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Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's Gonna be OK

Just an update...

Had surgery yesterday and doing fine.  I'm the proud new owner of 2 shiny pins!!!!  

Since I'm all trussed up, and balancing my hand on a mountain of pillows,
TV is the only thing I can really do. 
Not that I'm not a fan, AND they've taken 
most of the soap operas off the air!!!!!
What's a girl to watch???

Today, I got to thinking...
There really is a lot of humor in all of this.
The daily chores I've taken for granted.

Yesterday, while the anesthesiologist was rolling me into surgery, we were laughing over why I was there. He told me it had been a long time since he had had such a happy patient. 
My theory on all this is, life is what you choose to make it.
For me, being miserable just doesn't cut it.
If I can't laugh at myself...

So today, while making my stab at that 1 handed hair washing job that cracked me up, I think I found something to keep me entertained.

I think, I'll share some of my trials and tribulations!
It will take me awhile to type, but I've sure got the time!

Lets start with day 1 last week. 
Hooking your bra 1 handed. 
For me it just didn't work.
(I'd love to hear your solutions, if you've got any tips)

I yelled for hubby to come help.  
Well, lets just say he fumbled and fumbled so long, I thought my hand was going to heal before he figured it out!!!
Off to Kohl's we went, for pull over sports bras!!!

At dinner with the boys the other night, while yucking it up, they explained things.  He was just good at unhooking bras, not hooking them.
I've not seen hubs turn that red in years! 

If your not familiar with the Japanese,
 they turn bright red when they drink.
He looked like he had been on a 3 day bender!
I haven't laughed that hard in years.
Oh, and we can safely say that his humor,
 does not run in the same circles as mine!
He was mortified but got a big laugh out of it!

Yep, life as a one handed, now lefty is interesting.

Today we tackle Costco.
There's sure to be a story there!!!


Take care!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I've Done It Now

When was the last time you got these?????

Well, for me it was just on Saturday.
One for each break and one for good behavior.
That and a monster bill that is.

Any guesses why?

The last of the bathroom remodels was under way when we discovered that I was 2 boxes of tiles short.  Of course I bought them last year, when we did the other bathroom. Do they make that tile anymore??? Oh heck no. I drove all over creation looking for some.  Finally I settled on something that we can add in, that at least sorta matches at Lowes.

While loading them into my car, the second box caught on the lip of the trunk sending me flying one way and the tiles another...
Long story short, I broke my wrist in 3 places. 
Lowes was great and replaced the box of shattered tiles for free, but not til I got a lecture on learning to ask for help. 

Well, its been an experience, and I want to share before you get caught.
Health insurance is a nightmare. I went to one of those brand new ER's that are going up all over. They took my insurance, so I didn't think a thing about it.  Until I tried to make an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon they referred me to. Not on our plan and neither is that ER. 
I spent 3 hrs yesterday, on the phone with Anthem trying to find a DR. The list they gave me was full of Dr.s that were no longer in practice or couldn't see me for a week. 
I can't write anything down cause it's my right hand, and I started to loose it. Finally the 3rd gal kept me on the phone while she found a DR in network who could see me yesterday!
Hysterics do work sometimes I guess!

So bottom line, surgery is Friday morning and I will be out of commission for 6 weeks. (maybe)  They set the splint different yesterday and I can use my fingers now.  I might be able to machine quilt, if I can thread the needle. LOL!!

Seriously though, find out just where you can go with your insurance before you need it. I was working on emotion when I went to the new ER. They are great facilities,
but most are not covered  by insurance plans.
When the crisis arises your not in the right mind set to make good decisions.  My remodel guy took his son in one, for strep throat. His bill was $6000. He fought forever and got nowhere.
It's not the first horror story I've heard, but I've lived it myself now.

This won't stop me from my hops... those projects are done.
But you likely won't be seeing much else from me for awhile.
Sorry about that. 
Not to worry, I'm still going to be keeping up with you all.

Now go take care of getting all the info you need from your insurance!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Have you ever had "that" feeling...

...like winter hasn't been good to you and swimsuit season is gonna blow you out of the water????

It's an age ole dilemma

Do I care????

or just be one of the girls!

For me, it was evident that the best I was going to be able to make of it was a "quilt" with this crazy fun fabric.
You know, the one that really tells it like it is!


Thanks to BeaQuilter, I can take my little OK, not so little
"blankie" and park my big butt on it. Once the weather warms up, that is!

This treasure is
"Berry Squares"

It's not what Bea was thinking, when she designed it, at all.

These two options she chose were so distinguished

Leave it to me to come up with something outrageous!

It's just plain fun to see what you can do with a pattern,
to really make it your own.
I've had so darn much fun playing with things in my stash...

Thanks Bea!

You can find this along with many other fun BeaQuilter designs 

at Connecting Threads.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oh My Oh Me

Just how could it be????

Somewhere along the line, I have done some pattern testing that never got shared!

Shame on me!

This delightful pattern is from BeaQuilter.

"It's a Compliment"

And it's all about the secondary design
these 2 blocks create.

What a fast and fun project to stitch.

You can find this and many other BeaQuilter patterns right
at Connecting Threads.

Now speaking of Connecting Threads.
Did you hear about the "In our Garden" BOM that Amy from "Sew Incredibly Crazy" is hosting this year.

 I'm Miss July

Guess who is sponsoring me?
Non other than Connection Threads!

This is their new "Pen and Inked" Collection,
that I get to play with.

Here's the line up...
 Amy – Sew Incredibly Crazy
 Carol – Just Let Me Quilt
 Doris – Quilting Queen Online
  Carla – Creatin’ in the Sticks
Sue – Super Mom No Cape
Joan – Moosestash Quilting
Kris – Kris Loves Fabric
Pat – Life in the Scrapatch
Vicki – More Stars in Comanche
Lana – It Seams to be Sew
Jan - Sew and Sow Farm
Amy – Sew Incredibly Crazy– Final Blocks and wrap up

You can always keep up with the latest developments at 

or our new

They are both linked for you.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sue and Sam Travel the World BOM

Are you participating in this BOM?

Marian over at Seams To Be Sew is hosting a year long 
BOM with Sun Bonnet Sue and Sam.

Here is the first block.
Ms Brazil

This promises to be a fun filled project.
There will be 52 blocks, of which 24 will be free.
If you finish your block and post it to the Flickr group, before the next one comes out, you earn a free block. You can read all the rules right

We even get to vote as to which blocks are free each time.
She has 3 choices of layouts all figured out for us, too.

Here is the complete block. I am going with a scrappy black background
and Island Batik fabrics for the edges. This quilt is an 
"on point" quilt. The best way to show you the block is on it's side. 

This is a sample of a wall hanging in the layout I chose.
I'm making a king size quilt though.
I want all those cute "worldly" little Sams and Sues on my quilt!
Jump in and join in the fun.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Signs of Winter

Nothing says winter more than seeing
 a cardinal on a background of white.

One of the gals in our quilt group picks up little kits for all of us when she travels. I decided to do the same when I saw this at a shop in New Mexico. It's a cute little 12" block, but it was one of those challenges in life, you don't see coming.
First off, the the fabric they provided for the beak was directional, and there is no way you could possibly piece it that it looked right.
Why don't they think about things like that????
We substituted it with something else.
Then the directions were wrong. If you read the instructions, you would never get it together correctly...ask me just how I know. 
If you just looked at the picture it was fine. 
I love the idea of collecting mini kits from different shops, but 
after this one, I don't know.

This was our other sign of winter
Don't you hate it when your radiator springs a leak?
It didn't slow Santa down one bit though!

I must say the ice formations were fascinating to watch.

It reminded me of blowing bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles!

We finally got the 10" of ice melted on the pond this past weekend, only to wake up to more snow today. Let the ice flow begin again!
After all, it is winter.

On a warmer note...
Yesterday was a girls run wild day.

We went into a yarn shop that had
the cutest clock I had ever seen.
Does this not, just make you laugh?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Years...it's time to de-Christmas

De-Christmasing!   That's my word of the year!    LOL!!

It's one of those things we have to do, and I really don't care much for it. Just why is it so much fun to get it all out and decorate, enjoy for weeks, but dread having to put all away?  It's a lot like the way I feel about hanging out laundry. I love hanging it out and the wonderful way things smell when you bring them in....but it's that bringing them in thing that I absolutely hate. I'd hire someone in a heartbeat to do it!

Now for those of you who are lucky enough to have spouses who help out! Count your blessings!   I actually suggested to mine last night, that it was his turn to put it all away.  I got that look!   You know that one that says are you bat crap crazy?????  I knew when the words fell out of my mouth, that it was one of the dumbest things I'd said,  but I just couldn't help myself!   LOL!!!!

I have tubs of boxes of ornaments. For some strange reason, I felt that I had to save all these blasted boxes and put things back in the proper one, year after year.  It's a royal pain! 

I guess with age, comes wisdom.
Or the fact that some things just don't really matter, after all.

I'd seen that you could save egg cartons for your little ornies.
That's a great idea, but I didn't really have that many little ones...

...fast forward a bit,  I went shopping at Costco and bought apples in these plastic containers. I thought it was really over packaged, but I bought em anyway...

Who knew that it would be so perfect?

We're gonna have to start eating a lot more apples.
I want about a dozen more of these things!

No more opening boxes and finding the right ones to put them away in.
How easy to just pop them open and have 12 ornies at your fingertips.

In the process of dumping and getting rid of boxes, I found this guy.
Now is he a blast to the past?
Somehow he didn't make it on the decoration list!

We had a wonderful time on Christmas this year, staying right here at home. It's the first we hadn't hauled everyone and thing into a car and drove somewhere, or hosted up to 30 people for a dinner, in...forever!

I loved the warm and more personal feel, but we were kind of at a loss, as to just what to do???

We settled on a crab boil.
Now that had bonus for mom, written all over it. 
You roll out brown paper and dump it in the center of the table. 
It's a fingers only meal. What??? No dishes to do...oh yeah!

It was a fun couple of days. We had my boys, the oldest with his girlfriend, and the "twins" who's folks were in Germany with their sister for Christmas this year.

Their so stinkin cute together!

The 3 stupidos as I call em!
(that's stu-pee-dos)
I know they are in their 30's now, but it was just like when they were all in grade school all over again...
Some things never change!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and are ready to face a brand new year.
There are fun things on the horizon!