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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Celebrate with a Bang Garden Flag


Show off your patriotic side with this fun garden flag. 
 Another, in my year of flags with Thermoweb.
With a few supplies, you will be on your way.
The free pattern is HeatNBond EZ Print Lite
ready. That means no more tracing. Just pop a sheet in your printer and hit print.
Cutting lettering has never been so easy, with Crafter's Edge dies and the Crossover II die cutting machine. I absolutely love this system. It allows you to see what your cutting and takes up considerably less space the other dies. 
I have included similar lettering in the pattern if you don't have these dies.
Once your appliques are cut, you just press, stitch and your ready to waterproof it 
with HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl.  It paints on easily and cleans up with just water. 
You can download the free pattern on the "Thermoweb" blog HERE today!

Hope your 4th of July is a blast!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, May 27, 2022

Pinwheel Play Garden Flag

It's May and our garden are just getting up and going, so why now help them along a bit, with this colorful garden flag?
This is one of my latest flag in the year of flags with Thermoweb.

With just a few supplies and these Thermoweb products, your on your way.

The pattern is printer friendly...which means no more tracing! 

Just drop a sheet in your printer and your ready to fuse them to the back of your fabrics.

Cut out the applique shapes and arrange on the front, fuse in place and stitch using your favorite method.

keeps your fabric projects protected outdoors from the elements. Best yet, you can choose the amount of protection needed, by adding additional layers of product.

It paints on easily, using a foam brush or my favorite, a fine bristled brush.
Cleanup is a snap, using just water.

You can download the free pattern over on the Thermoweb blog


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop meets Tacosaurus

I'm late, I'm late...for this very important date!
Sorry, I'm still catching up from a quilt retreat last week, and I scheduled this wrong. Yikes!

What's on your plate for this "Foodie" blog hop?
When I found this fabric, I couldn't stop laughing, and I knew that I had to make
 something for this hop, with it. 

With a google search I was able to find a tipsy looking dinosaur HERE and my imagination was off and running. 
This guy needed a little drinky-poo in his hands.  The bowl of chips and guacamole and the drink are part of patterns from "Angies Bits and Pieces".  I love mixing and matching all the patterns I have collected. The portrait of tacosaurus, finishes off the center of this silly table topper.
Tacosaurus can entertain a big party...
...or just a party of one! LOL!!
If your asking yourself, did she drink all those margaritas by herself?
The answer is no. They aren't even real, it's just food coloring and water.
But when it comes to chips and salsa...well I may have eaten the whole bowl!

Thanks Carla for hosting this "Foodie" hop. I had more darn fun coming up with this silly project and I am sure it will get plenty of use here.

Please make sure you visit my fellow bloggers today
PS: I'm home from my quilt retreat and signups for the
are officially open.
You can read all the details on my post

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Rain Forest Fun Activity Mat with Thermoweb

Summer fun continues...
This is "Rain Forest Fun" Activity Mat.
 It brings new games to entertain inside if the weather is bad, or outside 
 for those summer picnics in the park.
The "Tic-Tac-Toe" board is complete with 10 Toucan beanbag markers.
The green stripes at the top and bottom, make a "cornhole" style game.
Let the little ones toss the bean bags across the line to score. For older children, have them aim to land their beanbags in between the Toucan beaks. 

Remember the "Toucan Toss" mat I shared a couple of weeks ago.
This is the back side. Double your game playing with this reversible activity mat.
The pattern includes tips for lining up a 2 sided-quilt, as well.

This mat features "StitchNSew High Loft Sew-In Fleece" that quilts up nicely and flat, making it perfect for an indoor/outdoor play mat.

  • Width: 60 inch
  • Construction: Needle-Punched Fleece
  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • Type: Sew-In
  • Color: White
  • Laundering: Machine Washable/Dryable
  • Country: Made in the USA

HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl waterproofs the bean bags, to prevent "sprouting"!
We sure don't want that. LOL!

These great products will make your mat complete.

Crafters Edge Dies and Crossover II machine were used for the lettering, but not to worry if you don't have them, similar letters have been provided in the pattern.
So hop on over to the Thermoweb blog and make a summer of memories with your little ones.
You can download the "free" pattern HERE.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Food, Sun and UFO's OH My

 So what does Food, Sun and UFO's have in common?

Well, we could be having a picnic, under the sun, while waiting for aliens to take us away...While that sounds like so much fun, but highly unlikely! Nope, it's our next 3 blog hops.

In just a couple of weeks Carla's "Foodie" hop starts.
I'm so excited to see just what kind of foods, I am going to be tempted by, on this hop!
June, brings us lots of Sunshine with Carol's "Here Comes the Sun" hop!
What makes you thing about the sun. Share it with us!
All the details are linked for you.
When you sign up, put the hop name in the subject line of your email. Give us your name, your blog name, the complete blog URL, your email address and any special requests. We do try to honor them.
And announcing the July hop...
Yes, it's all about UFO's. Are we talking Unfinished objects?
Are we talking Aliens?
Well, that's completely up to you. You tell us with your project!

Signups for UFO will start on June 1 for this hop.
Someone is going on a quilt retreat, finally to see my NY friends.
(It's been 3 long years since our last one, thanks to Covid)
Never fear, if you do email before that, I will respond June 1
Have a great weekend and see you soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Hopscotch on Toucan Watch with Thermoweb

It's a cold rainy day, and the kids want to play...
Just bring them inside for a Rain Forest fun day!

Besides hopscotch, a set of rings can turn "Toucan Toss" into fun age-appropriate games, like learning letters or spelling out words. Use them with the numbers, to learn to count or see who can ring the highest score. "Hopscotch/Toucan Toss" games will keep them busy for hours of fun.

This activity mat features  StitchNSew High Loft Sew-In Fleece. It quilts up nice and flat making it perfect for an indoor/outdoor play mat. Best yet...it's made in the USA!

  • Width: 60 inch
  • Construction: Needle-Punched Fleece
  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • Type: Sew-In
  • Color: White
  • Laundering: Machine Washable/Dryable
  • Country: Made in the USA

The pattern is printer friendly, using HeatNBond EZ Print Lite.
You can save yourself all that time tracing, by just popping a sheet in your printer.

Crafter's Edge Crossover II die cutting machine and dies, make cutting as easy as 1, 2, 3. Their circle dies are a "must have" in my sewing room, too. (Similar numbers and letters are included in the pattern if you do not have these).

Your never to old to put on your game face and have some fun, so hop on over to the
 Thermoweb blog, and get your "free" pattern

Oh, and the fun doesn't stop just yet. This mat is reversible with more games to play. Keep watching for side 2...and maybe a little "something something" to carry it all around in!

If you need a set of rings...I found these on Amazon HERE.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

Cackling Stitches May BOM

 May 1 is here and we dare to scare, with 2 more creepy critters for your all your Halloween cares!

Hop on over to our Cackling Stitches Group page of Facebook for our "Creepy Critters" 2022 BOM!

Petey the Poltergeist, who dares to scare!

Frankie Lights the Way, is Carla's sweet creation.

Here's how the BOM works. It's a Facebook group free block of the month, that runs from February 1 to August 30th. On the first day of the each month, we will release block patterns that will be free until the next months block(s) is released. Once new blocks are released, the previous month's block(s) will no longer be free. They will be available in our Etsy stores at a cost of $2.

On September 1st the entire pattern will be combined and sold in our Etsy stores for $10.
We hope you appreciate the time we put into creating this BOM quilt and understand that we are keeping the costs to a minimum. If you are quick to get the patterns during the month they are released, they are free and there would be no cost to you. As always we ask that you do not share the pattern. You can direct your friends to the "Cackling Stitches Group" on Facebook 

Carol - Just Let Me Quilt can be found in her Etsy shop HERE

Joan - MooseStashQuilting can be found in my Etsy shop HERE

Carla - Creatin' in the Sticks can be found in her Etsy shop HERE

Joan - MooseStashQuilting can be found in my Etsy shop HERE

Carla - Creatin' in the Sticks can be found in her Etsy shop HERE

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'