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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Ugly Christmas Sweater and Another Fun Filled 2022 Hop

It's always fun to put on a little extra "HO HO HO" at the holidays!
This "Ugly Christmas Sweater" mini is sure to make them laugh.

Thermoweb challenged us designers to come up with our favorites, and oh my goodness, the group went all out. There are adorable cards, and mini's and even a pillow.
You can check them all out

This 12" x 14" mini is quick to do, using these great products.

HeatNBond EZ Print Lite

No more tracing pattern onto your fusible

HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece

Adds body, padding and support to your project and quilts up nice and flat. It's definitely my preference over a standard batting.

SprayNBond®Basting Adhesive

No more pinning. This adhesive is oderless, colorless and doesn't gum up your needle as you quilt. It is repositionable and acid-free.

Hop on over the the Thermoweb blog HERE, and download my FREE pattern today!

It's time to start thinking about after "Ugly Sweater" season, too.

Our new hop for February of 2022 is...

Tickle us with your "Pink" projects.
Check out her posts HERE for all the details.

Send Carla an email with the following information:
Your first name
Your email address
Your blog name
Your blog URL

Subject Line: Tickled Pink

PLEASE, email her the info.
I do know most of you, but if you don't send the info, we have to look up all your information. It sounds silly, but it's a huge time saver for us.


til next time...

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Virtual Cookie Exchange

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Yes, the time I feel expansion in my rear!

There will be much miseltoeing and hearts will be glowing

and Carol will be drawing us near...

(With her Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange that is)

Can you hear me singing this song in your head? Don't blame me, it's Carols fault.

But lets face it, we all love it!

This year I have to share something I love as much as I do Carol,
 but it's not a cookie.
No, this year it's truffles.
Oreo truffles to be exact, and Oreos are cookies, so that counts. 

There are many recipes out there for them, and they are incredibly easy to make.

(this one even shares how to booze them up a bit with things like Kahlua, Baileys or Rumchata)

https://www.cookingclassy.com/oreo-truffles-two-ways/ is my favorite recipe. 

I have found it a must to freeze them, before coating in the chocolate. I let them freeze overnight. Throwing a little splash of peppermint extract into that chocolate makes them awesome, if you like pepperment! They must be refrigerated. I had to laugh when they said you could freeze them up to 3 months in a sealed container. Seriously...they are awesome frozen, so what makes you think they would last 3 months! LOL!! Give them a try, I guarantee they will be a hit!

To help me celebrate the season, and also someone I won't have to share my truffles with...

I introduce to you "Ginger" and her little ones!
There is just something about the holidays that says gingerbread to me.
It's been years since I made a doll, but when I saw this pattern, I fell in love.

Inspector 12 was on duty during construction.

Every dolly needs a blankie...so with the help of "Crafter's Edge" she got her wish!

Their Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Person dies made it quick and easy, too.
Check them out HERE. The Gingerbread House die is on sale right now.

Please visit my fellow bloggers and see what goodies are cookin' up in their neck of the woods!
Leave them all a little sugar, with your sweet comments.
(For the complete schedule, click HERE)

For those interested in the doll pattern, it's from Ginger Creek Crossing, and they call her Cinnie-Sweet.
You can find more on her and lots of other Ginger friends HERE.

til next time...

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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Stockings Were Hung...


by the chimney with care...

But these stockings can be hung, just about anywhere.

They hang from a package, they hang from a tree, you can fill them with goodies,
be it candy or dinner and a movie!

And for that Disney addict in your house...
Just fill them with Disney gift cards, you see.

Best yet, they are quick and easy to make with the help of Crafters Edge dies.
You can cut up to 6 layers are one time, with their
 Crossover II cutting machine. The pressure settings makes it so easy to do.

Fuse your stocking to 1 layer of felt and stitch using your favorite method.
When your done, add another layer of felt on the back and straight stitch around the stocking, leaving the top open for adding goodies. 
Trim felt with pinking shears.
Cut a 5" strip of felt 1/2" wide and stitch it close to the corner by the holly leaves for hanging.

These 3 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" tall stocking will tickle anyone's toes!
Did I mention this die is on sale?
Hurry on over and check it out

til next time...
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Monday, November 29, 2021

Santa Stop Here

 These are the words, that are music to children's hearts...

and this time of the year, we all have a little child in us now, don't we?

What better way to show the big guy we are waiting for him, 
 than with a "Garden Flag" hanging right where you want him to park his sleigh?
This is another in my Garden Flag series for Thermoweb, using their 
I love that you can take the fun outdoors, using this unique product.
It paints on easily and cleans up with water.
You choose the degree of protection you need, by adding up to 3 layers.

Check out my post on the Thermoweb Blog
and download the free pattern for yourself.

May Santa bring you lots of goodies this year!
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
Oh I gotta go, I think I hear him now!

til next time...
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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Making a List and Checking it Twice...

What's on your holiday list this year?

My list was so big that I needed a "bucket"!

Thermoweb is having a week long "Black Friday" sale, starting Monday November 22.
30% off and free shipping on orders over $50 for an entire week.

I love creating with these products.
You better start making your list and checking it twice.
I know you haven't been naughty...just nice!

Here are some of my all time favorties...

I do wish you all, a very Happy Thanksgiving this week. 
It's a good time to count our blessings, and start the holiday eating binge!
I'm thankful, I'm not worried about the calories until next year now.

Talking about calories...
Make sure you join us for "Crazy Carols Calorie-palooza"!
Well, OK, maybe it's not really called that, and Carol really isn't crazy at all.
But she is hosting her yearly "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" starting Dec 6.
If you haven't yet signed up, drop her a line
But you need to hurry, as she is finalizing the schedule soon.

til next time...
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sneak Peek at 2022 Blog Hops

What's a Blog Hop, you ask?
It's like a quilt show, you can participate in, or visit in your PJ's,
right there in front of your computer!
No admission fees, no entry fees, and best yet...
You just make a quilt or sewing project, in the theme of the hop 
and share away on your blog!
Yep...that's what we call a "Blog Hop"!

Posting 101
There is plenty of time to see what's coming up,
 and it's important that you post on your scheduled day. 
Life happens...if your project isn't finished, that's ok, show us what you have anyway.
Sometimes its nice to know we aren't the only one, who is behind the 8-ball.
Unfortunately folks remember if you are a no-show, so don't be one of those!

Blog Hop Etiquette 101
Visit all the blogs in the hop. You find the most incredible folks
 and make such good friends.
Leave them a little sugar, by saying something sweet about their posts.
You know it makes your day to read them, as well!

Blog Hop Nice-ities
Have fun, inspire each other with your projects. Share patterns or tutorials.
Have a give-away, or don't have a give-away, that's completely up to you.
Please share pattern information in your post. We all love patterns now, don't we?
Invite new bloggers to join in. We love seeing our hops grow. Best yet...we cherish the old faces and friends we have met along the way. 
(OK, I don't really mean, you all have old faces! LOL)

Your information
Your name, blog name, complete blog URL and email
 are never sold or shared. 
We use it for scheduling purposes, of the hop only.

With that being said...

We would like to announce, next years hops!

Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt"
Carla from "Creatin' in the Sticks"
and I have been busy putting our heads together and we think we have come up
 with a fun filled blog hop year for 2022.

To keep it simple, we will only take signups 2 months in advance,
 but we wanted you to see what we have planned, 
so you can get those creative juices flowing.

January is the "Polar Bear Plunge" blog hop.
Bears, blue or anything cold. That's what Polar Bear Plunge makes me think of.
Share your favorite chilly project, with us all!
If you haven't signed up for the hop I am hosting in January
you can do so by emailing me with "Polar Bear Plunge" in the subject line and the following
A date preference, if you have one as well.
Thanks in advance...
it really helps us out if we have all the information as shown.
(Selina, Brenda and Becky, I have you on my list already)
Again, this information is only used for the hop. 
It's never sold or shared.

We look forward to seeing you in our hops next year!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, November 15, 2021

No Ring November Blog Hop

It's November already, time sure flies.
I don't know about you, but I sure appreciate this quick little project this month.
With the Christmas holiday season approaching, I need all the time I can squeeze out of my day!

I have long been fascinated with the "Folded Star" hot pads, 
which make great mug rugs.
I bought my first one at Grand Teton National Park about 35 years ago.
While it looks pretty sad these days, it keep on a going.
There is something to be said about durability after so many years.
Not that I have seen this much lately!  
My grand daughter has taken a liking to it, and hides from us.
We have found it in our underwear drawer, my nightstand, in the cabinet under the TV...
just about any place you would "not" expect to find it.
I had to grab it from her, so I could write my post!
It's a good thing she's cute!
This summer Joi, one of my quilt club friends bought us the pattern
 and interfacing templates to make them. It was a "happy dance" day for me.
 I finally got to replace my worn hot pad and it
 couldn't have been be easier, either.
These templates give you perfect stars every time.
Nothing, like trying to make a perfect star on an ball shaped ornament, 
like we were doing last year!
Here is my new Thanksgiving hot pad.
Joi surprised us all, with her special Halloween hot pads!
(You know, how I LOVE Halloween.

So now I'm on to Christmas...
It's a start, and one with some pretty wild colors.
Maybe I will tone it down a bit on the next one.
A little more traditional.
Tee Hee Hee!!

Check it out at, "Plum Easy Patterns" for yourself
And give your table a "No Ring" for any day of the year!
Thanks Carla for another fun filled blog hop.

Please visit my fellow bloggers and leave them a little love today!

Tuesday, November 16th

MooseStashQuilting (you're here)

You can find the complete schedule 

til next time...
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