in the past.
Blocks are released the 1st of each month.
All the blocks are free in the month that they are released.
They will be available after that, with a small fee.
We would love for you to share your blocks with us on our Facebook page
This is the layout and a peek at what's to come.
 2020's BOM schedule
Links to each block will the added monthly.
Just Let Me Quilt
Creatin' in the Sticks
Moose Stash Quilting
Just Let Me Quilt
Creatin' in the Sticks
Sew Incredibly Crazy
Moose Stash Quilting
Creatin' in the Sticks
Moose Stash Quilting
Just Let Me Quilt
Sew Incredibly Crazy

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Some Days...

While all days are special,
some days are just more special than others.
If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen my daily 
365 Silly Holiday posts.
Today is "National Irish Coffee Day"
You can throw a lot of  "Irish Cream' in my coffee today,
because it's a red letter day.
First off it's my oldest son's 38th birthday,
and best yet, it's the day of the "gender reveal" party.
He and his wife are over the moon excited.
This first time grandma, isn't sure what to start dancing the jig over first!
If you throw enough of that "Irish Cream" in my coffee, I'll likely
 dance the jig over anything!
While today is a special day for me...
...yesterday was the one that's special for everyone!
National Compliment Day.
That's something every day should be, don't you think?
There's nothing that makes us feel better about ourselves,
 than hearing sweet words from someone.
Just think what a better world we would be, if only everyone would 
compliment someone daily.
PS: if you want that wonderful recipe on making your own "Irish Coffee" 
and start celebrating with me today, you can find it
Just an FYI, it's the "Bailey's" website
 and you will have to verify your age to view it!
Making sure your 21, you know!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'