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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Easter Party Quilt-A-Long Block 4

Had to believe we are already at block 4.
 Do you realize you will be over 1/3rd the way thru
when this block is done? 

 This time it's egg cups.

It reminds me of the days when my dad sat at the kitchen table 
with his soft boiled egg in a cup.

We grew up eating soft boiled eggs, and I loved them.
But it's not something that I think to make anymore.

These little cups brought me back to my childhood for sure.

Our Island Batik fabrics for this block are from left to right...

111505101 from the Flower Fields Collection
111509193 from the Flower Fields Collection
111502107 from the Country Fair Collection
111512077 from the Flower Fields Collection
111517141 From the Country Fair Collection
111518113 From the Country Fair Collection
Almond from Neutrals

 All these little cups sit nicely on a background of "Vanilla" from the Neutrals group.
These little cups offer any number of ways to decorate them.
 I chose to again, cut out my little rosette and stitch around it...
And a little thread painting to get my dots.

Here is what we have so far!
 They play so well together.

It's never too late to join us...
You can find out all the information right 

Till next time!
Keep on stitchin'

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

There is something awe inspiring, when you attend a Memorial Day Service.

Just seeing all the flags lined up in the cemetery gives you something to ponder.

Today was a service for the Japanese Nisei (second generation) Americans.

My best friend of over 50 years, father was added to the wall this year.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Both of her parents treated me like a 3rd daughter.
What truly special people they were.

We heard stories of their war time experiences, from generations before us.
It was a very moving tribute to all Nisei.
My husband is 3rd generation Sansei.
My boys are 4th generation Yonsei.
There is so much history for them to learn.
As for me, I'm blessed to have been able to marry into such a rich culture.
I miss my in-laws every day.
My mother-in-law is on the "Women's Memorial'" in Washington DC.
She was an Army Air-WAC during WW2.
Such a humble woman. She never told anyone about it.
Friends found out quite by accident, while visiting the memorial.

The Boy Scouts did a wonderful job of helping with the event today. 
Escorting everyone, lending a hand where ever they could.
Even providing water for everyone.

The saddest moment for me was knowing that John and Helen
never got to see their great grandchild. 
But your in all our hearts!

I do hope that you were able to take a few minutes out of your day
to remember those who fought so valiantly, for our freedom.

It Must Have Been the Rain

She must have not been able to get out and do anything else...

Yep...it's me Maynard, again.

I'm happy to report that my brothers and sisters have all escaped the dreaded project bag that we were held captive in for months.

I don't care if it was rain, sleet or snow or what, we are finally free!

Let me introduce the rest of the clan, to you.

Cousin Miles
(He's the book worm of the gang)

Cousin Matilda
(Waltzing ain't her game,
no matter what she tries to tell ya!)

Brother Melvin
(He's our soul brother)

Crazy Maverick
(name says it all)

Cuz...Moon Pie
(the cool guy)

Sister Margaret
(she's a wanna-be Moon Pie)

Uncle Munroe
(a bit of a dreamer...just because your named Munroe, 
don't mean you know everything about the moon)

Auntie Mabel
(her full time job is keeping Uncle Munroe in line)

Mad Dog...
(don't let that innocent face fool you)

Brother Murphy
(he think's he invented the Murphy bed)
Please ignore my eye roll!

 Last be not least, the lovely Ms Melinda
(the sweetest gal around)

And just when we thought life couldn't get any better...
I think we are going to be quilted up soon too.
She actually stitched backing together for us!

I know some wanted to know about us.
We are "Northern Exposure" from the Red Boot Quilt Company.
You can find the link to the pattern 

Yours truly,
Maynard the Moose

PS: Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and remember those who have given their all
to keep us safe here at home.
We salute you and your families!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


You over there.   Yeah, you!

Maynard the Moose here!
I gotta make this quick, cause if mom finds out
I'm on her computer...she is not going to be happy!

She's had us stuffed in a bag for at least 6 months now.
I was able to escape, but there are 11 more of my brothers 
and sisters in there yet.

If you don't see me, or the rest of my clan soon, 
you may need to send help.
She might need an intervention of some kind!

Just sayin!!!!

PS: Congratulations to the winner of her "Meet a Quilter" give a way, over at FunThreads.

She's got your pattern all ready to send out when she gets your mailing info.
On a personal note... that's a pretty cool name  Meinred. Sounds a lot like Maynard!
You have great taste, if I say so myself.
Rats, gotta go... I hear her coming!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Easter Party Quilt-A-Long Block 3


Here we are, sailing along with Block #3

 How Egg-citing!
It's all about the "Egg" this week.
The background for this beauty is "Whip Cream", from the Island Batik Neutral Collection.
Can we say...yummmmmmmy!

 Here, is where you can break out your decorative stitches on your machines.
Or for those who love hand embroidery...it's perfect!
On my rosette I choose to cut out the center design. It's tedious work, but it gives it a nice look.
Of course the sky is the limit, if you have an embroidery machine, a tiny little 
bunny or chick embroidered would be "sew" darn cute.

Let me share a little secret with you...
Have you ever had a darker fabric show thru a lighter one, when your appliqueing?
You can thread paint to camouflage it!
I've added some, to all my eggs, making sure that it's on the same side on each one.
Think about your light source...it needs to be consistant.

We have added a couple new colors this week.
Cause more is better!

Left to right...
111504144 from the Country Fair Collection
111502107 from the Country Fair Collection
111517075 from the Flower Fields Collection
111505165 from the Flower Fields Collection
111517141 from the Country Fair Collection
111505100 from the Flower Fields Collection
Almond from the Neutrals Collection

 And here is what we have completely so far!
I love it!

New colors...new threads!
Best eye candy around.

Jump on in and join us.
You can read all about it right

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Thanks Amy, for another fabulous Quilt Festival.
You know we just can't wait, for it to roll around.

I've been busy as a beaver the past few days trying to get my
entry finished in time.

Whew!  Made it with just hours to spare.

My entry in the "Scrappy" category, is my 
Quilt Show BOM from 2014.

A-Z for Ewe and Me
by Janet Stone

This one called my name for quite awhile, before I took the plunge and renewed my membership.
I looked at it for months, then threw caution to the wind and jumped in.

This is just something about all the blocks that I couldn't shake.

and that border, that just make it pop!

But these adorable little lambs...
They got me hook, line, and sinker.

Here I am working away on it, at our quilt retreat last month.
I actually put the wine away when I worked on this one!
If you've read my blog...you know what trouble we got into with the wine!
The true sign of a wildly successful retreat.
(And I know the others agree)

I had all the blocks together when I left.

What a great stash buster this was. The only fabric I bought 
was the dark blue for the border. Don't you just love it, 
when you actually shop your stash?

Oh and that little machine that was using at retreat...
That's the one I quilted the entire quilt on.
This 68" x 87" quilt, is just shy of double size.
It's was a first for me, to attempt something this large.
And what fun it was!

Thanks for visiting the MooseStash, and feel free to drop in anytime!

 Enjoy the rest of the hop.

I know you'll find some incredible talent right...  
That's bound to capture your heart!
Thanks again Amy, your the best.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meet a Quilter

Carol over at "Fun Threads" invited me over for a chat today.
For those who know me...
there's nothing I like better than 
yammering away over quilting of some kind!

I talked a little about this...

And  a little about that...

And of course how much fun this was!

These boys took over part of my interview!

Can you imagine...
It was supposed to be all about me!

But they have a give a way for you.
Hop over to Fun Threads to see what it's all about.

Thanks Carol for inviting me over!
It was great chatting with you.