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Thursday, February 28, 2013

All about Me...Winner

Oh no, it's not over!  I can't remember when I have had this much fun in a blog hop. Everyone pulled out the stops for this one. We saw some of the best and most creative "ME's" on the planet.  I found myself jumping out of bed to check my computer every day!

 Mr Random. org tell me #86 is the winner!  That's you Carla, and here is what she had to say...

Hi!! Moosetastic!!! I love her and your moose items!!! Thank You

   Congratulations!!  I'm sending an email to get your mailing information and your pattern will be on it's way to you.  :-)

                               A big thanks to all who came to visit!
                     I am sorry to see this fabulous hop come to an end.
 But never fear, next week we get to play in the long awaited
Nancy Drew Hop.
I'll share my clue with you...
I was a bone head and went off running with scissors as soon as I saw the hop logo!
The rest will have to wait until next week...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rotten Banana

I've been busy putting my quilt photos into my Quilt Album program and updating my Pinterest. I found quite a few quilts that I have neglected to share.

It brought me back to the roots of why I started blogging. Sharing my love of photo quilting. Oh the windy roads we travel, only to come back to the beginning!

This is a photo memory quilt of the Rotten Banana!

Rotten Banana you ask??

You saw it here a few posts back. During the Dresden blog hop, in fact. In it's new and improved state though!

What do you do when your oldest proudly brings home this...
pile of primer and rust!

Gheez, was this a piece of junk or what?
Truly the best part of the entire thing was this floozy!
None the less, he proudly raced it.
But after 2 years of  tearing up, replacing sheet metal, sanding and painting

It rolled out...

to be this beauty, that deserved a memory quilt, showing all his hard work step by step. As well as his accomplishments with his beloved car.

It was not much different than building a scrapbook page, only with fabric.

Combining the Internet for embroidery designs was just what it needed.

But the big score was finding a Mustang pattern at a quilt shop in Santa Fe New Mexico.

The photos are old and the quilt is proudly hung in my son's home now. For a kid who thinks quilting is "stupid", it managed to find a way into his heart!

Ahhh, that's what it's all about isn't it?



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Easter Table Runner Swap

Quilted Table Yahoo group had an Easter table runner swap, and I got word that my partner received her runner yesterday. Yippee!!

Now I can share it with all of you...

Yes it's another one of those precious Whippersnapper rubber stamp designs.
I am thrilled that my partner Robin liked it!
If you haven't checked out the Quilted Table, it might be worth it, to you.
We make small quiltie projects, mostly table runners and toppers. Our list mom Sharon, has put in a ton of time, finding all the current free online BOM's and has a great list of links to them.  I have to say, she finds the cutest darn things, to entice us to keep on stitchin, and shares them with us all the time! We offer a personal challenge runner monthly, and are preparing for an upcoming mug rug swap in April. Don't miss out!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Heavens to Murgatroyd

Meet  Murgatroyd the Moose!

Remember Murgatroyd?  I love the sound that name makes. I couldn't have told you where I heard it, other than from my childhood... but it was stuck in my mind as this little one joined the Moosestash gang.

Is she just too cute? 
Here's what Google had to say about it.


An exclamation of surprise.


'Heavens to Murgatroyd' is American in origin and dates from the mid 20th century. The expression was popularized by the cartoon character Snagglepuss - a regular on the Yogi Bear Show in the 1960s, and is a variant of the earlier 'heavens to Betsy'.
Who Knew!

Here is what I do know thought...
She has a face that you just have to love.
Her roots come from the great
I stumbled on them thru Pinterest. Their roots are rubber stamps. The images were so darn cute, that I had to write and see if they would allow me to turn some on them into quilties. I was delighted when they said yes. While they are still copyrighted, I was able to make her for personal use, but I can't sell her or the pattern, which was all good with me. I don't know about you, but I am thinking that Whippersnapper would have a great future in quilt patterns!

Little Murgatroyd here was put together out of stash. I combed the scrap pile to find fabrics.  Quilting the polka dot border was a fun way to finish her off. It leaves a delightful little texture.
 I found that carrying over my threads made it much easier to go from dot to dot, but was there a LOT of trimming to do. Now there is a lot of vacuuming to do!
So there you have it, the newest member. I suggest you check out Whippersnapper yourself and see all the delightful things they have to offer.

Betsy huh... should my next moose be Betsy?  You know I am open to suggestions!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's All About Me!

Is this hop a hoot?  Oh that Amy Bradley... she just makes us laugh with her adorable designs.  But this one!  One we can personalize, who wouldn't just love it. 

The MooseStash is the busiest place in my house. Trust me, the kitchen never saw so much action!!  LOL!!   So when it came time to personalize my "quilt diva"... I knew what I "moose" do.

 Of course you know, I "Moose" be biased!
After all, it is "All about me"!
Nothing a little leftover hardware and an embroidered sign wouldn't fix!
A little polymer clay for buttons and embellishments...
some string...
Now I have my very own DIVA. :-)
The one with the double chin and the saggin chest!
Not to mention those hot purple specks!
Then a scary thing popped into my head!
Remember the Senior Delinquent from our Words blog hop?  Would this be just fabulous "tagged" on a building??? 
Oh yeah, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!
and of course all my other "sister" bloggers...

Oh and while I am thinking about it... I have had many inquiry's about the moose designs I use. They are not mine. I have collected moose patterns for many years, mostly on Alaska trips.  The one used on this quiltie is called "Summer in Alaska" by Carolee Pollock.  I must say, I have had very little luck in finding anything online for her. I picked up this pattern in a kit that came in a ziplock sandwich bag from a quilt shop in Anchorage. The moose in the last blog hop was the also from that shop. I even managed to loose that pattern, so I took down my quiltie and put it on a copy machine to make "It Moose Be Love". So there you have it, my almost useless information. I do say, I love looking online for free coloring pages and clip art. You can do some really fun things with them!

Give-a-way time! 

Since we are all on the wild "ME" kick, I am offering up a pattern from Elinor Peace Bailey.

This one will sure get a chuckle from your friends. . .

Probably not blog hop material though!

So leave me a comment, and I will select a
winner on  Thurs the 28th, the last day of our hop! 

Good luck to you all!

Be sure to check out, what these silly bloggers have done with their "DIVAS"

Wednesday, February 20

Moosestash Quilting... that's me!

Thank you, thank you Madame Samm and Magnificent Marlene. Amy...well what can we say? You've created at least one, full of herself, "monster" here!  
                                                        tee hee hee!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hugs and Kisses winner

Cathy... Where are you Cathy??? 

You have been selected as my Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop Winner. "Affairs of the Heart" book will be on it's way to you.

Here is what Cathy had to say.

The fish are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your talents with us "hoppers"
I so enjoyed seeing what everyone created for this hop. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
I must confess... or lets say share!  :-)  The quilting I did on my fish quilt was free motion, but if you check out the fabric behind the "Pooh" postcard...
It's the same as the fabric on the background of the my fish quilt.
It's almost like cheating to quilt. And it fools people into thinking your a pro!
I wrote about this a few posts back. For those who didn't see it... it was about letting your fabrics speak to you. You can check it out here
Anyway, thanks so much for visiting, and I hope your as excited about our new hop "It's all about me", as I am.
Till then...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop

Hugs and Kisses and Valentine wishes!! 

This embroidery designs just says it all doesn't it?
I was so excited when Madame Samm announced this new blog hop.
Ok, I know your all saying, that you have read that line a time or two. What can I say?  I get excited over all the blog hops it seems, your right!
But this time I was in the middle of working on my Fishy quilt and the lightening bolt of inspiration hit me immediately.
I'd swim the ocean blue, just to get a smooch from you!
So hi-ho, hi-ho, it was off to work I go...
Those crazy little fishies, with the heart lips, were screaming to be turned into my project!
Once they were done, another little guy whispered into my ear, and demanded to not be left out
It Moose Be Love!
I actually had the courage to cut into my coveted snow dye fabric for this project. I have kept it long enough, and decided it was time to put it to work for me.  Who would have guessed that it would be in a Valentines project?
Hope you all got your hugs and kisses on Valentines day yesterday!

Here's a big smooch for Madame Samm and our fearless leader Jane.
You girls are the best!
Please stop by and visit my fellow bloggers today, the last day of this hop. I know they are waiting for you!

Friday February 15th

Why Knot Kwilt

Give a way... Did someone mention give a way?
Right on topic, I have a book called "Affairs of the Heart" by Aie Rossman
She will make you an applique profici-anado in no time!
Leave me a message. I will pick a winner on Monday Feb 18th.
Enjoy our final day of the hop.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Stocking Swap

Could it be??? Would it be??  Ohhhhh yippee, it is!  It finally made it thru customs.
Here in the USA, we don't see boxes like this too often!
I knew it was what I had been waiting for. :-)
You see in December, Aunt Pitty Pat hosted a stocking swap. I was lucky enough to be able to swap with a gal in Russia. One of my biggest joys in blogging it meeting new friends across the globe, and having the privilege of swapping with them, is just "icing" on the cake!
This is the lovely package that my partner Lena sent to me!
So pretty!
This was like a magic box, where things just kept coming out of no where!
Beautiful ornaments,  holiday napkins, yummy chocolates, one that's in a wonderful tin with a beautiful photo of Russian architecture.
Nesting Dolls!
Have you ever seen them?
The entire family fits inside each other.
I love these dolls. Every time I was in Alaska, I came close to getting a set. I am so glad I waited, and I have the real thing.
Topped off with not only a fabulous box, but a bar of hand made soap in it. I just can't tell you how pretty it is!
The other side of the card. I bet it's drawn by Lena too!
All topped off with a set of silicone mini bundt baking pans!
Thank you so very much Lena.
Shipping international can be difficult at times. Between customs and the postal service it was almost a 2 month wait. The package I mailed her took about 6 weeks. I was really starting to get worried about it never reaching her, but was delighted when she posted that she did in fact receive it.
Finally, I can share the stocking I sent to Lena. I filled it with fabrics and sewing notions.
Strangely seems to match the Holiday Lane pillow I did, doesn't it?
Yes, it was all about pink wasn't it?
I might add that Lena has a beautiful blog. You might just want to check it out...
And, yes  - you will need your translator to read it, but that's just another toy that Google has given us to reach across the globe and communicate!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Whoo Knows

If your a Fat Cat Pattern lover, I am sure you've seen the latest BOM that Sindy has offered up to us.
Well, one of us just couldn't wait for the entire BOM to be released over 18 months!!!   Bet you can guess just WHOO that was. :-)
Here is my rendition of Whoo Knows. I'm not too sure that Sindy had these bright colors in mind when she designed it, but brights have grabbed ahold of me lately, and I just can't get enough of them.
Here is a line up of the guys (and gals)...
The Renshaws
The Fenwicks
The Kegworths
So there you have the entire 18 months worth of "Hooters"
Or if you just can't wait... like someone we know!
You can purchase the entire pattern.
By the way, as for the names of these guys..
This time I didn't name them. Sindy did, or I should say, her daughter did. They are all names from Harry Potter movies. Pretty cool huh!
Happy Stitchin!