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Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Christmas projects

While the HoHoHo blog hop is over, I did just finish up one more little project.

Actually I have been doing a little pattern testing for Sindy over at Fat Cat Patterns

I love these little guys, and chose to do them out of glow in the dark fabric. It's impossible, for me anyway, to get a photo of them glowing... but I can tell you, it sure is fun to see at night.

 This pattern comes in 2 sizes... a 36" which is what I chose, and a 48" one.
While it was designed to be a tree skirt, I filled in the center and make it a table topper. That smaller size is perfect for it! 

I imagine a wonderful glow dancing off them from a candle centerpiece.
With the smell of cinnamon whafting thru the air...
Oh, I can hardly wait for the holidays!
While the pattern is not available just yet, it will be very very soon!
You won't want to miss it!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chalk board paint

During our stamp on it blog hop, Green Carlson, posted the most adorable mug that you could write on. After emailing her, she lead me to Pintesest for more information.  I am so delighted with what I found.


 Just a plain ole cup and plate can turn any meal time into fun!  All you have to do is mask off the area you want to paint. Apply 2 coats, and let it sit for 24 hours.

Condition with a piece of chalk, by completely covering the painted area, and wipe off. Your ready to serve up a lot of fun for those little ones!

Imagine the possibilities.

My favorite is Eat Your Veggies, although probably not the kids more favorite!
LOL!!  Think of a special message from Gramma, words of encouragement from mom, or even a note to Santa on a plate full of cookies. This can be year round fun!

Hand wash only. So no dishwashers for these guys, but it's worth the fun!

FYI: I found these plates and cups, at where else but IKEA!  They are perfect!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ho Ho Ho blog hop winner

I don't know if anyone was as excited as I was, about this blog hop, but it sure got me on track to get a good share of my holiday sewing finished.

Thanks so all who visited me every day, to see my finished projects.  I am so excited to have some extra time at the holidays for once. The inspiration was over the top, and there are so many things I want to try now! Thank you all!

The winner for this hop and the yard of Maxine's "snarky" holiday fabric is none other than...#79!!!

Wow! Your quilt is so awesome. I love Snowmen and those are the cutest I have ever seen. I like the fireplace screen, too.I wish I had a fireplace to go with it. Thank you so much for sharing your projects today and for the chance to win the fabric.

Well, Joyce, you did win the fabric. I'm sending you and email to get your mailing info, and it will be on its way to you!

Thank you Joyce and everyone else, who left such wonderful comments and took time out of their days to visit me during the hop.

As for me, my head is so full, it will take till the holidays to finish all the new projects I want to start after this hop!!  You all have my mind working overtime now!   LOL!


I wanted to share another little project with you too.  They are going to make for some fun stocking stuffers! I know I have seen it somewhere online, but can't for the life of me remember where...


Coin purses made out of empty candy wrappers!   Who'd a thunk.  I do remember at the time I could no longer find fusible vinyl, but guess what!  JoAnn's fabrics now carry it in the store. It is in a box, in the aisle with the notions, along with stabilizers, etc.  I was so excited to find it! 

They are easy enough to make. Once you have eaten your snacks, 2 bags of course, 1 for each side, you will carefully open the bag and get rid of the back with the nutritional information. Goodness knows we don't need any more guilt that we already have, over snacking!!   LOL!
Just a note, if you going to try some...

                    Apparently not all candy wrappers are created equal!
                                 I was so hoping this would be a success!
                                                   But no such luck.
                                That brings me to another sad realization...
                  I won't be able to make one, out of my favorite snacks  "Snaps"

Have you ever had licorice snaps?    I love em because they taste like soap suds!
I know you all think I am nuts.  Apparently I am prone to loving licorice soap!
                     You have no idea just how hard these are to find too! 
          Tell me it's not because I am the only one in the world who likes em???

Thanks again everyone for a fabulous blog hop.  Now snack on, and stitch...


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 8 - Yes it's really my day now!

Day 8.. it's my day!   :-)

HO HO HO and Merry Christmas to you... Christmas in August that is. :-)

A big thanks to Carol and Madame Samm for this delightful hop. It has long been my desire to actually start Christmas projects early...but have I done so?  Heck no, it was another one of those empty threats to myself!   LOL! With you girls help, I broke out of my old habits and actually got a few projects done!

First off is this adorable snowman quilt, from none other than The Quiltery. If you've read my blog before, you all know I am a huge fan of this Australian web site. They not only have fabulous quilt patterns, but also machine embroidery. The cost of a years membership is nominal, and they add a wonderful new pattern monthly. It's all down loadable, so it is very easy. Check them out if you like, I linked their name for you!  :-)

While I hate to brag, but last month, they had a special CD with some of their patterns that are not part of the club membership. I just had to have it. It's loaded with fabulous Disney quilts!!  Ohhhhh Ahhhhh...

But back to this hop! Just look at these adorable faces close up...

Just too cute, huh?
I must admit, I am a matchy-matchy person. I pull our my embroidery threads and match everything when I free motion quilt...
but this time it just didn't work.
Once it was all stitched out, it just looked like it was missing something.
Yep, going around everything with black thread just made it come to life!
Who'd a thunk!
Heck, I was so excited about this hop, that I actually dug deep into my bag of projects. This one I bought supplies for a couple of years ago.
The fireplace screen is from Art to Heart.
If that doesn't put you in the mood, I don't know what will!
Now I know your all thinking...glory be, she actually can sew something that doesn't have a moose on it! 
But never fear, I did one of them too, for ya!
Part of a McKenna Ryan pattern.
You know I couldn't resist!
So now, I am all ready to curl up
 in front of the fire place
With my snowman quilt
And have a big ole bowl of Chocolate Moose
                                  While dreaming of Christmas to come!
Well, on second thought, it's 95 degrees out...
Maybe I'll just dream, with a big ole snow cone, until the weather cools off.
Hoping of course not to irritate the snowmen gods!
Thanks so much for visiting me today.
It will be Christmas before we know it.
If you have been visiting me during this blog hop, you see I posted everyday.
At the bottom of each post was a "Maxine" ornament...
They all came off of this fun fabric
Leave me a comment, and I will be picking 1 winner, for a yard of this hilarious Maxine fabric, for their very own!
I'd love for you to share with us, your special holiday treats...
stitching, cooking, decorations, anything your heart desires! Feel free to throw in your own "could be a Maxine" comment too! 
I will pick a winner tomorrow, so don't delay!
In the mean time, please stop by and visit my fellow bloggers today.  I can't wait to see what they have been up to!
Happy Holidays!
My humble appologies. I forgot to post my fellow hoppers today!
But they are here for you now!
August 9
Sew We Quilt ( yep, ME) 


Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 7

       You could say I'm a basket case. I sure feel that way some days! 

      These baskets are going to be the greatest, for the treats I share at Christmas.

That little drawstring pouch stitched into the basket,  gives you room for loads of goodies!  I am sure hoping that the pasta jar, decorated up to hold dipped pretzel rods, that we saw  yesterday over at:


will fit under the handle. I just LOVED it!!! 

This pattern is from The Wooden Bear. The bought the book just for these adorable baskets.
(Can't you just see them in Halloween fabrics filled with goodies too)!

But are so many cute things in the book.
The little tote bags in the top left hand corner can be made into 3 different things. The tote, a pillow and best yet a cozy for 8"x8" pans with room for the raised lids. Ohhh a pan of brownies all decorated up for the holidays. Yum Yum.
This book is just about my favorite holiday stitching book yet!

Hard to believe this hop is almost over. We have seen the greatest holiday projects. Best yet, it's early enough that we can still get them done for the season. I love Christmas in July/August hops!

As I start wrapping things up, let see just what my fellow bloggers have created ,as we get down to the last couple of days of this wonderful hop.
My official day to post is tomorrow, so see you then!

                                                August 8

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 6

My holiday projects today are candle mats and ornies! 

These fun little candle mats are from Happy Hollow Designs. (it's linked for you)They are Creative Carry Outs, that come in the cutest little Chinese take out box. Everything you need to complete the project is included. I'm a big fan of great packaging, and these have been on my shelf for a few years now, but it was time to open them up and get them stitched up. So glad I did!  Be sure you check out the other adorable little projects that Happy Hollows has to offer!

The "ornies" below, are from Angie's Bits and Pieces. During the month of July she offered quick little projects daily. When she says quick little projects, she means it!

Hang em on your tree, or tie them to a package, they are sure to bring a little holiday cheer!

                                                 August 7

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 5

Just a stitchin' along singing my song...

Oh the songs that are running thru my head. It's way too soon to be singing Sleigh Bells Ring...Are you listening!

I've had more fun on my embroidery machine with PJ's in the Hoop projects. Gift card holders. I'll just bet that just about everyone has at least 1 gift card they give during the holiday. Are these just about the cutest way to wrap them up?

Also, a set of coasters from PJ's In the Hoop. It's been a very long time since I fired up the ole embroidery machine. I didn't realize just how much I have missed it. I'm thinking these guys will make a nice gift, with a bottle of wine and a set of glasses.

Heck, they were so much fun to make, that I might just have to make one for every place setting on my Christmas table. Whew, we are up to 29 in the family. Guess I better get started on that right now!  :-)

But first, lets see just what everyone else is up to, in the hop today!

                                               August 6

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 4

Whew, day 4 already. Are your heads spinning for all the creativity!
Looks like this is going to be one fabulous Holiday Season!

I found the cutest border print, that was perfect for holiday towels. There are 2 different prints in this piece. A 1/2 yard piece gives you enough for 8 towels.

1 yard of this fun waffle cone print, a coordinating print from that line, was just enough for all the ruffles.

I love having kitchen towels on hand for quick gifts, and I shop for them all year long. These will be great  in gift baskets filled special treats!  Remember PigTales and Quilts fabulous gingerbread ideas last week?  I think she is on to something!

Here is the list of our blog hoppers today. Enjoy!

                                              August 5

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop Day 3

Santa and Friends

This table runner is one of Angie's Bits and Pieces design. You've seen many of Angie's creations here. I love her designs.  This table runner is a 16" by 49", so it's perfect for a big table.

       And, these faces are sure to bring a smile to any one's holiday table!

So check out Angies Bits at Pieces... I think you will be delighted with the wonderful patterns she has to offer, for a very small yearly cost.

                Here is a list of today's HoHoHo Blog hoppers.
                         Lets see what they have been up to!

                                               August 2