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Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Time For All Seasons BOM

New year...New BOM...
and I know your going to love this one!
This year we are going to do 2 blocks a month...
one piece and one applique. 
Do one, do them both...
You choose!
Either way, you are going to have a quilt,
 that celebrates all the seasons of the year!

Amy kicks it all off with...
Valentines Day!
Are these guys just the sweetest?
Hearts abound in February!
You can find these pattern over at "Sew Incredibly Crazy"
The blocks are free for the month of February.
 After that there will be a small charge.
This BOM runs from Feb 1 2019 thru Jan 1 2020.
Make sure you stop each month for the new patterns.
Also, post your completed blocks on our Facebook page
We have some wonderful sponsors who are providing monthly prizes!
I am digging into my stash of "Island Batik" fabrics this year.
Nothing I love better than these bright and cheerful batiks!

Here is the schedule for this year...


til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Getaway Blog Hop with "Island Batik"

Welcome to my day to share this gorgeous line of fabric, 
that "Island Batik" provided me.
I was so excited when I opened my surprise package of fabric.
These colors, just speak to my soul.
But when they announced the theme of this blog hop...
it was a "EUREKA" moment.
There's been a pattern in my stash for over 10 years now...
just waiting for the perfect fabric and inspiration.
You see...
there is nothing I love more, than getting away to my favorite spot on the planet.
This spot is a place where there are spectacular views 
and "SnowBerry" could be a real thing!
While many are packing their bags for the surf and sand,
there are no palm trees in my favorite spot!
This is...
Does that give you a hint?
Alaska of course!
 In the winter, its a great place to see the "Northern Lights" dance across the sky.
These fabrics are just so "Alaska" to me...
the deer, the snow, the pine needles and trees!
Oh how I love, how they play and dance across the quilt, 
just like in my dreams, when I close my eyes.
While I spend most of my time on the Kenai Peninsula when I visit, 
I did get to take a trip up to Barrow, 
where the "lights" are spectacular in the winter.
We were welcomed with just a few moments of sunshine.
Our adventure included a trip out to Point Barrow, 
the northern most point of North America...
...where we stumbled on a sleeping walrus, 
keeping our distance...letting sleeping walruses lie!
There were remnants of a "Bowhead" whale.
Whaling is legal for the native Alaskans in Barrow.
They literally use everything from the whale for their survival, 
and leave the few remains on the beach for the polar bears.
Yes, I did try "Muktuk"...Whale blubber that the "Inuit" native Alaskans eat.
It was kind of like chewing on your tennis shoes, 
but when am I ever going to get that opportunity again? 
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the polar bears,
 as the ice had just gone out to sea.
But that made it safe for us to hike out to the tip, of the point.
There is something surreal about standing at the edge of a continent...
The "Arctic Ocean" on 3 sides of you.
It was summer time when we were there, so there was no Borealis
 (Northern Lights).
One of these days, I hope to be able to return to see them in the winter.
It's that whole 65 degrees below zero thing though, and I'm old!
I can't help but look at these photos and the fabrics from this gorgeous line.
The "steely" cold of the arctic is so well represented.
Kathy Engle had to be in my head when she designed it. ;-)

Sunshine...much like in Barrow, changes the colors in this quilt.
...we all know the difference lighting can make. 
It really makes colors come to life...
I knew this entire project was met to be, 
when I stumbled on the tour buttons we wore.
Just one more thing was needed, to complete my perfect memory project!
 Meet "William the Whale".
Oh my goodness, if you've never seen Pauline's babies, you have to check them out
This quilt has brought back so many incredible memories, as I stitched it.
For me, that's what quilting is all about.
I couldn't dream of a better "tribute",  than this!
Thank you "Island Batik" for allowing me to re-visit my favorite "Getaway"
 with these fabrics.
For those of you interested in the pattern, it is from Aardvark Quilts.
It's a paper pieced pattern that has since been renamed "Bouja".
This is my old pattern...but it looks very different on their website HERE, now.
Oh...and if you remember my post last year, from the "Starstruck" Challenge...
Binding those uneven edges just about did me in!
I wasn't about to let it get the best of me, so I did it again, 
only this time using binding!
"U-Tube" to the rescue.
I am delighted to say, I have conquered it, and darn happy I did!
 "Island Batik" is offering a wonderful giveaway, you will want to check out
Someone is going away with a fabulous fat quarter assortment!
"Happy Dance"
Well now, I guess I have to retract my statement about no palm trees at my getaway location...
I completely forgot about these, created by a someone with a great sense of humor.
If you don't have trees...just build your own, from driftwood.
 After all, life is all about making due with what you have and enjoying it!
Don't you agree?
One last thing...
If you love beautiful "Northern Light" photos, I suggest that you visit
Sebastian Saarloos on Facebook
He takes to most incredible photos you have ever seen.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, January 21, 2019

Black and White Blog Hop

Thank you Ms. Carla for hosting this fun "Black and White" blog hop. What a great reminder that,
sometimes we get caught up in colors and completely forget, that the simplicity of black and white, 
can make a statement as bold as any rainbow!

If fact...did you know that the colors actually speak?
Well not verbally, but "black" psychologically speaking,
associates with power, authority and strength.
(I am woman...hear me roar)
While "white" links to that which is righteous good and peaceful!
(while I adjust my halo)
Hummm...now there's some food for thought, right?
But seriously, marketing uses this to their full advantage.
Yep, I can sure see that!

With that in mind, it didn't take me long, 
to figure out just what I was going to do for my project.
I love the "Bear Paw" block and the "Churn Dash" block. 
The combination seemed a perfect place, for that black bear to strut his stuff.
Are you beginning to see, the whole psychology thing now?
Interestingly enough, our eye zooms in on that bold black! So what's that have to say????

Well, now that you asked...Black, says we are intelligent, professional and mysterious!
Heck we knew that right?
 White projects clarity, cleanliness, purity and salvation.
 It also said to promote creativity and is synonymous with a new beginning.
And there is that whole halo, thing!
Anyway back to the quilt...
The bear applique is from my new "Northwoods Medley" Accuquilt "GO" die,
that you can find it
I love the secondary pattern these blocks created!
It really adds movement to the quilt.
"Sew"...that's the MooseStash rendition of "Black and White" blog hop.
I must admit, the moose boys are just a little miffed 
that they were not the stars of the show.
But really now...have you ever seen a moose paw block?
What can I say boys...some days it's just not all about you!
Do we need to have a little visit to our favorite psychologist?

Make sure you check out all the goodies, my fellow bloggers have to share.
There's a world of black and white eye candy, for sure!
And it is, all about sharing it with you.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Paws and All Cat Tote

A couple of weeks ago, "Island Batik" shared this adorable tutorial from
"Orange Bettie", with us on Facebook.
It was originally done on a canvas bag.
I really love my batiks, so I changed things up a bit. 
I used "Soft and Stable" with my "Island Batik" and got great results.
And look, he's two sided!
Of course I had to line it with a fun batik fabric as well.
Ain't this the "Cats Meow"?

You can find this fun pattern 
Make sure you LIKE "Island Batik" on Facebook
Besides seeing the latest and greatest in the batik world, 
they are sharing all kinds of  fun projects with us!

You can find "Orange Bettie" on Facebook

I do hope your enjoying our 
An entire month of fabulous projects.
You can find the schedule

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A "Lil" Bit Scrappy and A Whole Lotta Crazy!

It's time to start whittling down the scrap bins, and I'm in a mood...
I don't usually work with inset seams, but they were calling my name.
While they are not perfect by far...
I'm satisfied with the results, but seriously...
I might have been able to piece an entire quilt in the time it took for these guys!
 They are only 9" blocks, and that's a lot of piecing for something that small.
It was a lesson in patience for sure.
Oh and that starch, is definitely your friend!
I'd love to say that those scrap bins are dwindling away, but at this rate, it's just not happening.
What's you weekend looked like?

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, January 4, 2019

Are You Ready for 2019?

The machines in the "MooseStash" have been working overtime for quite awhile, now.
I delivered 5 more of these boot quilts,
 to family members who lost their son in a car accident last summer.
Christmas probably wasn't the best time to do it, but I wanted each of them
to have their own memory quilt. There were more tears, but hopefully 
they will bring them comfort as the pain subsides.
This handsome guy went to my daughter-in-laws, mom who lost her 
beloved horse this summer. He had a tooth that was growing down into his jaw, 
went into surgery and died coming out of the anesthesia.

We are all ready for a fresh new year, with hopefully much less drama and loss.
Things have started looking up already...
Yesterday, I was notified that a package was on it's way...
I have been picked up for another year as an ambassador for "Island Batik".
I can't tell you just how excited I am about it!
It's hard to believe that I'm starting my 5th year with them, already.
It seems like just yesterday...

Next Monday starts our 
You get to see all the new lines that are out, 
as well as loads of inspiration on how to use them.
I may be biased...OK, I am biased...
But it's going to be incredible!!!
You won't want to miss it.
It is a bittersweet time for the Ambassadors, as it is the last time the 2018 team 
will all be together. While we will miss the ones not returning, it's always exciting 
to see the energy and creativity the new ones bring!
Getaway Blog Hop Schedule

Monday January 7 - Crystal Ball
Tuesday January 8  - Ditty
Wednesday January 9 - Elk Lodge
Thursday January 10 - Feline Fine
Friday January 11 - Flea Market

Monday January 14 - Fortune Teller
Jennifer Fulton- The Inquiring Quilter
Tuesday January 15 - Gypsy Rose
Wednesday January 16 - Paisley Park
Thursday January 17 - Soul Song
Friday January 18 - Twilight Chic

Monday January 21 - Winter Park
Tuesday January 22 - Bazaar
Wednesday January 23 - Blossom
Thursday January 24 - Boho
Friday January 25 - Brookview

Monday January 28 - French Blue
Tuesday January 29 - Midsummer Night
Wednesday January 30 - Oh Deer
Thursday January 31 - Snow Berry  
Friday February 1 - Candy Cane Lane and Icicle
Anne Wiens- Icicle - Sweetgrass Creative Designs
Barbara Gaddy - Candy Cane Lane  -Bejeweled Quilts by Barb

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'