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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My evil quiltin sista has been at it again...
She decided to take yet another opportunity to torment me.

This time for my birthday.  Yes it was a big one for me...but really now the crappy comment about my needing to wear housecoats with really big buttons on it and SAS shoes, at our local quilt shop,  was uncalled for today!    LOL!

No one really knows what she puts me thru, so I thought I would share...

Here's my card this year!

To be topped of with these fabrics

                                         Are these a riot or what?
              Only Ruth could come  up with this little birthday surprise!  
                 Looks like "get even" time is coming around the corner!
                       I need your help, with ideas to do just that!
       I'm counting on you to come up with something really outrageous!
        Her birthday is Dec 24th, so we have time to make it really good!


The HO HO HO Blog Hop begins...

When Madame Samm announced this blog hop, it was that golden moment that I had always been dreaming of. Long has it been a dream of mine to actually get some Christmas stitching done during the year. You know, so there wouldn't be that frenzy in December like there normally is.  Had I ever done it though???  Heck no!   This year it was going to be different by golly!

I've been so sewing deprived this year, that it was just the challenge I was up for. So much in fact, that my goal was to have a project for every day of the hop to post.

Today is a special little table runner I pattern tested for Beaquilter.

This was a delightful little paper piecing pattern, that was very easy to piece.
We will all definitely have to keep an eye on BeaQuilter and see just what she is up to!  :-)

Here is the list of holiday bloggers today, see  you there!

                                           July 31


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Something Fishy!

Something is very fishy around here...

And it's McKenna Ryans "Something Fishy" quilt.
I've been working of it for a couple of weeks now.
I was delighted to find the perfect way to use some of my snow dyed fabrics.
Who knew that snow dye would make such wonderful ocean fabric :-)
I was even able to find co-ordinating hand dyes for some of the blocks too, but then there was that border, I had a piece that would have been perfect, but it just was not big enough. So I went to work dyeing fabrics.
Anyone who tells you it's easy to dye hand dyes to match what you already have, is lying to you!   LOL!!  I thought if I used the same dye, and the same method, it would be a snap!  Well, snap...it's not!
What I have is a lot of fabric, that just didn't work.
(but fear not, it will find it's way into another project down the road)

I just love the detail that McKenna puts into her quilts.

It makes it feel like these fish are jumping right off the quilt at you.

These boots come to life with scrapbook brads!
Then there is this wonderful border, that I struggled dyeing for.
The braid just adds so much to the quilt.
As I was stitching it, all I could keep thinking was
I've had enough of boring borders.
What about you?
I think I need to shift my focus on jazzing up my borders a bit.
Since this was a wall quilt, I mounted it in a canvas.
I must say, I do like using canvas when I am hanging quilts that are not going to get changed out. It just gives them that perfect art look. Best yet, there is no worry about your stitching on the back! No clipping threads, etc.
Is that a big plus or what?
 Here is a link to a post I wrote on attaching a quilt to a canvas, if your interested.
And watch for those sales at Michaels if your in the USA.
You can pick up canvas at 50% off!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another bag???

What is up with me?  I have yet again been captivated with another bag!  I never make bags...

But this pattern that's on Craftsy just caught my eye.

I needed a new duffle bag, like I need a hole in my head, but they are so darn cute. This pattern is from Studio Cherie and you can find it HERE

This one is 20" long and has 12" ends. Once it was complete, I realized just how BIG it really is. Definitely not carry on size. The airlines would have a fit over my even trying.  The handles are too short for my preference, so I will definitely make them longer next time, but it's a great duffle!

Since I was on this crazy "bag" kick, I decided it would be perfect for a gift for someone special next month, and my chance to try out some changes.

The nice thing about this pattern is that it is very easy to adapt. Instead of 12" ends, I made these 10". I also added another 12" to the original size handles. I like a shoulder strap personally.

Dakota Collectibles has a wonderful design pack for zipper pulls!  Too cute huh?
With my extra quilted fabric, I went on to make a matching purse. This one is a pattern that has been in my stash so long, that I had to dig way to the bottom to find it.
It's called "Kidney Shaped Ergonomic Shoulder Bag" by Patricia Gould. I was a bit shocked to see that it was written in 2004. I am guessing that is when I bought the pattern too.  I told you it was way at the bottom of the pile!  LOL! Her web site is www.angelfiredesigns.com
But it looks like she has gone off into art quilting now. I did not see pattern on her site anymore. Too bad, I love these ergonomic purses.
Lastly a matching coin purse from Anita Goodesign, an "in the hoop" project.
It attached with a caribeaner.
Someone is going to be all decked out next month!
You can see the difference in the two sizes.
I am thinking that a 3rd bag will be in the works very soon. Maybe something in between these two.
Just a few hints I will share if your thinking about making any of these for yourself...
She called for 8oz upholstery batting. I really have no idea just what that is, but I used a 3/4" extra high loft poly batting and a layer of Decobond in between my fabrics and it worked out great. I loaded my fabric on my long arm and quilted it before I cut out the pieces, but it would be easy enough to do on any machine though, if you cut pieces first, then quilt. Of course there is always that pre-quilted option, but the fabric choices seem very limited at times, and I think you need that little "extra" that the "Deco-bond" provides.
The pattern also calls for a 3.5" jute webbing for handles. I could not find anything like that around here, so I substituted a poly woven 2 1/2" instead. It just gives the handles a little different look.  Then of course, much longer for me!
Like I said, it is so easy to adapt this pattern with very little math skills. Don't have to be afraid to play around with it a bit.
And be sure to share your photos if you make one.
I would love to see what you did!
Happy travels!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Venti Bag

It sure seems that summer is in full swing here in the USA anyway. Blog land is sure quiet. Everyone must be out enjoying the sunshine.

I've been working of some future blog hop projects. Scary, that I am that far ahead of the game for once.  LOL!!  

Last week at our local sewing expo, I found a delightful pattern for a tote. Now, I am one with about a gazillion tote bags, so I usually don't even see patterns for them anymore, but this pattern for the Venti Tote Bag jumped out at me. Not only did I buy it, but I ran right home and stitched it up!  All in the same day. Now that's a record for me! 

It's huge and my mind started racing, over all the things I could put in it.
The bottom is a whopping 23" wide.
You know how big the seat of a chair is... and as big as my seat is, I just knew it would hold a LOT!!  LOL!
Being 20" high, it's a perfect bag for knitting, or fabric scraps, a beach bag...
Gheez, the ideas are endless.
This pattern is from Purse Strings.
You can find a link to it right HERE.
Actually, I was thinking it would be great in the trunk of a car to keep all your stuff organized, but it's too big for my car's trunk. If I only had that mini van yet, it would have been perfect!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Give a Way and...

Ahhhhh our Stamp blog hop is over, and it was so fun.  As I promised I am giving away this fun little pattern to none other than....


Just simply adore the moose and to make a trivet with it was a wonderful idea..thanks for the link. My favorite summer pastime I would ave to say, and don't laugh is eating all the wonderful fruits and veggies that we don't have during the winter months....just love it....have a great day.

None other than the fabulous Sharon!  Now you have to love someone, who likes eating her fruits and veggies!  Oh Sharon, I need to spend more time with you. My first thought was Chocolate and Cheesecake!  LOL!!!

I've sent you an email for your mailing info, and will get your pattern on it's way to you! Congratulations Sharon!

I just have to share!
get a load of this...
This is Goliat!
I really should be the spokes-person for IKEA. I just love that store.
The other day, while I was wandering thru the store, I spied this.
It's 16" square x 23" tall.
3 drawers that are about 5.5" tall each
I needed it in my home office, for office supplies, and it was the perfect height to fit under my printer...
which really needs cleared off, so I could actually print something.
(baby steps)
But as I was assembling it, it dawned on me.
What a perfect thread storage cabinet, or sewing supplies, or any of those things we all have scattered all over our sewing area.
Best yet it was only $39.95.
And it's on wheels.
My quiltin sista Ruth bought a couple of taller ones recently all her long arm thread stores in them perfectly.
Looks like another trip to IKEA is a must!
So wha-ta-ya say?
See ya there...
 Oh, and by the way, has anyone else noticed that we can still access our blog reading list thru blogger??? I thought it was going away on July 1?
I'm so confused!