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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

As the darkness comes near, the ghouls will appear!
Unless they already came to your house, for quilt club today...
It was another one of those non-productive days we are seeming to enjoy
 more and more.
We are going to have to quit calling ourselves a quilt club
 and start referring to ourselves as, adventurous eaters anonymous!!!
The table was set for this crazy bunch.
It started with dipped Oreos and Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls.
I'm sure you've seen the videos on Facebook for them.
But my favorite had to be the "Ghoul Boogers"!
Is that just too funny?
This was another one of my Pinterest finds.
You can get the recipe and the printable label
HERE at Design Dazzle. 
You will have to sign up for a free account, but it's well worth it.
She's got loads of fun ideas and printables for all the holidays.
Ok, so "Ghoul Boogers" really is just Carmel Corn with green food coloring.
I found a set with the perfect shade of green at Wal-Mart.
And there is nothing better than taunting your kids with 
"your mommy's eating boogers"!!!!!
These mini paint cans were perfect for small treats!
Joi, made adorable treat bags for us all.
It matches the "Ghoul Boogers"
How did she know???
Yep, it made for one fun, table of treats!
We wrapped up early,  as we were on a carb high, a sugar high...
...and apparently a "vino" high!
I'd love to show you what was in this bottle, but it's gone.
Good to the last drop!
Glenora is a winery in New York. They have the absolute best fruit wines, 
and there is a group of tipsy quilters who will agree with that statement!
Check out these mugs.
I've become obsessed with glass etching.
 Thanks to my friend for showing me how to use
my Silhouette Cameo cutter.
If you've never played with etching, its very easy.
You cut your image onto a vinyl. 
Weed out what you want etched
Transfer to glass with transfer paper
Remove that transfer paper
And your ready to etch.
I bought this Armour Etch at Hobby Lobby.
You just paint it on top of your vinyl stencil and in 5 minutes, you rinse and your done.
Peel off the vinyl, wash and your ready to use!
I like to personalize them too.
We partied till we were pooped, now it's nap time!
Gonna catch some Zzzzz..............s
Wishing you a night of treats!

Til next time
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wedding Day

It's been a week now...
But I'm just feeling like I've recovered
When you tell people that you son is getting married at a race track...
What????? is the most comment reaction!
I know it's not the most normal place to have a wedding, but when you meet there
and spend 2/3's of the year there... why not?

We had hoped to have it on the starting line, then have them drive off into the sunset, but the weather didn't cooperate. There was something about those 50 MPH winds and bitter cold that kept it indoors.
We were able to quickly make a center aisle in the "club" 
where the reception was being held, and move things indoors.
It was fun to see the place transform from a racing club to a wedding venue!
A wedding with a theme, that is.
Don't you love the card box?  Or "can" I guess I should say!
There was a bit of tradition along with the car theme.
1001 cranes represent good luck to the Japanese.
My BFF of 53 years took on the challenge of making origami cranes.

You have to love the Buttoneers, don't you?
A racers "guest book"
Thanks to the help of so many...
the tables were beautiful

and then there was cake
The traditional...
And of course the non-traditional...
With customized replica's of their race cars to top!
The wedding parties cars were all staged
For that trip down the track after the ceremony.
And that drive into the sunset...
Ok, the couple was beautiful...

but these flower girls stole the show.
I wish I had more photos of the ring bearers.
They were just as adorable!
This has to be a classic photo though...
What better than signing the marriage license on your car!
Yep, that's what happens when a Ford guy marries a Chevy girl!
Steve and Danielle...

Til next time...

Monday, October 23, 2017

Enter If U Dare Blog Hop

My favorite time of the year, and no one 
makes me happier than Marian when she hosts her Halloween blog hops.
I've been dreaming of this all year long!
While life has been extra crazy this year for me...
I was able to finish a "PIGS" for this hop
(projects in grocery sack)

This is "Haunted Howlings" by Marjorie Peck at Pecks Pieces.
This has been pieced since the 2014 when she released the pattern
but never managed to get quilted.
It doesn't look like she's got it online anymore
but you can read more on it 
I got a chance to play around with the quilting on this one.
What a fun way to get a little practice in.
The ghosts are made of organza. 
Marjorie has great info on her blog, about working with it.

Now Marian threw in a little twist this year, for us participating...
She gave us a choice of couple of patterns she designed 
and our challenge was to do something with them...
I picked the bat
Did he make into the cutest lap quilt?
I used my Accuquilt GO cutter and ric-rac die on this.
I have to tell you...I absolutely "LOVE" that ric-rac die.
So many things you can do with it!
If you "spied" this adorable witch hat...
It's another of Marian's wonderful designs.
I just had to add it into my quilt.
She's done more Halloween Sayings too.
Check them out 
They are all so stinkin' cute!
In fact so much so, that I had to do more...
I've printed out the last couple of blocks, but didn't get them done in time.
Sorry, it was that whole wedding thing...LOL!!!!
I choose to use the QAYG method here.
The block pattern I used is from "Kittens Halloween Party".
You can read up more on that, on my Oct 11th post.
I did resize the appliques to fit on a smaller block, 
and I am loving how it's turning out.
Thanks Marian a hauntingly delightful, set of designs.
A big thanks also goes out to "Timeless Treasurers" for todays give-away.
I "Entered and I Dared"
The kid in me lives on.
We can thank Ms. Marian for another great blog hop.
Can you give us a hint on next years theme?
Cause I'm dreaming of a purple and orange, Halloween!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'