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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Capitol Quilt show

Warning warning long post, but it has tons of inspiration in it.

My trip to the Capitol Quilt show was better than I could imagine. My head was so full of ideas when I got home, that it hurt. Or maybe it was from looking up for so long. The quilts were hung high, and we did get the giggles over our stiff necks throughout the day!

Hope you find some inspiration in them... Here we go

The Denver Capitol makes a beautiful place to have a quilt show.

So many places to hang them!

We walked and walked to see them all.

Did I mention stairs?

And more stairs...

But the rails were polished up bright. We were hugging them dearly from the exhaustion of the stairs! :-)

So many pretties!

                          And doesn't the Dome make a beautiful photo?

                                             Rather inspiring in itself!

There were surprises around every corner

When it was all over I really just wanted to fight ole Abe for his chair!

Days just don't get much better than this!