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Friday, August 28, 2015

You Don't Want to be Toad!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

It'll be here before you know it!

My BFF bought the new Kimberbell Halloween book for me, for my birthday.
Oh she knows me soooooooo well!

What a perfect way to show off all those wonderful
Halloween prints that we "sew" love to collect.
I don't know about you, but I've got a ton of em!
(and that's no where near enough)
wink wink!

Don that pointy hat and get a hop on it.
Don't forget to show me what you've done.
I'm just a Halloween junkie!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Easter Party Quilt-A-Long block 10

This block is going to wrap up the lower part of our little quiltie.
And yes, it's the second to the last block.

Nothing completes Easter like a vase of fresh flowers!
Flowers that sit on a background of Island Batik "Rice" from the Neutrals Collection.


The other Island Batik fabrics that bring this block to life are from left to right...

BE24-D1 from the Blenders Collection
Almond from the Neutrals Collection
111505100 from the Flower Fields Collection
111505165 from the Flower Fields Collection
111512077 from the Flower Fields Collecction
111502107 from the Country Fair Collection

Let me share a tip with you...
When you transfer your design to your fusible as I have done,
transfer those lines that you need to embroidery too.

If you use a fine tip Sharpie, you will be able to see thru your fabric
once it's fused. A window in a sunny location works great if you don't have a light box.

If you look closely, you can see the faint lines under the fabric.

Even on a darker fabric, you can still make them out, 
although it's much harder to see in this photo.

You can then, using a pencil transfer them to your fabric for embroidery.

That's what brings your flower to life. I free motion stitched these on my sewing machine.
Hand embroidery is another way to embellish them, as well as the vase.

Another thing I want to mention, is looking past our fabric.
What I mean by that is...
the fabric above reminds me of a outdoors pine cone type of print.
Nothing that would make me think Easter Party at all.
But that is exactly what I used for the rose in my vase.
Yes, you can still see some of those pine needles in the rose above, 
but it sure doesn't look anything like this outdoors print anymore does it.

There is a good lesson in there, and I am learning to see my fabrics in a whole new way!

Whoo-hoo, the bottom blocks are complete.
It's a "party" for sure!

Grab those threads and join the fun!
It's never too late.

You can read more about it right 

Til next time
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop

Welcome to the "Summer in the Country Blog Hop".

One of my greatest joys, was becoming an ambassador for Island Batik.
Our goal is to show you, all the wonderful fabrics they have to offer,
with a little inspiration long the way!

My project, "Summer Fun" from "The Quilt Company", 
(You can find more on this pattern HERE.)
is primarily from the Island Batik "Flower Fields" collection.

I absolutely fell in love with the pattern when I found it,
 and was thrilled, to be able to bring it to life, with these gorgeous batiks!

It's a real "Summer in the Country", delight!

Just take a look at these blocks, close up...

Reminds me of those lemonade stands, from my 
childhood days!

 Oh, now if only that teeny weeny bikini still fit!

The snap, crackle and pop of fireworks!

Strawberries... jelly, jam, pie, shortcake..,
Yummy yummy!

 I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Every flavor in the rainbow.

Sailing away, on a warm summer day!
Even if only in my mind.

Now, that's what summer in my country, is all about!

 Embellishments, I do love embellishments.
They are so much fun to play with.

They lend so much personality, and really bring things to life!

Here's my "Island Batik" fabric lineup!
  (All the sunshine you could imagine, rolled into one quilt)

 From the "Flower Fields" collection...
Left to right....



For the background and added contrast, I added these batiks...

Almond from the Neutral collection
BE 24-D1 from the Blenders collection
BE 25-F1 from the Blenders collection
111517141 from the Country Fair collection
111518113 from the Country Fair collection
111502107 from the Country Fair collection
111504144 from the Country Fair collection
111512090 from the Country Fair collection

I do believe, that this is the brightest "barn" quilt I've ever seen.
Too, bad it won't weather well!
What makes summer in the MooseStash, even more special...
bar cookies. 
They are fast and easy, and so portable for picnics.

My all time fave, is an ole family secret...never before shared...

 There is just no sense, in messing with perfection.
Never have I been able to out-do these delicious bars!

But I do have another fave, that I just have to share. 

Hungry Girls 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Squares
So darn yummy...

But the best part is they are low fat and low calorie too!
I know your probably asking just how, they could possibly taste all that great???
Well...they are made with canned pumpkin.
It makes them so fudgy and delicious!

Get the recipe right HERE, and see for yourself!

Lastly, I've got a little give-a-way.

This fun little Susie bag, and 4 fat quarters of 
Island Batik fabrics.

Leave me a comment.
 Let me know what you would do, with these gorgeous fabrics.
 With the help of Random.org, I will pick one winner on Sept 5th, 
the last day of the hop.
(include your email, if your a no-reply blogger)

Now, I really have to go, I'm headed outside to enjoy my country...

With a bar cookie or two in hand!
Be sure to visit my fellow ambassadors.
They are all "rocking" the summer, with their 
batik beauties!

8/17 – Island Batik
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8/19 – Kauffman Designs
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8/31 – Beaquilter
9/4 – Made In Scraps

Thanks Island Batik!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Row by Row Experience

Have you all caught the bug?

I have been traveling and collecting,
and finally I sat myself down...

and started sewing. 

These 3 were kits that I purchased. I love the top row. It's my all time favorite from Fringe in Salida Colorado. It was a very pricey little kit, but there was a LOT of extras included to make it pop.
My only issue is that the water is running up and down. They really should have cut the fabric the other direction. But even so, I love love love this row.

The middle one is my second favorite. It's from Ladybugz Quilt and Company in Montrose Colorado.
Only improvement this could use, is a big ole moose wandering thru.

The bottom is from a wonderful little place in Delta Colorado, called Bold Line Quilts and Crafts.
It's not a store front, but in an outbuilding at the owners home.
Oh, how my heart sang. I would love nothing more than being at home 
with a shop of my own!
She was a real over achiever. She designed 2 rows.

I am seeing so many darn cute rows, that I want to be able to travel the entire country 
collecting...but our days a limited now. Sept 8 it is done.

I was so hoping that I would get a chance to hop thru Kansas, they have some fabulous
rows.  It just isn't going to happen. :-(  Work "seams" to get in the way.
If anyone lives in Olathe Kansas and would be willing to pickup a kit for me from Quilters Haven, I would love you forever. I also, am just in love with the one from Country Quilting and Keepsakes in Oberlin Kansas. Email me, and I promise to make it worth your time!

Happy Stitchin!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pattern Testing

You know, I just can't pass up a new pattern to test out for those incredibly talented designers.

When Carol from FunThreads asked...it took me all of 2 seconds to answer...

Swimming Lessons

If that silly flamingo, isn't just the cutest thing!
 I just love digging thru my scrap box to bring these things to life.

Now you have to admit...
this face is just too precious!

Thanks Carol, for letting me play.
You know I would love to see a moose some day!
hint hint

This little one is going to Wisconsin for a fundraiser.
Raising money to help babies.
Couldn't be a better fit.

You can see this and so much more on Carols Blog.

Monday, August 17, 2015

It Starts Today!

You won't want to miss it!
The new fabrics are out, and we have tons of inspiration 
to share.
Check it all out.

As for me, Friday is my day!
See you then.

8/17 – Island Batik
8/18 – KISSed Quilts – Part 1
8/19 – Kauffman Designs
8/20 – Adele Mogavero
8/22 – Pamela Qui8lts
8/26 – For Quilts Sake
8/28 – Bejeweled Quilts
8/29 – Tamarinis
8/30 – KISSed Quilts – Part 2
8/31 – Beaquilter
9/4 – Made In Scraps

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I've been MIA

Missing in actions indeed.  But for a good reason...

Remember the old car I bought?

Well, with the help of some marvelous landscapers,
the work began

My vision was the car and a pond.

They dreamed up a plan.

The car crashing into the pond.  

It was a wacky idea...
and I love it!

We had giant boulders brought in...
That was a chore!  One rolled off the "Donkey".
(that thing that's like a fork lift)
The guy fought over an hour sinking into the ground,
 trying to get it back up and
away from the new tree.

But the "devil" boulder who weights in at about 2 1/2 ton,
looks great!

They hooked up working headlights on ole "Nellie"
Every car has a name, right?

Plants in the trunk...

Plants in the engine compartment with the waterfall.
It's going to take some time to get them growing enough to cover things.

Hanging basket from the rear view mirror!

Heck they even put in a plant in the hole in the floor.
Next year it should grow, from the inside the car out!

I found a working stoplight from the 1920's.
 Even got a little history lesson on it.
It was used in the middle of an intersection in Chicago. 
In those days, the police stood next to the light
 and rotated it in different directions.  

Not sure if the Antique guy or myself was more excited...His wife told him he would never sell it. He told her his gut feeling was it would find it's way to someone who was from Chicago.  Wanna guess when I was born???  Yep!  Now is that a co-incidence or what.
It was met to be.

Yard looks great, but now all the junk in the back needs to go.
Whew, it's always something isn't it.

"Idiot boy", and his "PSA" on the evils of drinking and driving!
Everyone has an "idiot boy" of some kind in their life!

Feels like our own little version of Radiator Springs.
"Cars" has nothin on us.
Accept Mater of course!

Ohhhhh, would that be cool to have Mater here too!


A big thanks to the guys, who made this happen in 5 1/2 days.
Your awesome.