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Monday, November 27, 2023

Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Blog Hop Coming Soon

It's that magical time of the year, when Carol hosts her "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" Blog Hop. Oh that calorie free one, where we can share and dream about those sweet treats, or try someone else favorite recipe this year!

The time where we share our Christmas traditions, show off our decorating or our trees. Share a story or just about anything that makes your holiday heart happy!

The fun starts next Monday and this year we have a great lineup of bloggers!


Just Let Me Quilt


Songbird Designs

Words & Stitches

DesertSky Quilting

Quilting Gail

Days Filled With Joy

For The Love Of Geese



Selina Quilts

Just Because Quilts

Karrin’s Crazy World

Quilt Schmilt

Domestic Felicity

Happy Cottage Quilter

Nettie Sews and Lucky Quilts



Hill Valley Quilter



Bumbleberry Stitches

That Fabric Feeling

Homespun Hannah's Blog




Ms P Designs USA

Quilt Doodle Designs

Quilted Snail

Sew Many Yarns

Just Sew Quilter

The Life of Grammy

So make sure you grab your stretchy pants and join us for the fun!

Of course it is virtual, so stretchy pants are optional.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Turkey Trot Challenge Blog Hop Wrap-up

 Well, another inspirational hop is in the books and there was no shortage of ideas.

A big shout out to my fellow bloggers for inspiring us, this Thanksgiving season.
If you haven't seen all the beautiful project yet, the full schedule is posted 

 You can also find them on our "Turkey Trot" Pinterest page

It's hard to believe that 2023 is almost over, isn't it?
Carol is wrapping up the year with her annual "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" blog hop and it never disappoints!

If you would like to be a part of our hops next year, we would love to have you!
It's no longer necessary for you to have a blog yourself. We are expanding our hop to include Facebook and Instagram posts as well. 

What is a blog hop? 

It's like a "show and tell" online or like joining a quilt guild without leaving home. Carol from from "Just Let Me Quilt" and I post a challenge on our blogs and those who want to join in email us with their URL blog, Instagram, Facebook info (IG and FB are new in 2024.) After we get that info, we assign a date for them to post their project. The idea is to visit the first blog and then go to the next blog/IG/FB, etc. We give everyone plenty of time to sew something, usually two months. We inspire each other with projects, tutorials, or patterns. Anyone can follow along! Projects are posted on each blog and include the other participants. 


These are the "rules" for being a participant:

It is important that you post your project on your scheduled day.

You can preset your blog post to go live any time after 11 p.m. MST. (night before)

It's okay if it pops up early...that's better than being late.

If your project isn't quite done, show it anyway. 

People remember if you're a no show...we don't want that!

Above all, have fun and enjoy the sweet fun of a blog hop!

If you're posting on IG/FB, make sure your post is live by 11 p.m. MST. (night before)


I know we're all busy and can't always visit all the participants on the exact day, but PLEASE visit them as soon as you can.

We all love to receive some kind words and recognition for our work.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us.

Carol – sewswift6@gmail.com and/or Joan – calicojoan@aol.com

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and great food!

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Turkey Trot Blog Hop


Welcome to the "Turkey Trot" blog hop. 
It's that time of the year, when we are thankful for all the things life has given us, and the people who are in it. 
Turkey has come to represent the Thanksgiving season, but this year there is no turkey in sight. LOL!!
No, this year I went went through the books on my shelf and picked one that had been collecting dust for a few years! 

This is my version of "Pumpkin Hill" a pattern by Anne Sutton.

I love with the whimsical folk art designs and the fact that is was perfect for some stash busting.
It's always a win, when I don't have to buy fabric for a project. 

We had a very cold and frosty morning, one day last week. 
It was calling me to go out and take some photos.

The sun was just coming out and these poor little guys were freezing
 their tails off.  LOL!!

I loved how the light danced on it. Kind of a reminder that even in the coldest of times, the sun warms the heart of the home!
It seems so appropriate, with Thanksgiving coming up next week.

I am lucky enough, to not have to do the cooking this year. It's fun to hand the baton to the next generation...and maybe not have to do the dishes!

Hop on over and visit my friends and see what's cookin' for their "Turkey Trot" projects today.

Monday November 13 

MooseStashQuilting (you're here)

Words & Stitches

The Morning Latte


The Life Of Grammy

You can find the complete schedule for this hop HERE.

Check out our Pinterest Board HERE.

Just when you think you can turn off your oven...

Carol jumps in and hosts her annual "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange".
We have 27 bloggers who have been busy getting ready, just for you!
I can hardly wait!

And in January Carol hosts the "White Rabbit" hop.
Challenge: On the first day of each month, there is a tradition for people to say "white rabbit" first thing in the morning. The phrase is supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the month. Even President Roosevelt did this!  Make something with white fabrics, rabbits or white rabbits. What is a tradition you follow?

Drop her an email, if  you want to play along.

Wishing you all, a very blessed Thanksgiving season!

 til next time...

Keep on Stitchin'

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Turkey Trot Blog Hop

Turkey Time???
Oh how I love this time of the year. 
Our "Turkey Trot" blog hop is just a few days away and my blogging buddies are gobbling away at getting their projects ready to share with you!

Here is our lineup!

Don't be a turkey and miss out on the fun!

Did you see that Carol has opened up the signups for her January "White Rabbit" hop?
If you want to join in, drop her an email!

 til next time...
 Keep on Stitchin'

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Monday, October 30, 2023

New BOM for 2024

It's that time of the year again, where we tempt you with next years "FREE" Block of the Month
over on our Cackling Stitches Facebook page. 

We have put our heads together and come up with a fun new quilt that we are sure you will enjoy!
It all starts Jan 1 2024, but we know how much you like to start planning and collecting supplies.
What better time to grab some of those fabulous Halloween prints, we all love to collect.

Let's get to the story behind our 2024 quilt!

This quilt has a bit of a "no particular reason" twist to it, as well!

Remember those days gone by, when paper dolls were so poplar?

Well, get out your crafty side and let nostalgia take over, because this quilt doubles as a paper doll quilt. 

The list of supplies you need for the quilt can be found HERE.
Don't start cutting anything just yet. We will provide more instructions with the patterns, starting in January.

As in past years, the blocks for the patterns are free for the month they are posted. Once that month is over, the block will go into our individual ETSY shops for purchase for a nominal fee. We do ask that you honor our copyright and do not share the pattern with others. You can always send them to our Facebook page where they can download their own pattern directly from us. We put a lot of time and effort into designing BOMs for you each year, and we want to keep the blocks free for all of you. With that being said, if you just can't wait for each month to roll around, the complete pattern will be available for purchase for $15, starting Jan 1. 

After all this, I suppose you want to see the quilt we have designed. LOL!!
Without further ado...

She's bright, she's bold and she is "Bona Lisa" with all her glorious ugly sweaters and accessories. And of course the dusty ole barn!
The center is just asking for some interchangeable sweaters to keep her warm.
(You build them on a felt backing)
You can add a pocket to the back of the quilt if you choose, to store them in.

Want a fun interactive wall hanging?

Make a second set of the block sweaters, or let your imagination go wild.  There will be additional sweaters available, but they are top secret right now! 
In fact, we want you to become designers too, and we will be watching to see what creepy sweet sweaters, you create. There may just be something in for you, if you do...but more on that later!
Start collecting up bits and pieces of ribbons, trims, old jewelry and anything you can imagine to dress up your Bona Lisa!

 til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

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Friday, October 27, 2023

Drum Roll Please...

Are you ready?

 Our fabulous blogging community always come out to support our hops and we love you all for it. Carol and I have put our heads together and come up with some themes we hope you will love, for next years blog hops. The key to keeping our hops going is to give you time to plan out and create your projects in advanced. 

So without further ado...

2024 Blog Hop Challenges

January 22-25 White Rabbit (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: On the first day of each month, there is a tradition for people to say "white rabbit" first thing in the morning. The phrase is supposed to bring good luck for the rest of the month. Even President Roosevelt did this. Make something with white fabrics, rabbits, or white rabbits. What is a tradition you follow?

February 19-22 It Moose Be Love (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

  Challenge: It’s the month of “Love”. Show us what it is, you love. Moose are optional of course. LOL!!

March 18-21 Give it a Whirl (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: Life can send us spinning sometimes, so let’s put those spins and whirls to good use in a quilt.  Make something with pinwheel blocks, circle quilting, or whirly gigs. Try not to whirl out of control! 

April 22-25 April Showers (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Late snow showers, rain showers, baby showers, wedding showers. What do you like to shower everyone with? 

May 20-23 On the Road Again (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: May starts the summer of travel so where would you like to go?  Make something showing transportation vehicles (cars, planes, buses, etc.), summer fun, or a place you’d like to travel to. 

June 17-20 For the Birds (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Angry birds, crazy birds, whimsical birds, or flying  geese. If it’s a bird, this is their time to show their colors 

July 22-25 Something Smells Fishy (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: This one is easy! Make something with a fish in the fabric or in the quilt design (applique or pieced fish.)

August 19-22 It’s a Jungle (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: Animals, plants, trees…what’s in your jungle? 

September 23-26 Bee Kind (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: September is the time to remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Share your “kind” projects. Your favorite charity project, a free online pattern or anything that shows you spread a little kindness, everywhere you go.

October 21-24 Something Wicked (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: Your idea of “wicked” might be completely different than mine, so take this where you want to.  Of course, it is Halloween related so include that in all your wicked creations. 

November 18-21 Gnome for Thanksgiving (Joan  -calicojoan@aol.com)

 Challenge: To “Gnome” them is to love them! Throw a little Thanksgiving twist into your “Gnomie” project! 

December 2-6 Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange (Carol  - sewswift6@gmail.com)

Challenge: You don’t have to bake anything for this, but if you have a favorite recipe or tradition, that’s what we’d love to see. Share a Christmas project with mean ole’ Mr. Grinch or a past/present quilt you’ve made.

You can download the list and print it HERE

The rules are simple, send us an email if you would like to participate with your name, your blog name, your blog address and a date preference if you have one. Post the hop button on your blog, make your project and write a post. Have it scheduled by midnight EST, (eastern standard time) New York time. That way our early risers and those from other countries around the globe can see it when they wake up.
It really is fun and you make so many wonderful online friends. We welcome everyone and every skill level. Your welcome to have giveaways if you choose, but it is not required.
Inspiration and motivation, is what we are all here for.

What is new this year, is for those of you who don't blog but have an Instagram account or Facebook page. You can join in on the fun by posting your project with a hashtag, the hop name and the year. (EX: #WhiteRabbitBlogHop2024) or #FortheBirdsBlogHop2024)

Our fabulous blogging community has always come out to support our hops and we hope these additions will open things up to so many more quilt lovers! A huge thanks to all of you who play along with us.
UPDATE: We will continue to take signups about 2 months prior to the hop. Life gets in the way sometimes and we don't want anyone to feel over-committed. If you are interested in the hops, we will add your name to an email list and send out reminders when new hops open up.

Cheers, to the fun to come...

OH, and it's not like we keep springing new things on you...
but check back with us on Monday for yet another announcement.
Just for the Halloween lover in you!


 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Another One Bites the Dust

 A big shout out to everyone who participated in the "Monster Mash" blog hop. This year was no exception when it comes to delightful scary/not scary Halloween projects! It's always fun to see how everyone comes together with their amazing Halloween projects!  As you know, it is Carol and my favorite time of the year!

Next month we are getting our feathers ruffled for the "Turkey Trot" hop!
There are still a few spots open if you want to play along.
Just drop me a line!

 Carol will be finishing up the year with her "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange" hop.

Email her if you want to play along.

But that's not all...
Watch for our BIG announcement tomorrow!
I think you are going to love next year's hops and we have added a couple new ways to play along.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Monster Mash Sew-It Show-It Blog Hop

It's my day on the "Monster Mash" hop and while there are no monsters in my project, that doesn't mean that the ghouls and goblins didn't mess with me, as I was sewing it! I blame them, but it really was my fault. There were so many little pieces and they all were cut different sizes. I labeled them, but next time I would add the size of each piece on the label and attach the labels much better, as well. 
Live and learn. LOL!!

This is my "Witches Night Out" quilt. The pattern is from "It's Sew Emma".
I precut it and took it on my quilt retreat last month. Whew...never have I ever drawn so many diagonal lines for one quilt before.

I stitched and I stitched...

and had so much fun, watching it come together...

My hotel room bed was a great design wall.

If you caught my earlier post, you saw just how convenient that bed was. Perfect height for sitting on to sew. Heck, I didn't even have to get out of bed all day if I didn't want to, especially since my roomie brought me coffee in the mornings!

I love this time of the year!

 It was the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot and Sweet Pea had to get in on the action.

 Little Man approved, as well!

 Although it was more like, get me out of this thing, so I can get down and drool on something new!

While on retreat, we were treated to an hour long Q&A with Jenny Doan, Misty and Natalie! Those girls sure know how to motivate a person. They were talking about their triple play "YouTube" videos. Having never seen one, I decided to search them out when we got back to our room. I was so inspired by one of them, that when I came home, I dumped out all my Halloween fabric stash, went right to work on my version.

This is from their rail fence video. 
I borrowed the bat from another quilt pattern I had made 8 years ago, surprisingly enough it just came up on my Facebook memories the other day!

This is "Scaredy Bat" from Ribbon Candy Quilt Company.

There are so many fun things you can do with this rail fence tutorial. Check it out for yourself!

Make sure you visit my fellow bloggers today and see what "Monstrously" fun things they have been up to!

Monday October 23

MooseStashQuilting (your here)


The Morning Latte

Quilted Snail

Just Sew Quilter

You can find the schedule for the week HERE.

Visit our Pinterest page for this hop HERE

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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