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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flags on a Stick Blog Hop

I love flags...when the wind blows, they have a life of their own. They represent things, they have stories to tell, they command attention. Heck, it sounds a lot like us quilters, now doesn't it!  ;-)  My guess is, Madame Samm must have thought the same thing. She and Thearica have once again brought us together to show just who we really are!  Thank you ladies for all you do!

By now, its no surprise to any of you that I like moose.  No, better change that to I LOVE moose! So for my flag, of course you knew there would be a moose on it...

                                       and right you are!

There us just something about this moose that just screamed...I gotta be your flag!  Be it the patchwork ears, or the half crazed look on his face. (like, from a quilting all-nighter)  This could possibly be the best avatar of me yet! :-)  I know you can "all"see the resemblance!
This guy is a Whippersnapper rubber stamp design. I just go crazy when I page thru the stamps that they have. Each and ever one is just so perfect for quilts!

Now about that background fabric...it's some of my hand dye fabric. I just knew that eventually some project would just scream for it!  :-) I don't usually strive for pieces like this. When I get them, I am just not sure what to do with them, so they tend to sit on a shelf for awhile. I'm so glad that "crazy" quilting fairy finally whispered in my ear!   LOL!

My flag is on a stick, but headed for the stairwell going down to my sewing room. Hanging to welcome all... We had our house sided last year and the new rule here is NO MORE HOLES. Nothing, I ask??? No flags, no Christmas lights, no quilt blocks...I must admit, throwing a grade school tantrum, yelling that's not fair ran thru my mind!  But really now, I am an adult... ok, the jury is still out on that one!  ;-)  The garden would be the next option, but there is no shade, and flags fade out in record speed, with our mile high altitude. So, safe and sound in my sewing room is the next best option. I will just admire all your flags waiving free in your yards and dream!

That being said, I screamed with delight when I saw the flag that Fishkopp posted about cleaning her house, the very first day of the hop. I just have to have make that flag. Now, if I can't put a hole in anything, I wonder how he would feel about sticky Velcro attached to the siding??????   I am definitely going to think on that one.   LOL!!

Did I hear give a way time?   Yes indeed, I did.
How about a yard of my snow dye fabric...many of us have had so much snow this year. At least I found a way to make good use of that blasted white stuff!  :-) Collectively we could have dyed enough fabric to cover the earth I am sure!  :-)

Just leave me a comment telling me what visions you have for using it.
I want to know what your "crazy" quilting fairy might whisper in your ear!
                               I'll pick a winner April 3rd, the last day of the hop.

   Now, I stumbled on this greeting card a few weeks ago. It was just so perfect...
                                            Oh that Hallmark...
                    Only when you need to send the very best!  


                   On that note...Here is a list of my fellow bloggers today.
                            I'm off to see what's waiving at their place!

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                                      MooseStashQuilting  (your here)

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                                           Farm Gate Creations

Thursday, March 27, 2014

She Love You...yeah yeah yeah

Does that Beatles tune sound familiar?

Photo compliments of

If you grew up in the era that I did, you know who the Beatles are for sure!


I stumbled on another kind of Beatle last weekend, at my LQS.
A Beatle Bag!
Ever seen this?

Let me tell you just how cool this bag is.
A tote for all your sewing must have's

 Along with 2 fabric pockets,  this bag has 8, heavy duty zipper bags to store all the stuff...That us quiltin girls just can't leave home without.

                                              It even has a detachable pin cushion.

            And it all rolls up, velcro's together in great style, and has a wonderful carrying handle.
It calls for a soft and stable foam stabilizer, to give it a really great padding. Nothing is going to poke a hole in this guy.  :-) For those who are budget stitchers like I am.  Foam headliner fabric, that JoAnn's fabrics carries works perfect. Paired up with one of their famous coupons, it's too good of a deal to pass up. Best yet, it stitches so nicely, that I am headed back for more. I have some other projects floating around in the back of my brain.  Heck this is great stuff, to line any purse or tote bag with. Who knew?

                  So in the words of 4 wonderful boys...
                    "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah"

                                 This "she" sure does love her Beatle Bag!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rainbow 9 Patch

I see that Bea has posted what she has been up to lately, so I am guessing that it is OK for me to share with you too!

Yes, I have been pattern testing for BeaQuilter

Is this pattern not just to die for?
When I saw it, the first thing that ran thru my mind was all my hand dyes.
What a perfect pattern for them.
I don't know if it was more fun to pull together my fabrics or stitch it together.
It just came to life as I sewed, and I love projects like that.

The flower gave me a place to play with a little free motion quilting...which lead to much more.

I went crazy with the pebble quilting. 

If you want to have a good time with this pattern, you can find it HERE 

Thanks Bea for letting me play with this wonderful pattern!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm not posting, but that don't mean I'm not busy!


It's been awhile since I posted...I have not forgotten you, but I have been working on a myriad of surprise projects!   I've done a some pattern testing for someone special, and I just can't show you things yet.
But she didn't say I couldn't give you a sneak peak!!!


 There is one more, that I just can't share. 

I'm also getting ready for a quilt retreat next month in Elmira New York. I am flying there to meet my blogging and Quilted Table (Yahoo group) buddy, Sharon and her gang. Let me just say I am so excited about this trip. I was asked to come up with a secret project for them to work on while we are there.  I put on my thinking cap, and let just say...I am very excited to see their reaction!

Here are some of the fabrics I am using, but that's the only hint your their getting out of me!   Oh I feel like I'm on a covert mission or something. So many secrets...so little time!

So what do you talk about when you can't talk?

How's the weather?

While we are still in that loop of a few days of nice spring weather, then a day of snow... There is an end in sight. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when we had some heavy fog for a few days. I love sitting at home taking photos as opposed to driving in the stuff!   LOL!

That's about all for now. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Think Ruffles Blog Hop Winner

Our feathers have been ruffled, our chips have got ridges...everything under the sun has been ruffled. Was this just too much fun or what?

I promised a give a way, and with the help of Random.org.  # 11 was picked as my winner.

Watch out! Every moose will want one if they see this!!
Your St Pat's moose is delightful. Great idea!


Congrats Karen. I will get your package in the mail to you!

Sorry for the late post today. I am still adjusting to my new midnight shift hours. Whew, when you are this old it get harder!   LOL!!!

I also got some very exciting news today, that took me away from my computer...
Remember my old Moosie sewing machine, the one that bit the dust? Well, it's been 2 months but Bernina did not let me down. Parts came in for it finally. I think it was on the slow boat getting here, but it's all good, cause Moosie has new life breathed into her!   I picked her up today, and she us just beautiful.   Happy dance, happy dance!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I've got some serious sewing to do now that moosie is back!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Think Ruffles Blog Hop

Amy and Madame Samm, are determined to stretch our creative minds aren't they now!
I thought and I though, and that light bulb came on!

Now, did we just see a moose in a tutu, drinking green beer??????
It must almost be St Patricks day!

Thank you girls for pushing us to our creative limits!
What else can I say!


Give a way time!

A fun little raggy purse is a great stash buster.

Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite
St Patty's story!
I will pick a winner on Mar 14th, the last day of our hop.

A big thanks to Amy and Madame Samm for another fun filled hop.
I just don't know where we would be without you two girls!

Please make sure you stop in and visit my fellow bloggers today.
Let 's see what kind of a light bulb moment, they all had!

March 7th