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Monday, January 29, 2024

New Blog Hop Signup

There's a new blog hop on the horizon and it's bound to blow you away!
Carol over at "Just Let Me Quilt" is hosting "Give it a Whirl" in March.

The challenge is: Somewhere in or on your project you must include a "whirl". This can be a pinwheel, Dresden, or anything that looks like it's spinning. Maybe a merry-go-round or Ferris wheel in the fabric?

Check out all the information on her post "here"

February, the month of "LOVE", I will be hosting 

This challenge is to show us what you LOVE. Moose of course are optional! LOL!!
There are a couple of spaces left, if you want to join in.
Just send me your name, your blog name and your blog URL.

Are you interested in blog hopping with us?
You can download the entire list of hops for this year and start working on your projects now.
Get your list HERE

 til next time...
 Keep on Stitchin'

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

White Rabbit Blog Hop - Wilson is that You?

It's my day to share...

 I am going to be honest here. I really thought that Carol had lost her mind on this one. Who ever heard of saying "White Rabbit" for good luck???

So I went right to my favorite fact checker...Madame Google! LOL!!

Well colored me shocked when it took me to the Farmers Almanac who confirmed that Carol, indeed had all of her brain cells in full working order! It referred to this tradition as being quirky! Now there is the perfect word! "Quirky" kind of applies to most of us now, doesn't it! 

I've linked "Farmers Almanac" for you. It's kind of a fun read!
There were some pretty alarming things that popped up during my research, too. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, having a rabbits foot was really cool and did represent good luck. I will never look at a rabbits foot the same again. 
But enough about that...on to the really fun part of blog hops...projects!

Remember "Wilson"?  Tim Taylor's nosy neighbor on "Home Improvement".
This guy reminds me of him...just his head peeking up over the fence!

I put on my thinking cap for this one, and came up with a fun little wall quilt, with 6" blocks I can change out every month. 

January is a snowman kind of month.

These little Churn Dash blocks were so much fun to dream up.
I can't wait to change them out from month to month and I might even have to add a few more.
Everytime I find clipart that catches my eye, I can't help but think... oh how cute!

So now every month when I change out my block, I will definitely be saying "White Rabbit" too!
Thanks Carol for hosting this fun and informative hop. It goes to show, you can teach this ole girl a new trick!

Be sure you visit my fellow bloggers this month, and see just what White Rabbit project they have come up with. Please make sure you leave a comment. You have no idea, just what those comments mean to all of us. I know our lives are busy, but please take a moment and leave a sweet message on all the blogs.

Carol has a giveaway for one lucky person, who visits and comments. You can sign up right here as well, and have double the chance of winning. All rules must be met to qualify.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find the complete schedule HERE 

I will see all of you, next month at 

If you haven't signed up yet, there are a few spaces still available!
Remember you can now participate on Facebook or Instagram as well.

 til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'

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Saturday, January 20, 2024

White Rabbit Blog Hop Starts Monday

 Carol is kicking off the new year of blog hopping, with a fun theme. 

"White Rabbit" starts on Monday and you won't want to miss a single post. I will see you all on Thursday!

On a completely unrelated note...we had an unexpected visitor over the holidays.

He came in from the cold to take a nice long soak in the tub.

He even decorated a bit and brought some of the cold inside with him.

He brought along a couple of snow friends, as well.

Needless to say, these 2 were delighted when they found ole Frosty in the tub. and their little snowmen faces hanging.

It was a Merry Christmas for all...until the next day, when they found that Frosty had gone home. Yes, he went back to the North Pole with Santa til next year. A few tears were shed, as someone didn't want him to go home. She missed him!

I have to say, I do love the craft groups on Facebook. They really have some fun ideas!
I hope your holidays were Merry.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Monday, January 1, 2024

Bona Lisa's Sweater Emporium 2024 BOM

It's January 1 and I am excited to share the first blocks of  our new Cackling Stitches BOM for 2024.

This is "Bona Lisa", our cover girl extraordinaire!
 Remember it is free only for the month of January.

"Bona's "In Vest"
from Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks. Check out her blog for pattern information

" Repulsive Ruffled Sweater"
from Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. Check out her blog for pattern information.

You have 2 great sweaters this month. Make them as a block or fuse them to a piece of felt and make them into a paper doll sweater. 

Make the entire quilt, or just a wall hanging, or both... the choice is yours! Either way, you will be able to collect many different "Sweaters" throughout the BOM for your sweet skeleton and maybe even design a sweater or two of your own. 
Check out Just Let Me Quilt's version HERE and Creatin' in the Sticks HERE

How does our Bona Lisa's Sweater Emporium BOM work?  It runs from January 1st through August 31st.  All block releases happen on the first day of each month. They can be conveniently found on our Cackling Stitches Facebook page HERE.
 They will be pinned under the "Featured" tab to make them easy to locate.

We even gave you the fabric requirements early to help you conjure/gather your fabrics.
You can find them HERE.

It's not a mystery BOM. We show you each of our finished quilts!
On the first day of each month, we release a block pattern (sometimes it's more than one)
 that is free for the entire calendar month. After that, those blocks go into our individual 
ETSY shops where you can purchase them for $2 each. 
New and free block(s) then appear for the new month...and so on, and so on.

Beginning January 1st, the ENTIRE pattern is available in each of our ETSY shops for $15.
We've had so many people ask us if they can buy the whole thing at once, so we decided to go for it.
If you can't wait for each block release or you don't have a Facebook page, this is for you!

We hope you appreciate the time we put into creating this BOM and understand that we keep
 the costs to a minimum for you. We ask that you respect our copyrights and do not share the 
pattern with others. You're welcome to direct your friends to our Cackling Stitches Group 
Facebook or any of our ETSY shops so they can get their own patterns starting January 1st.

Moosestash Quilting Blog HERE.
Moosestash Quilting Etsy Store HERE.

Just Let Me Quilt Blog HERE.
Just Let Me Quilt Etsy Store HERE.

Creatin' in the Sticks Blog HERE.
Creatin' in the Sticks Etsy Store HERE.

From all of us at Cackling Stitches Group, we wish you a Happy New Year!

 til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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