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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Time For All Seasons-August

This month Amy, over at Sew Incredibly Crazy,
 is paying tribute to the dog days of summer!
Your going to absolutely LOVE these blocks.
 Summer has finally arrived here and it's hot hot hot.
All I want to do is sit under the air conditioning and eat watermelon myself!
Her pieced log cabin block, is a breeze to put together too!
Get it...
air conditioning... breeze!
Yep, those are what dog days of summer are all about.
Remember these blocks are free until the end of August,
 then they will be available for a small fee.
You can find them
It's so much fun to lay out our blocks so far...
and see what we have accomplished.
I have to give a big thanks to Island Batik for these beautiful fabrics.
They really make this quilt sing!

Don't forget to share your blocks on our Facebook page
We have sponsors who are providing fabulous monthly prizes.

Here is the schedule for this year...
April Bonus
May Bonus 





til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Christmas in July

I'm just under the wire...
but I finished a project!
Yes...it was a PIGS, but mine wasn't in just a grocery sack...
Nope... it was in this fun M&M's bag, from a certain quilt club buddy of mine!
This is "Gnome for the Holidays"
This was Sindy's BOM from last year.
Isn't it just the cutest?
10 blocks of "Gnomie" goodness!

That bring "Joy" to your heart just seeing them.
 You can feel the "Jingle" clear down to your toes!

and messages fit for any season.

I do believe that this has to be my favorite block!
And a great way to finish off this BOM.

While it may be a little early to start "HO HO HO-ing" 
You know there's always a little Christmas in our hearts, year round.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Unboxing Day

The excitement always builds this time of the year...cause
That means it's time for a new box of goodies from them!
They upped the ante this time.
We were given the toughest challenge for this ole girl, yet.
We had to make a video and post it to Facebook.
Yikes...I've never...

Let just say, I have a whole new appreciation for actors, now.
I thought it would be easier if I wasn't in it.
I can out talk, the best of them...
but turn on a camera and my train of thought was out the window.
If I'd had a clap board, I would have long run out of room to write down
the number of takes on it. 
Watch it if you dare!
Oh, and lets just count how many times I said the word
There's no where to go, but "up" from here.
You know what? You deserve a give away if you have endured this video.
Tell me in a comment, just how many times I said the word "wonderful".
I'll pick one lucky winner with the correct answer, on Sat Aug 3rd.
I've got a surprise package of goodies.
Unfortunately, with postage rates as high as they are, you must live in the USA.
It really is just a beautiful box of goodies, to behold!


and our industry partners

Our "Beat the Heat" blog hop starts next month...
We are showing off all new new lines of fabrics,
 that are on your store shelves now.
You won't want to miss it!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Post Retirement Update

I have managed to get some things done since I retired
 about a week and a half ago.
First off...my fellow co-workers sent me off with flowers, balloons
 and lots of good eats!
The 2 days later, my boys and daughter-in-law, surprised us with a 40th
anniversary party.
Friends, family and neighbors all came together for a fun night of food,
 dancing and laughter. We were surprised to see out of town and out of state
 guests and a bridesmaid that I hadn't seen in years.

The flowers were even in my wedding colors!
They thought they were hilarious bringing out wheelchairs for hubby and I!
But you gotta love them all.
After all, they put together a family video that made us all cry.
Just when you think boys are not the sentimental kind...
Have you ever played the "shoe" game? Where they ask questions 
and you have to answer with your shoe or your spouses. 
What a great way to see if you really know each other that well or not!
And yes, I am the one who spends the most money in this family.
After all, I am a quilter!
I can't thank these kids enough! We had such a good time that night.
My wedding reception 40 years ago was done on a very tight budget.
There was no DJ, dance, dinner or all the trimmings.
These kids didn't have a clue, or just how much this met to us!
Now on the quilting front...
Yes, I managed to sneak in a little of that too!
While I got a late start on this BOM...
I just couldn't help myself, once I started seeing all the fabulous photos.
 posted on Facebook.
This top photo is the first group of blocks.
There will be a lot of decorating going into the quilt shop on the top left side.
The sewing machine will have buttons on the front so you can adjust the setting.
But that has to wait until it's all quilted!
Winky Winky!
Here is the second group of blocks. I have decided to stop stitching the blocks together,
until I have them all done and then play with the layout.
Are they just too cute?
Finding the fabrics in my stash, has been so much fun.
What a bonus to be able to work some of my "Loralie" fabrics into it, too.
 After seeing the "iron" block come to life, I want an iron made with a tape measure
 design on it. Have you seen that anywhere in your 
online travels??? If not...hey you iron companies out there, here's an idea!
Just as I thought I was all caught up...they started the 3rd set of blocks.
I've got my button pattern all printed off and ready to stitch...
but I just had to share these first.
You can find this fun pattern and links to all the blocks by joining
"Partners in Designs" Facebook page.

My goal post retirement is cleaning up the sewing room.
It all sounded good until I had to start.
Then I looked around and saw the storage room and knew that had to come first.
After just a couple of hours in there today, I'm over it.
Worse yet...the one who hasn't been one darn bit of help, 
is exhausted and sleeping on my sewing chair.
Talk about life is not fair!!!!!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'
(if you can use your chair)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Artsy Fartsy with “Island Batik” part 2

I’m back, and I'm betting you thought I fell off the face of the earth.
Well, not quite, but my computer crashed and I felt like I pretty much had.
It was only supposed to be a couple of days...
Apparently I have become a slave to technology!
Over a week without a computer...well, is just cruel and unusual punishment.
I've been dying to tell you just how much this  “artsy fartsy” 
theme has really grabbed in attention this month.

This time, I’m sharing a summertime favorite...
This is "Lets Picnic" from "Applique Garden"
Every good picnic should have all these goodies, don't you agree?
This months challenge is sponsored by "Aurifil " thread. We want to
show you just what you can do with the different weight of threads.
This photo is a great place to start. 
A 40, 50 or 80 weight is perfect for stitching down appliques, when you don't want 
the thread to be the center of attention.
The higher the number the finer the thread.
When I want the details to pop, I use a 28 weight,
Example: the sesame seeds on the hamburger bun and the lines on the onion.
(you know, every hamburger needs onion)
Or the froth lines in the whip cream on the shake above.
 The pickle details are also done in a 28 weight.
Don't you love how the colors in these "Island Batik" fabrics pop.
These corner appliques are compliments of my Accuquilt GO cutter and dies.
Just a little way to add some additional pop to things, and make a project "yours"
"Aurifil" floss...is a perfect way to attach the buttons.
I love the fact, that "Aurifil" thread has such a wide variety of weights,
 in so many colors.
 I used a Hobbs wool batting, for a fun dimensional look.
I love the loft it has and how it makes my appliques pop off the background.
Here's a little eye candy for you.
Makes your heart go pitty-pat doesn't it?
Oh, how I "LOVE" the wooden spools their floss is wrapped on.
Such a fun, retro feel!
A big thank you to  
Our fabulous industry partners.
And of course 
I hope I've inspired you add a little "Artsy Fartsy" into your life.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'