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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5 Little Monkey's New Friend

Every quilt needs a matching pillow and "stuffy" to go along with,
don't you think?
"Sew" grab up your leftover quilt fabrics, 
 and create your own, little extras.
You can find the free add-on pattern, on the Therm O Web blog
If you missed the free pattern for the quilt...
never fear, you can find it 
These products will make sewing a snap.
HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece
HeatNBond®Light-Weight Fusible Interfacing

Monkey's not your bag, you say...
How about Elephants?
This fun pattern can be adapted to any applique you like.
Now, I'm thinking race cars, space ships, or dinosaurs, 
lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
What would be on your quilt???

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Happy Birthday Baby and a Little Mask Secret

There's a celebration going on!
This week is birthday week at Thermoweb.
You can find all kinds of fun ideas to make anyone's birthday special.
There are cards, and banners, decorations and more...

I've combined my love of applique with these cute bibs, 
to celebrate baby's first birthday.
It's easy, using the free patterns for the bib and the applique.
Check out my post on the Thermoweb Blog
This is now my GO-TO fusible.
I love the weight of this product and how it stays so soft.

EZ Print sheets run through any printer and make tracing a thing of the past.
If you love applique like I do, you can also find Featherlite in a
35 yard bolt or a 75 yard roll HERE... now that's what I'm talking about!
Did you know that Therm O Web in working with the Masks Now Coalition, 
has developed a sew in interfacing?
You can check that out
Pssst: they have free shipping on orders of $25 in the continental US.

Speaking of masks...
I stumbled on something last week while making masks for
 our drive thru baby shower.
I am not a fan of the elastic over the ears thing.
Maybe its because I have Dumbo ears already...
So when my son came home with a mask that had just 1 tie,
I knew that was for me. I don't know about you, 
but all that tying stuff makes me crazy.
So I set out to try this new method, with a little help from some Facebook friends.
While I working on it, I had a eureka moment!
Cord Locks
You can wear the mask hanging upside down on your chest, and when you need to 
put it on, just flip it up over your mouth and nose and slide the cord lock tight.
This can be done on any style mask, by attaching a casing on either side
 of your mask, to run the tie through. You will want to make your ties 
about 54" long and much skinnier to get them through the cord locks.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, May 18, 2020

It's Cool to be Square Blog Hop

Welcome to my day of It's Cool to be Square!

I'm excited to share with you, that I got to spend a week with the fabulous 
Bonnie Hunter!
Well ok, with the Covid quarantine, I didn't really spend a week "with"
her per say...but I did spend a week with her book.
That counts doesn't it?
A "Lone Star" quilt has been on my to-do list for a very long time.
I must admit, I was a little scared to tackle it, 
but what better time, being stuck at home and all.
"Sew" I pieced and I pieced...
...and I trimmed and I trimmed...
...til I had piles and piles of star points!
200 to be exact...
...that were stitching into 8 blades of 25 star points each.
I'm not sure just why Lone Star quilts terrified me so much???
It may have been the fact that they were basically paper pieced,
 but stitching them together was way easier than I thought it would be.
This is my "Covid Craziness" versions of Bonnie Hunters
"Santa Fe String" Quilt.
It's wild and crazy, much like...
well, you know who!
This guy is a biggie...
it measures 76"x 76"
If you've got scraps this is a great way to use them.
It takes a "LOT" but for some reason, my scraps drawers are still full!
Just how does this happen?
Plenty of room for sun bathing, now that the weather is nice.
Yikes, that's an image even I don't want to see.
Maybe I'll just sit and admire the newly planted toilet planters!
A big thanks to Carol at "Just Let Me Quilt" for your valiant attempt
in helping me with my scrap problem!
It just might just take another few blog hops though, it seams!
We have lots of wonderful bloggers participating in the hop this week.
Make sure you visit them all.
You can find the full schedule

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Race Car Dreams...A Quilt Story

This story started in 1982.
Daddy was a race car driver who loved Ford Blue.
His new little boy, needed a race car too!

So I searched for a pattern 
and look what I found.
A race car was made...that didn't make a sound.

Fast forward many years and a new racer hits the track.
He finds a wife, who's a racer at that.
A burnout reveals, a little girl is due.
It's in the genes as they say...
and your parents are proof.
Your destiny has already been decided, you goof.

So I find the old pattern all tattered and torn...
...and marvel that it looks so sad and forlorn.
But now this bright new pink race car, is ready to go
So you can race with your daddy and steal the show!
Enjoy your new play mat, you sweet little one...
til you get your own race car...just for the fun.

Know that your race car is waiting for you.
If daddy finishes his other race car, too!
He's got a few years til you will be ready...
Just about the time, someone asks you to go steady.
Yet that time will fly by fast, so he better get busy
It'll fly by so fast, it can make a girl dizzy!
Newest burnout is 
Coming soon...
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, May 11, 2020

Bringing New Life to an Old Quilt

I'm sure you've seen images like this all over Facebook recently.
I hate to admit it, but this was me last weekend.
I like to refer, to my latest cleaning frenzy as a deep  "Covid" clean.
All this time in quarantine has given many of us time to "dump the junk".
It was an amazing thing, digging thru all the things that had been stuffed
 in the storage room for years and years.
Amongst all the junk that went away,
 there were a few treasurers that were un-buried.
A box of my boys old baby things was one of them.
This rag tag little quilt, was one of the special things that melted my heart.
I made it 38 years ago and I had absolutely no idea how to quilt at that point.
I hand appliqued the top (heaven knows I have never done that since)
It was layered with batting and backing, stitched, 
then zig-zagged around and turned. 
Not a stitch of quilting to hold it all together. What did I know???
 The batting was "yucky" to say the least and had pulled away from the quilt.
Much of the color has long faded away, but it was a treasure no less.
Thankfully the front of the quilt was in  much better shape than that back, so
my youngest who also enjoyed it as a kid,
 talked me into bringing it back to life, for my new
granddaughter, who should be here in just weeks.
I went through the painstaking task of picking out all the zig zag stitching.
That, wasn't without a few choice words that should never be repeated again!
Apparently with my lack of knowledge, 
I felt that if I stitched a seam over and over again, it would make it much better. 
A quilters dream when it comes to taking things apart!
The top amazingly, came through it all in good shape
 and I was able to load it on my long arm
 with a new batting and backing.
It's all ready for the next generation to enjoy!

It was made when my oldest boy was born and now his daughter will get to enjoy it.
That's what quilting is all about.

May you find time to unearth your treasurers!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'