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Friday, April 29, 2016

Cat's Meow!

What's that saying, when the mice are away, the cat will play?
Rats!!!  That's not it at all.
But it worked so well for this project!

This savvy bunch of boys are "Kitty Kups".
A combination pincushion and tool holder.

The pattern is from Cotton Ginnys.
You can see more of her fun patterns

These boys are headed to my quilt retreat with me.
Yes, by the time you read this, they will all have been adopted out!
I really couldn't think of anything better to remind those 
wild and crazy girls of me. 
There is just something about these guys staring at them forever...
Let just say, it's my little way to get even with whatever they have 
in store for me!  It's always a raucous good time!

Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quilt Retreat

There's nothing like getting together for a quilt retreat with friends.
Last weekend we beat the storm and made it to our cabin at the YMCA camp, just as the first flakes started to fall. Not lucky enough to get the cars unloaded before we got good and wet though!  LOL!!!

We woke up on Sunday morning to 17" of that infamous
Colorado Sunshine.
You just have to love these spring snowstorms.

They do create some beautiful photos!
As inconvenient as these storms may be, we really didn't mind. We were hunkered down for 4 whole days with nothing to do but stitch to our hearts content! 

None the less, it was exciting to see the sun trying to peek
thru from time to time!

The weather was such, that not much was around in the wildlife department. No moose, bear or elk, but this little chipmunk 
sure enjoyed the snow!

Deb was always looking out for us. She did a 
great job of keeping our deck and stairs cleared.

Joi, got her "Bloom" quilt finished.
There is a fun sew along over at
"Bee in My Bonnet" 
You can read more on that right 

Shona finished her two+ year project of restoring this beautiful
"Cathedral Window" quilt for her friend Kina.
What a labor of love.

Deb and I worked on our our Amy Bradley Camper Quilt blocks.
We had way too much fun with these. I'm doing mine on denim and in the QAYG method. Deb is using the standard quilt method.
Since we both are making these as quilts for our campers, we are adding an extra row. Everyone put their heads together and we've come up with some great ideas for holiday campers to add into the mix!
Coming soon...

When we were not stitching, we were enjoying incredible meals that everyone brought!  This was Joi's, hubby Vic's famous spaghetti meal!
Thanks Vic, it was truly the best!

There is really nothing better than good friends, good food and a few drinky poos, to make for one raucous time. I can't remember when I laughed so much. Oh the power of girls of any age getting together!

And on that note, I have been released to return to work.
"Paroled", as I like to refer to it!
I went and got fingerprinted yesterday...just to make sure I'm not on the America's most wanted list. 
You know... they need to make sure I didn't go "too" crazy when I was incapacitated!  tee hee
But crazy enough, my vacation starts next week!
Yes, it's another quilt retreat. Yahoo.
I get to see my NY girls in just a few days.
I'm all practiced up for a giggle fest, so you better watch out!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

France Sam and Sue

Oh the international travels go on...

I give you some kind of very 
French sounding line, to go with these guys,
but my French is as bad as my 
Spanish, and my German, and my Italian!
Lets just say English is the only
language I've mastered and there are days
when one has to wonder about that.

These little ones, bring out the artistic side of
the French. They are just too cute, aren't they?

Join in the fun, with this free BOM at
Seams to be Sew

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April Showers with Island Batik

I do believe it's finally time around here, that we can put away those snow shovels and get ready for those "April Showers".
This month the "Island Batik Ambassadors" have taken on that challenge.

It was the perfect time for me to break out that pattern I bought, oh so many years ago and put some fabric to it!

This April Shower has sure brought us beautiful May flowers, hasn't it.

The pattern is one of Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts.
What a perfect time for me to start on them.
Island Batik Stamps (5" squares), are the perfect way to create 
the background. The center is from 
It gives us just the "splash" we need for a wet rainy day!
I dove into my scrap basket for the rest of the fabrics. 
You can never have too many batiks in your scrap basket. 
Hope you enjoyed my little "April Shower", and may your gardens 
bloom with joy!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

China Sue and Sam

The international travels continue...

This Sue complete with her panda

and this bright and cheery Sam...
joined the group this week.

It is really fun to see them start coming together.

I've got all my background blocks complete and numbered.
I spent a LOT of time arranging these blocks. Whew what a chore.
Makes me wish I had a much bigger design wall and didn't have
to crawl around on the floor!

You can join us in this adventure. All the information you need is 
at Seams to Be Sew

Visit our Flickr group 
Where you can check out everyone's blocks.
Loads of eye candy and inspiration!

Keep on Stitchin'

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pattern Testing

When Bea over at BeaQuilter asked me to pattern test for her
 in December, I jumped at the chance.
It's always fun to play with her patterns.
She came up with this new one 

"Your Berry Sweet"
It's such a fun little pattern...
but I thought to myself, you "moose" be kidding...

In this house there are no sweet little girls, 
just those wild and wacky moose guys.
"Sew" it had to be!

Remember when I had some help from Mantle Moose,
 last December? Yes, those were the pinwheels!
The paper piecing in this quilt is easy enough
even for a novice. 
Actually it's a great way to "get your feet wet" (or hooves)
as they say!

I just love seeing just how different a pattern can look,
 using different fabrics.

Check out Bea's post, with photos from other testers

You can find her pattern HERE at Craftsy
Here at QuiltWomen

Thanks Bea for letting me play!
My quilt has found the perfect new home

Right here on my footstool!

Keep on Stitchin!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sam and Sue Travel the World

Have you seen this BOM from Marian at Seams To Be Sew?

If you love Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, this is a don't miss BOM.

I had finished Brazil Sue before I broke my wrist...

The more I looked at her, the less she appealed to me...

Yes, she was indeed due for a makeover.
It's another one of those times, where matchy-matchy,
just doesn't do things justice.
Outlining in black thread really made a difference.

I have now finished her "beau" 
Brazil Sam.

Mexico Sam

Mexico Sue

I chose this layout for my quilt, 
and its fun to see it starting to come together.

Check out all the details right 
It's not to late to start.
Thanks Marian for such a fun filled BOM


Friday, April 1, 2016

Wrapping up the Island Batik Ambassador 2015 Year

Our new 2016 year officially started March 1st, but I couldn't wrap up the past year till our very last hop was done.

It was truly a fabulous year with fun projects and new friends...

What's in store for 2016???

New Ambassadors...
Monthly Challenges...
Blog Hops introducing new fabrics...
Giveaways along the way...
Whew, it does promise to be a big year!