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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Putting the PIN in Pinterest

Do you have a folder (or two) full of free quilt patterns you've downloaded, that are PDF files?  I sure do. Nothing is more frustrating to me than looking at a file like this...
While I might have an idea what the file could be, do I really know what file 10091 really is????? And honestly, I have so many, files that I really have no idea what is in any of them anymore.
With all the technology that is going on, you might think that someone would have figured out how to display photos instead of the little PDF icon on these darn files, but NO. At least not that I am aware of.
So I got to thinking about that wonderful Pinterest site that I am addicted to. Nothing makes me happier than actually having all that eye candy at my finger tips. Have you found yourself surfing thru all the photos there? Gheez, can I burn a lot of time dreaming!  :-)
I could "pin" the website that the pattern is on, and give the photo a name that would match the name of the file on my computer. Gheez, how easy would that be? Instant identification!
I started with my Angies Bit's & Pieces patterns. After many hours at it, I have finally managed to get all my Angie patterns loaded into Pinterest.
I was so delighted to see just how wonderful it was to be able to see what all those little icons really were! I have reacquainted myself with many patterns and have a new found direction on what I want to work on next! Happy Dance!
Then, off to start of the mass of other patterns I seem to have felt were too good to pass up... whatever they might be!  :-) :-)
There was the hickup. Many of the free patterns the fabric companies offer us, won't allow us to pick up the photo from their web sites!  Rats, foiled again.
Do they not realize just how much more exposure they might open themselves up to, if we could actually see and share links with the free things they offer us???? Maybe one of you has an insight on this????
Please do share, if so!
So after 2 days of playing on my computer, I really don't see me making the kind of progress I had hoped for. My suggestion is to start from this point on, adding your downloads into your Pinterest account when possible. It's a great way to bookmark blog posts that you want to remember, and with Print Friendly PDF maker, it would be a good idea to go ahead and make a PDF file for your records. You never know when it might be pulled offline. If you have your own copy it won't matter. That being said though, never never share that file with anyone else. It's all a part of the copyright issues that none of us want to get into trouble with!
For those who might be a little scared of all this opening an account, having a Facebook account, etc, etc. I try to not be too concerned over privacy issues. Be smart and don't post things you don't want anyone else to know.  There are plenty of privacy blocks you can turn on in Facebook, and I don't think my pinning anything to an account on Pinterest, is going to compromise my security. I have read the ups and downs for them, and am comfortable with my choices.
Pinterest itself has been a source of conflict with folks. Be courteous, give credit where credit is due, and don't post incorrect information. It really boils down to just that. Keeping that in mind.... I suggest you go forth and prosper. At least give yourself a treat with the great eye candy out there!!  I can loose myself in the fabulous quilt patterns, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, etc etc etc.
Yeah yeah, we all know I should be sewing, or cleaning, or grocery shopping, but what the heck... it can wait til tomorrow!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

And the winner is...

So sorry it took me so long to select my give a way winner, but I had the opportunity to escape for a quilting weekend and I took it.

We are at the peak of the trees turning, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!
This was the view outside the door of the condo.
The temperatures were perfect for a great day of fishing. Not that we were though, we had way too much quilting to get done.
We felt like royalty when we walked into the bathroom and found not 1, but 2 of these swans full of spa supplies!!! 
Some of you might remember last year when I was making wall hangings for this condo. The ski lift was perfect, for above the fire place.
Thanks so much to the generous owners who let us retreat up! We enjoyed it very very much!
Now for that give a way I promised...
I hope you all enjoyed the Dots on Dots Hop. Who knew there could possibly so many different ideas on how to use that wonderful dot fabric. Thanks to all, for sharing your talent and inspiring us all!
Mr Randomizer chose my winner to be #35.
Thanks the fabulous...
WHOA-WOOOOO! Great blocks, super tablerunner, congratulations having urned the honourable mention of this day.
So there you go, you lucky girl. I have sent you an email getting your snail mail address and will have your treasure on it's way to you!
Congratulations, and I can't thank you all enough for your kind words, and for visiting. I have new followers- Yippee!  I do hope to make this blog a place you can drop in to become inspired. Please feel free to contact me, if there are things you like or don't like about it. I'm here for you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog Hop

Dots on Dots and Turkey Trots!!! That's my theme, and I'm stickin to it!  :-) Cause you know that turkey day is are soon approaching. Hey, I just might even be ready for it this year!

The first thing I could think of when Madame Samm posted this hop, was my Turkey Trivet Tuxedo from last year. It would be perfect, so I changed it up a bit and made it a 12 1/2" quilt block. 

So...... what do ya think?  Everything has a "dot" of some kind on it, accept the beak. I just couldn't seem to find anything that worked for that. Close enough though right?  LOL!! 

I love the Dresden fan ruler. And I see that it's been a favorite with many on this blog hop! :-) It's because it's just a couple of cuts, and one seam across the top and you have a blade.  It really doesn't get much easier than that. For this guy stitched 11 fan blades together and pined them to my block to center it. (a finger press down the middle helps line things up)

Make sure you fold the raw edge on the bottom fans under, so you can top stitch them down. I personally prefer to top stitch my blades to my block before I cut the excess off, just in case things shift a bit!

You can download Turkey Pattern...

It's all fusible applique, cause that's my favorite!

I found a fun Thanksgiving print that I just had to have, so I made a table runner to go with my Turkey mini quiltie.

A couple more smaller Dresden Fans were used in the center.

There you have it. I am all dotted up and ready for Turkey day!

Here is a list of today's bloggers.
Make sure you stop by and visit them all!

September 19th


Ohhh, I know what your waiting for...
A give-a-way right?

Well how 'bout this?

A layer cake (10" squares) of the "Classic Dot Sampler" from Connecting Threads. One of each glorious color!  Can you give me a big whoa-hoo??  :-)

Leave me a comment, be a follower and I will select a winner Monday Sept 24th!

Happy Hoppin'
And a big ole "thanks" to our hostess with the most-ess Corrie!
We couldn't have done it without you!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A view of 9-11

Last Tuesday 9-11, we had a spectacular sunrise. I had to grab my camera and run outside!

The sky was absolutely glowing!
The field was draped in a golden haze.
The glow off my barn was incredible!
9-11 is a day that we all remember.
I can't help but feel that all those we lost,
 were smiling down on us that morning.
You will always be in our hearts!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Travel gift

I love to share gift ideas that "work" for me, especially when I find free online patterns to make them with.  Recently I surprised a co-worker with a bag of travel goodies.

The luggage tag and passport holder are from Studio Kat Designs. You will find lots of other fun  fabulous freebies on this site too.

I especially love the passport holder as on the back you have 2 Velcro pouches for more things you have to carry when you travel. It's just perfect for keeping things together and easily accessibly when traveling.
The other bag is my original design of a TSA approved 1 quart size storage bag. It's heavy duty and won't give up on you like the normal food bags tend to do.
You can find that post right HERE. I have done a little improvement since that post. Instead of a ribbon pull, I have started using prairie points. They seem to withstand heavy use, better!

But that's not all.
Another of my favorite gifts are these wonderful "Daily Doodlers" from
I know you have seen them posted here before, cause I love em. It allows you to keep everything you need close at hand and ready for travel. I love the zipper pocket for keeping things I don't want to loose. It's the perfect place to keep my car rental papers, hotel reservation info, etc... when I travel.
Not to mention just a great place for notes at a quilt meeting! Cause really now, are there any other kind of meetings that are worth taking notes on???
Lastly but not least, I had to top it all off with a very special birthday cake...
Or sort of, I might say! 
I have found that my new found favorite thing to make are these adorable cupcake potholders.
This pattern is called "Hot Cakes" from Susie Shore.
You really need to check out her wonderful line of patterns. Just a little whimsy to enchant each and everyone!
I hope this has given you a few ideas for those special little gifts you might need. That season is rapidly approaching.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I call it a "Score"

I had the joy of having breakfast with my old co-workers today.  Not that they are old, but from my old job. LOL!!  It was great to see everyone again. We decided to make a trip to the local ARC Thrift Store after our breakfast.

I stumbled on this beauty!

        I know it's a little much..
But if you get rid of the skirt, the jacket is not too bad. Even though my darling son tells me, it looks like ole lady clothes!
Now this is why I got so excited. It's a real Pendleton wool outfit. I have always wanted a Pendleton jacket, but those prices...  OUCH! 
Can you imagine? $12.99 for both pieces.
The skirt is mid-calf length, and I would never wear anything like this, but WOW is there a lot of yardage of fabulous wool for a project down the road.
I am open to any ideas you might have for it! :-)
My other big "score" is this bag of silk ties. I have been dreaming of making a silk tie quilt, and have some that a friend gifted me. Now with these, I think I have enough to get myself started on a new adventure!
Again, I am open to any ideas you might share on silk tie quilts.
So besides a great breakfast and good friends, I feel like I hit the jackpot today!
It would round out a wonderful day, if you could help me decide how to use my new found treasures!