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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Call Me Crazy Sew It-Show It Challenge Day 4


Today we wrap up our "Crazy"  with these four fabulous bloggers!
  • Carol shared a project that drove her crazy, but is really crazy fun!
  • Bea went crazy, with her crazy quilt die from Accuquilt,.and shared so many fun projects.
  • Raewyn delighted us with a beautiful quilt she managed to find time to work on while attending a whole herd of the sweetest baby cows! 
  • Joy made me almost shoot coffee out my nose reading her post today and I bet there isn't one of us, who hasn't been in the same boat!  LOL!! I'm rooting for you Joy. One of these days, you will get er done!
It's hard to believe we have run out of craziness! Or at least folks willing to share their tales with us!
I do hope this challenge has inspired you to get out of your comfort zone
 and enjoy a little crazy, yourself. You always have a support team here.

You can find the complete schedule HERE.

All the projects for this hop can be found on our Pinterest page HERE, as well.

As we wrap up this challenge, remember...

Next month Carol is hosting...

The Challenge...

Make anything dog or vintage related. Sew your project with dog themed fabric or applique/embroidery of dogs. As an added challenge if dogs don’t ring your bell, think vintage. Vintage blocks, quilts, fabrics or whatever old designs make you happy.

If haven't signed up and want to join in, you better hurry, there are just a few spots available! Drop Carol an email and let her know.

We round out our favorite time of the year with these hops...

Join in on the fun!

The Challenge...

Sew and share something scary, not scary, or something in between. If it’s Halloween related you know we will love it!

The Challenge...

Think turkeys, thankfulness or Thanksgiving fabric. November also means beautiful colors of fall, so sew something with oranges, golds, brown, greens or cranberry reds.

The Challenge...

Recipes are optional. You can share or not. Tell us about your Christmas traditions. Show off your Christmas decorations/tree. Spill your funny Christmas stories. If it’s about Christmas, we want to hear about it.

 til next time...

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Call Me Crazy Sew It- Show It Challenge Day 3


  • Turid has been busy with her charming fabric bowls and crazy quilt pin cushions, but her 1/4" hexi quilt with 17,000 pieces has blown me away. You just have to see it to believe it.
  • Carol gets the award for being even crazier than me. LOL!! I'm not sure that's anything to brag about, but wow, she has been super crazy with all her projects. Us "crazy" quilters just need way more hours in our day, don't we?
  • Sharon and Susan our creative team from Ms P Designs USA each rocked the crazy with their projects that had to be shelved because life got in the way! We all know that feeling way to well.
  • Moira took a challenge to the limits, with a crazy idea that came out with spectacular results. Way to go!
  • Joi, my guest blogger and long time friend, took on her biggest challenge so far. Best yet, her cousin joined in on the fun and those two girls along with some great travel opportunities, got their quilts done in record time 

Tomorrow we wrap up all the crazy fun with these fabulous bloggers 

You can find the complete schedule HERE.

All the projects for this hop can be found on our Pinterest page HERE, as well.

 til next time...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Call Me Crazy Challenge Hop

Today I'm hosting a guest post. Joi is a good friend of mine, who has stitched for many years. This year she took on her biggest challenge yet. Here's her story...

If Quilt Town USA was only a two- hour drive from where you were staying….you’d be CRAZY not to go, right?  Since I was visiting my cousin in Iowa and she’d never been there, off we went to check out the Missouri Star Quilt Company shops….definitely a quilter’s Happy Place!

In and out of shops we went trying not to buy everything we saw! Sigh.  But this jewel tone Fat Quarter bundle caught my eye…had to have it….CRAZY not to buy it! You know that feeling, right?

At the same time, a quilt on the wall caught Meryem’s eye…said it looked like “sprinkles.”  We snatched up that pattern in a flash. What a perfect match! Then we came up with the CRAZY idea of us each making this same quilt together! I would return to Iowa from Colorado after pre-cutting all the fabric. 

Meryem’s fur baby, Sebastian, showed not much excitement when she told him I was coming back.

But, when it came time to get to work, he was right there with Meryem supervising!

After three days of piecing, I got 168 blocks done, each measuring 8” square!  Quite a challenge for me to make my biggest quilt ever, 96” x 112”.  Meryem made hers just a little smaller.

Back home in Colorado, piecing of blocks together started….

….and placement of color was challenging, but I kept at it.

Meryem finished her piecing in no time after I left.  I swear she had it done before I got off the plane back in Denver! LOL

Meryem quickly sent her “Sprinkles” quilt off to be quilted by Cindy Swanson (CampusTshirtQuilt.com). She did an amazing job!  I’d be CRAZY not to have her do mine.

 I did first ask my long-time and good friend Joan (Host of this Blog) to quilt this quilt for me and she was more than happy to do it….but the quilt size was just few inches too wide for her long arm machine. Bummer! So off I mailed my quilt back to Iowa (that was a CRAZY idea in itself, but it made it) where Cindy took on my project.

And the CRAZY excitement continued when Meryem drove from Iowa to Colorado (all in one day!) for a week’s vacation here; and, of course, she brought my “Sprinkles” quilt with her. Talk about being overly thrilled to see my quilt again with an added thread color that brought it so much more character! 

It didn’t take me long get to the sewing machine to attach the binding.

Tah-dahhhh! Here we are with our finished “Sprinkles” quilts!!! Thank you Joan for taking this photo in your beautiful backyard.

Did I do that?  I’m still not believing that one little trip with my cousin Meryem took us on this CRAZY but wonderful quilting journey together! It showed me that you can handle any big and challenging project with the help of fellow quilters, that you are never alone when it comes to figuring out a pattern, looking for fabric or sharing a seam ripper.
Call us all CRAZY, but we love cutting up yards of fabric, sewing them together and then seeing a beautiful creation come to life!

Now hop on over and visit today's bloggers

Wednesday August 23

 Den syende himmel

Just Sew Quilter

Ms P Designs USA

Quilted Snail

MooseStashQuilting Guest Post (your here)

You can find the complete schedule HERE.

All the projects for this hop can be found on our Pinterest page HERE, as well.

til next time...
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Call Me Crazy Sew It-Show It Challenge Day 2

Day two brought is so much more craziness and a big dose of inspiration, too!

  • Karrin dazzled us with her incredible crazy stitching. So many beautiful things to see, but I am in love with her pouch with the whale on it.
  • Kris showed us a peek at a new tutorial coming up on "Fracturing". Oh, it's pretty cool, you have to check it out.
  • Julia rocked my world today with her super fun Bubble Tea (boba) quilt. I purchased the pattern as soon as I saw it. 
  • Sharon always delights me with her scrap quilting, and now I know she loves the Ghastlies as well. You just can't go wrong with Ghastlies!
  • Jocelyn put those fun selvages to a good use and showed us a super cute pin cushion from a mans shirt cuff!
Tomorrow these bloggers are sharing their stories with us!

You can find the complete schedule HERE


You can see all our projects for this hop on our Pinterest Board HERE 

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Call Me Crazy Sew It-Show It Challenge Day 1


What a great kick off we had for this challenge today.

  • Selena took the cake with crazy, I think. Some days it just doesn't pay to volunteer for anything. LOL!! Her tree skirt is beautiful, though. I'm hoping she doesn't have to make more than one of them, or we may never see her again. 
  • Gail shared her crazy quilted book cover made from her delicious Island Batik fabrics. They really do make projects sing!
  • Charlene got my attention with her fusible applique Unicorn quilts. They are absolutely adorable and well they are done in my favorite method of quilting. :-)
  • Beth blew my mind with the spectacular quilt she came up with when given a bag of some t-shirts and PJ bottoms to work with. This is definitely one I need to remember when my turn comes around to make a memory quilt.
  • I shared my "My Favorite Things" monster quilt that my grandies have claimed and taken over as theirs now. 💕I have added a note to my original post. Red Boot Quilt Company announced they will be adding part of the pattern to their free page this week.
It was a great day, wasn't it?

Tomorrow these bloggers with be sharing their "Crazy" with us

Tuesday August 22

Karrin’s Crazy World




Happy Cottage Quilter

You can find the complete schedule HERE


You can see all our projects for this hop on our Pinterest Board HERE

I had  a big boo-boo moment this morning. I accidently published my unfinished guest blog post, instead of saving it and it went out in an email already. I have taken it down and finished the post. I do apologize for that. I do hope you visit her post on Wednesday, now that it's complete.

Some days just make me...well CRAZY!

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Call me Crazy Challenge Blog Hop

Go ahead and say it, I really think I am crazy most days!
Most of you know, I'm a scrap-a-holic!
I can't bear to throw them away. I know there's a quilt in there somewhere, so into a tote, box or bag they go.
This was my batik bin, which was overflowing, so it was time to find a good scrappy pattern to work on. Bells went off in my head...
Last year Toni over at "Red Boot Quilt Company" hosted  a year long free BOM that I fell in love with. Lots of fun little blocks that were a the perfect scrap buster. 
All 121 blocks worth, not including the border blocks. That was another 98 blocks!
This is "My Favorite Things"
It's a biggie. My son and his wife are my "quilt holders" and they are both 6' tall and barely tall enough to hold it up. LOL!! 
In usual fashion, Sweet Pea claimed it as hers as soon as she saw it.
It is a fun giant "eye spy" kind of quilt for the little ones.
Even little man, got in on the fun.

So, did it make me crazy to stitch?
Nope, it was crazy fun to scrap bust my way thru that tote of batiks, as well as my wall of fabric.
 I am not even going to lie to you. This was taken when my room was cleaned up, and it does NOT look that way 99.9% of the time. 
Crazy as it sounds, this big quilt, didn't even seem to make much of a dent in that wall of fabric either.

As for Red Boot Quilt Company... they have the cutest and "Happy Quilts" that I have ever seen.  Toni usually hosts a year long "free" BOM, but she has been suffering from long haul Covid for a quite some time, so she did not have one this year. She has started reworking this giant and making it into 2 quilts.
"Love and Hope" and "Dreams and Wishes"
They will be available on her website as soon as she gets them finished up. NOTE:she posted on Facebook that she will have one of them up on her free page this week sometime.
You can visit her Here and see all the adorable "Happy Quilts" she has to offer and some fun freebies as well.
Keep an eye on her website or Facebook group, to see if she hosts one next year. My fingers are crossed, she has been working on some adorable things, one is Sloths, happy dance! You might want to sign up for her emails, so you don't miss anything!

Thank you for visiting my craziness today...now hop on over and visit my fellow bloggers and see what's been driving them crazy!

Monday August 21

MooseStashQuilting (your here)

Selina Quilts

Quilting Gail

Just Because Quilts

Words & Stitches

You can find the complete schedule HERE.

All the projects for this hop can be found on our Pinterest page HERE, as well.

 til next time...

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Monday, August 14, 2023

Call Me Crazy August Challenge Blog Hop

We are one week away from the August Challenge. 
This month we asked our bloggers to sew, something that you wouldn't normally sew or share something you can't believe you sewed. We all know that crazy and scary feeling of wondering what we were thinking, when we started or were in the middle of sewing something out of our comfort zone.

Monday August 21

So make sure you join in on the craziness, heck you might even find your a little crazy yourself. 
You know we love it when we are all in the same boat!
See you all next Monday.

 til next time...

 Keep on Stitchin'

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