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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shake Your Pom Poms Winner

The pom pom hop is over?  I'm so sad. This was just too much fun. What a great assortment of projects we got to see this past week! 

                             Hope I didn't shock too many with my girls.

I do have to give my evil quiltin sista a big round of applause for being  the driving force behind my project.  Like I told you before, she claims she had nothing to do with it...  But she found a U-Tube that's perfect for this.  Even suggested the gal wear the pom pom bikini!!


(Make sure you watch to the very end.  It's a riot!)

Now you tell me, if you think she is all that innocent, cause I for one, am not buying her story!  LOL!

                              Give-a-way time!

My Random.org tells me that...
BillieBee is the winner. Here is her comment.

Spring has Sprung. Thanks for the laughs with your pom poms. I agree it is a dirty trick to play on us. I'm still trying to figure out when it happened....giggle. I know I was just 19!!!!............now 66 and twice my size :( :( :)...it's all good.

Ah yes BillieBee, I too feel your pain!  LOL!  But hopefully this little pattern will brighten your day.

I've send an email to your for your mailing info, and will have it on it's way ASAP!
Thanks so everyone for visiting and leaving comments. To date this has been my most popular post and has received more comments than any thing in the past.
That's a big Whoop Whoop to you all!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My turn to shake...Pom Pom Blog Hop

I  hear Barbara Streisand singing...

Memories light the corner of my mind
Misty water color memories
Of the way we were...

Yes, the way we were.  What happened to those days?????  You blink, and your a victim of the horrible joke that life plays on us all!   LOL!!

One day we are sporting the baby oil and taking in the rays...

Then next, things have moved downward (they tell me it's gravity or some fool thing) and a bottle of SPF 50, so you don't sunburn. Ohhhhhhh, it's a lovely sight isn't it?     :-)

I just couldn't help myself, but use Amy Bradley's "All about me" one more time for this hop. My evil quiltin sista, came up with the idea of a pom pom bikini, although now she completely denies it!! Hummm...   have I finally managed to horrify her too?  LOL!!

                My reversible pillow tells it all. The sad story of my life!!
                   From the golden tan era to the cottage cheese thighs!  

It just wouldn't be the same without pom poms!
Do you suppose this is what Clover had in mind,
 when they made the pom pom maker? 
While I was on a pom pom kick, I decided to play with a little something else.

I love pin cushions...so the wheels started turning. I started with a wooden craft box from any hobby store. While I was working on the zillion pom poms it took to cover it, the memory of those tissue paper flowers,  started dancing in my head.  Those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's remember em. They were great big ones on sticks.  Hummm... the pom pom would make a fabulous center to a flower, now wouldn't it.

My really big pin cushion, has it's very own big pom pom flower. Since it's about 8" square and 18" tall, I shouldn't manage to loose it in my sewing room. Won't that be a nice change, for once.

 Let's have a give a way that reminds me of the spring, that hasn't managed to happen here yet!

Now this fun quilt, sure make me think of spring. If only Mother Nature would cooperate!
Leave me a comment and tell me if spring has sprung where you live.  On Monday April 30, the last day of our hop, I will pick a winner!
Please make sure you visit my fellow bloggers and check out their
Pom Pom Projects today!
 Remember there will be new posts weekdays til April 30th.
You won't want to miss any of em!

April 24

A big round of applause to our very special blog hop organizer, Thearica  from www.Pigtalesandquilts.com
She has put in hours of time getting this hop together for us to enjoy!
And the fabulous Madame Samm, who's visions keep us all in stitches...or I guess I should say, pom-poms this time!

Remember there will be new posts weekdays til April 30th.
You won't want to miss any of em!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh ratz a fratz

Do you Pinterest? I love Pinterest. This little guy I found while surfing,  this weekend is a great reason why. He is a free pattern from...


I was in the mood for a quick and easy little paper piecing project. So I printed it out and started to work. There were a lot of little pieces in this project. Much more involved than I am used to, but not difficult by any means.  I was so delighted to find that each section went together like clockwork. I'm feeling like I am on top of the paper piecing world!  :-)

Here is my little guy!
It was one of those ratz a fratz moments.  Does he look a little strange to you? 
I guess that's what happens when you print out something, while your printer is running dangerously low on ink.
I see his paw is in tree branch fabric and the branch... well that's wrong too.
and I was so excited about my progress too
Now, I know a real quilter would take it all apart to fix it.
Some might even throw it in a corner and forget it.
Trust me I considered those options. LOL!!
But for me, the queen of fusible applique. I cheated instead.
Who says you can't fix anything with fusible and some clear thread!
The little guy is all better now, but it's a good lesson on using proper tools.
Either have a photo of what your working on, or have ink in your printer so you can tell what your supposed to be doing!
I know someone out there is saying...
I told you so!
Ok, I understand now!
Grab this adorable free pattern and make one up for yourself.
And you can always follow me on Pinterest.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bonnie Hunter is my Hero aka Weed Wacker quilt

We all know that Bonnie is the queen of fabulous scrappy quilts.
This one is "Weed Wacker". It's another one of those I never shared with you.
When I think of Bonnie, I can't help but chant...
Bonnie is my Shepard, she makes me lie down with comfy quilts.
she challenges me to use up scraps
and throw caution to the wind
then savor all those "blasted" ugly fabrics we can't bear to throw away.
I guess you can say, she is my savior of sorts. She has saved me from spending tons and tons of money on things when I have them right under my nose!
Gosh... she's an ANGEL!!
Love ya Bonnie!
Now pay Bonnie a compliment and create your own Weed Whacker!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another one bites the dust!

Oh yeah baby, that song is running thru my head.

Another one bit the dust...  Project in Grocery Sack that is.

This is Blanket Toss from Mount Redoubt Designs.
It's a re-make from a past pattern, that I made years ago.
The beading on this, was a first for me.
I do love both of them, but the newest one sure has a punch of color.
There is just something about the bright batiks, that make my heart soar!
And I always marvel at just how much quilting, adds to a block!
Kind of make you want to have a snowball fight doesn't it!
With all the weather we have been getting around here, that might be an option for the rest of the year.
Where oh where did our spring go?
Although, I have to say, I took a trip with my quiltin sista, last weekend to the Pueblo quilt show, and the weather was marvelous. A real spring weekend.
One of my favorite things to do in Pueblo is take a stroll on the River Walk.
Is this just beautiful?
One would think it's a fabulous quilt, but...
It's actually a bronze statue.
A tribute to the Lakota Sioux Indian Women.
I have left some of the photos in their full size, so you can see the detail.
It is just stunning how real the beading and fabric looks.

I can't imagine how they manage to do this in Bronze.

But I can say, it is a fabulous work of art, something I will never achieve with my quilting.

Oh sigh, one can dream though!
Whether you love Inuit Alaska Natives, or the Native Lakota women.
They are both incredible tribes of hardy women, who do deserve the recognition!
You go girls, hardly seems fitting, but...
What can I say, other than you helped pave the way, for us women today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another PIG finish

I am delighted to have finally finished this little...ok maybe not so little project.
It was started so long ago, that I really can't even remember when. My guess is at least 8-9 years ago.

A similar quilt was hanging in our LQS and I just had to sign up for the class. At the time I probably had all of 3-4 quilts under my belt, so why not take on something with a zillion little pieces in it??? I really had no idea the value of a 1/4" seam at that time either. At least that's my guess, as I was finishing this up. LOL!! It's amazing that I was actually able to get it put together and have it come close to square. It's not, but who will ever know!   tee hee

The quilt is from Judy Martin's "Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts book.
I have to say, there are some fabulous quilts in this book. But it is not for the faint of heart! 
Don't you just love the scrappy look?
Once this bad boy was done, I jumped on my blog to take it off my PIGS list. Yippee, I get to remove a project from that list for once.
But... Horrors!  It wasn't on my list.
What the heck?  Apparently that drawer full of projects I found recently, never made it to the list.
Drat! My list is growning instead of shrinking?
That's just not right!
I am kind of in the mood, to actually finish stuff right now, so it's a "so long" to this project, and on to another.   I made sure the new one is actually on my list.
I can't wait to take something off it!