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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tis the Season Garden Flag

I love the holidays!
"Tis the Season" 
This garden flag brings lots of joy to my heart and my yard.

With a few fabrics and these Thermoweb products

HeatNBond EZ Print Lite sheets are so easy. No more tracing, just pop a sheet in your printer and hit the print button. or HeatNBond®Lite fusible web, if you love tracing.

HeatNBond®Light-Weight Fusible Interfacing fused to the back side of your fabric, gives that added support for a distort free finish.

ThermOWeb Pressing Paper or parchment paper not only protects your iron work surface, but is a must when pressing and setting the liquid vinyl.

HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl protects and waterproofs your fabrics for outdoor use.

You choose the number of coats you need.

1 coat - water and stain-resistant
2 coats - waterproof and stain-resistant
3 coats - water proof and stain-resistant with a semi-gloss oilcloth finish
It paints on easily and your brush cleans up with water.

I have a tip to share...
Acrylic paint and a stylus, makes eyes so easy to do. Just dot it on and let it dry, 
before you apply the liquid vinyl. 

This flag is designed to fit the 51" X 15" "Gray Bunny Garden Flag Stand" found on Amazon HERE.
The top arm swings open to allow you to easily load your flag.

No place to put a flag???
How about a door hanger? What a great way to welcome your holiday guests.

The free pattern can be found on the Thermoweb blog HERE.

May your season be filled with JOY!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, November 21, 2022

Blog Housekeeping Time

 It was time for a little housekeeping. 

I've been a designer with Thermoweb, since 2020 and it's been quite the ride.
It challenged my ability, and gave me the opportunity to try things, I've never done.
While pattern writing is not my strong suit, I have given it my all and learned a lot along the way.

But with that being said, my time is quickly coming to an end.
I would love to say, I feel terrible about it and I do, but my days are soon going to be taken up with baby sitting not 1 but 2 grandies and I am over the moon excited about that!

Little man had his newborn photos taken and oh my goodness are they adorable.

We definitely hit gold when we found this photographer.

Little Sweet Pea is absolutely in love with her new brother as well.
Well, I've gushed enough, so back to the real reason for this post...

I have written over 40 patterns and tutorials for Thermoweb and I have added them to my right hand side bar to make them easier for you to find. So if your in the mood to try some new, check it out.

I've re-arranged much of my sidebar information to hopefully make things easier for you.
All my social media button are there, as well as my blog archive and search bars.
There is a link to subscribe to my blog by email,  a contact link if you have any questions, my Etsy shop link, Google Translate, and some of my favorite shops. I do make a small amount from sales you make, if you do so through my link. I want to thank all of you who have supported me, by doing so.

A big thanks to Thermoweb for having me for the past 3 years. I will dearly miss you, but will keep on following your blog, because there are some dynamite designers. My list of to-do projects keeps on growing. I'm not done just yet through. I've got 2 more projects to post by the end of the year.

Who knows, you might just see me as a guest host from time to time if they will have me!
If you don't follow their blog, I highly recommend you check it out

Coming up in a couple of weeks is the "Just Let Me Quilt" yearly Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange Blog Hop.

It's my favorite time of the year. Who doesn't love cookies, especially virtual "calorie free" ones. 

Here's a sneak peek at my project...

Yep, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.
But you will have to wait until Dec 6 to see it all.


til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, November 14, 2022

It's My Day on the "Music" Blog Hop...and I Hear Elvis Singing!

What's my favorite when I think of music?

Yep... he rocked my heart many years ago, and still does today!

 I had a row by row that was in my UFO stash and a song in my heart, so I knew just what I was going to do.

After finding all kinds of record labels, album covers, and memorabilia pictures online, I grabbed my "Crafters Edge" circle dies and started cutting out records.

Google is your friend when you are looking for fun ideas! Here's a close up of some of my finds...
I printed out my favorite record labels on printable fabric sheets and fused them onto the records. Then added the fun little extras to my quilt! My printable fabric sheets were pretty old and had started to yellow. I was happy to find that it really didn't effect the outcome of things. 

Now the big added bonus for me was being able to actually go to Vegas to take my photos. If you saw my post yesterday,  you know that Carol Swift chauffeured me around for 3 incredible days!

We had so much fun causing trouble at the Clark Country Museum in Henderson NV.

But honestly we were just 2 girls with quilts!
Really we were.
The church was the perfect place for Elvis to cause a little trouble though. After all, he was a church going boy, so crashing this 60's service didn't seem so out of line.

But the fun didn't stop there, because down in Boulder City at
 Sherman's House of Antiques...

as Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi lended an assist to me, as well.

but this buccaneer...
ole Pirate Pete tried to steel my booty, I mean bounty!

A big thanks to Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks for hosting this fun hop!
It was like music to my ears!
Now enough about me now, matey...it's time you head off and visit my fellow bloggers today

Tuesday, November 15th

You can find the complete schedule of bloggers for this hop

Remember...I just can't help fallin' in love with you!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Happy Mail and Happy Travels

There is just nothing better than getting emails from my online friends, showing me their work.

Pamela shared her "Fall Flag" that I designed for Thermoweb, using their
"Liquid Vinyl".  I absolutely love it Pamela, you did an awesome job and your yard is a very tranquil and serene place to display it!

What's not to love about this? You know every turkey, this time of they year is praying for a LOT of vegans! LOL!!

Mary sent me this photo with a note saying...

Until I saw your beautiful quilts I always thought I had to either blanket stitch or zigzag with very tight stitches when I appliqu├ęd. You just zip around the various parts and they always look great so now I can make fun things without committing hours and hours.  You have been an inspiration and teacher for years.

 Well, she may have exaggerated the part of me being an inspiration and teacher for many year, but I will take the compliment, that's for sure. It warms my heart to know that I inspired someone.

I learned while making McKenna Ryan quilts that dropping those feed dogs and free motion straight stitching around appliques is a quick and fun way to make a project. It's best used when you are not planning on washing your project, but that being said, I have done it and used "Fray Check" or "Fray Block" on the edges of my appliques, after they are stitched and they have held up just fine after washings. I wrote a blog post way back in 2010 about my experiment using both products and showed the results after washing them. You can read more on that HERE.

Thanks to both of you girls, for brightening my day!

Speaking of brightening my day...
This sweet lady, sweetened 3 of my days for me last week.
Yep, poor Carol Swift had to deal with me for that long. LOL!!

We had a lot of laughs starting from when I showed up a day before she was expecting me, and I couldn't find her in the airport pickup area!  I guess it helps if I actually would have given her the correct date that I was arriving. DUH!! 
She shared some of our adventures on her blog post today and said she pleaded the 5th on our adventurers...
Uh huh!
Maybe that was when she tried to get me eaten my pigeons!
It was truly an Alfred Hitchcock moment. 

We went to visit her grandson's work and when we pulled into the parking lot, there were at least 100 or more of these things, over in a corner. Naturally we decided a pigeon safari was in line, so we drove over to check it out. She had me roll down the window to take pictures and they started flying up at me. I'm rolling up the window so they don't get in the car as she's telling me keep it down and take photos.
Not relishing the though of being eaten by pigeons...well the window went up!
Oh my goodness the laughs we had over that one. 

She also took me over to "Sew Yeah" a gorgeous quilt shop in Vegas!
She will never tell you, but she's a local quilt celebrity over there.

Her patterns, kits and samples fill the store. 

They even have a beautiful Christmas display just for her!

We had an absolute blast, there. They had a carnival going on, with lots of games. There was golf, which I completely sucked at. If they hadn't put up a portable wall, I would have been paying to replace a window in the store. LOL!!  Ring toss, corn hole, marbles, a pinball type of coin drop, just to name a few...
We both did well enough, to come home with a nice little stack of fat quarters we had won, along with discount coupons that of course we had to use on kits, thread, and fat quarter stacks! I cleaned up on their sale Halloween fabrics. tee hee! Thank goodness hubby had room in his suitcase for my quilt shop adventures!

My advice if your ever in Vegas, make sure you plan a trip to "Sew Yeah Quilting", you won't be sorry!
Check them out on YouTube for their Tuesday and Saturday "destash" deals.
and on Facebook too. These boys sure know how to shake up the quilt shop world!

Sadly our fun time had to end, but not before we had a change to have dinner at the wild and wacky "Dicks Last Resort" with the boys...

It was incredibly loud...I'm not sure I have all my hearing back yet, but it was a hilarious time.
Before we said our last goodbyes...someone had to play "Wheel of Fortune" on the slots...

You all can just refer to her as MS MONEYBAGS from now on!
Woo hoo, I'm so excited for you Carol.

I'll see you all tomorrow, for my day to share on Carla's "Music Blog Hop".

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

What is this Challenge Thing?

We have a fresh new name for our blog hops next year. One that really speaks of what we do monthly anyway, right? 

So, to get your creative juices flowing and give you plenty of time to think about your projects, we would like to announce the


January - "Shades of Blue" 
now signing up with Carla at "Creatin in the Sticks"
February - "Sweet on You"
March - "Little Green Apples"
April - "Say What?"
May - "Rose Colored Glasses"
June - "When Pigs Fly"
July - "Picnic Party"
August - "Call Me Crazy"
September - "It's a Dogs Life"
October - "Monster Mash"
November - Turkey Trot
December -" Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange"

Announcements will be made when signups begin. We give you 2-3 months notice.
Clean out your sewing rooms and see what you have that meets the challenge!
That's what I am going this week.
If you have never participated in a blog hop, it's fun and it's easy. Just make a project in the theme of the month, and write a blog post telling us about it. You can have a giveaway, or not have a giveaway, it's completely up to you. So jump on in and join us.
We look forward to seeing all of you and your fabulous project in the coming year.

Carol, Carla and I have been working away on next years Cackling Stitches Group BOM as well.
I may just be a little biased, but I think this one is really going to tickle your toes!
The fun starts Jan 1 on our Facebook group and blocks are released monthly.
They are free the month in "witch" they are released.
Get it? Witch for Witchville!
Ok, it's early, what can I say?

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, November 7, 2022

Hopping the Year Away

It's been quite the weekend here and I just have to share...

Sweet Pea finally got that baby she has been wanting.
Little Man made his appearance last Friday!
I have to marvel at how different they look. Sweet Pea is a carbon copy of her mama, and Little Man looks just like his daddy! 
He came home yesterday, and was exhausted after that trip!
This Nana, is over the moon excited, but a little lost this morning, as Nana daycare is done for the next 8 weeks. What am I going to do without my little sidekick?
I guess I really do have to dump my sewing room and start cleaning and organizing now.
Eye roll here.
 Thank goodness I have a little diversion coming up the end of the week.
I'm going to visit Carol Swift for a few days. She is missing her monkey boys and monkey girl oh so much, since their move, so we are going to get together and have one big pity party! Well, or party of some kind anyway!

But never fear, I'll be back and we are both ready for 

Are your ready to be serenaded?
 Carla's Music Blog Hop starts and she has a magical and musical 
lineup of bloggers just waiting to share...

Monday, November 14th

Carol's yearly "Virtual Cookie Exchange". We all love this one, it's the only time we can truly enjoy all those sweet treats with no calories to count! LOL!!
If you want to play along and haven't signed up yet, you can find all the information 

January brings us our new Sew It - Show It Challenge.
It's still a blog hop, just with a fresh new title!
Carla is hosting our first challenge theme..."Shades of Blue" 
"Sew" put on your thinking caps and challenge us!
You can find all the information over on Carla's blog
Drop her an email with all of your information, to join us.
You know we will be blue without you!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'