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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wonder where I've been?

Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

But I haven't managed to sew much either.

You see, a trip to IKEA ended up with this... Guess that is why hubby hates for me to shop!  LOL!

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a place to walk!
This old kitchen and family room was about to get a big makeover.
Might have been nice if I would have cleared the counters for it's swan song photo, right!

The sky is falling...
The walls are going...
To make way
Added back a wall or two
Put a hole in the ceiling over the fireplace!
And we are ready to roll...

Things are starting to look a little different now.
Here is what it looks like this morning. The doors go on today.
The pantry is done accept the knobs
I do love all my storage.
Like I said, I haven't sewn much, but I did steal away a few hours this past weekend, to work on my swap table runner for the Picnic Tables with Style swap!

Yes, it's about to go in the mail to my secret swap partner.
And with only a few days to spare.
The only other project I have managed to work on is a quilting project for my cousin. My long arm started acting up and ended up in the shop for repair.
While I knew I should stop, I didn't and needless to say what took me 2 hours to put in, ended up taking 3 days to rip out!   ARRRRGH, don't you love it when you know you are wrong and continue anyway? 
Enough said on that little project.
I'll tackle that again when the house is done!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For the Birds is over! I'm so sad...

But we sure did all have fun. So much inspiration and so many talented bloggers who shared with us all.  Gheez, are we great or what!

Now I promised that I would have a give a way, and that is just what I am doing.

                                Soooooo drum roll please!

Random.org tell me...


Love the whimsical birds. They are terrific.
I'm new to quilting, but have used a part of a pattern to make a mini quilt.
Thanks for the chance to win.


Yes, Scrapbook-ChickADoodle is my winner!  Really now, this must have been destiny. With a name like Chick A Doodle, you have to win the Bird Hop prize!
I have sent you an email for your mailing info, and these patterns will be on their way to you!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
With this party over, we can look forward to the next one. 

Finally, I think spring has sprung across the US anyway, and most of us are thinking about flowers now!  That's a big finally too, have we ever seen so much snow so late in the year?

While I can't give you too much info, I can name drop, and tell you that Madame Samm and I have had our heads together. :-)  There is a hop or two coming up, that I will be cheerleader for.
So if that just doesn't scare you to death, consider pulling out the stops and doing something crazy for them...
Remember a great day starts with a good laugh!
Till then...

Monday, May 13, 2013

For the Birds Blog Hop

Something to "crow" about!
This "Raven says Hello"!
Which happens to be the name of this fun little guy.
The pattern is from Cindy Shake Designs in Anchorage Alaska.
 Then there are those trouble makers below!
 (humble appologies for the photo quality, my house is torn up and
is no place big enough to hang it right now)
They say that birds of a feather flock together!
Yes, they sure do.
Specially these wild and wacky ones.
Trouble... each and every one of em.
Guess that's why they suggest they "NEVER" flock together

This wild and wacky quilt pattern was designed by 3 sisters in Colorado.
I borrowed the pattern and returned it before I noted  the information on it. I have not been able to locate anything online either.
So sorry!
I used this pattern a few years back for a Halloween costume.
It's kind of fun to think outside the box
And scare the be-geebers out of everyone!
Guess what?
I just bought a new magazine the past weekend, with the cutest bird quilt in it.
Too bad there was just no time...

I'm thinking you all need to run out and grab up this magazine,
before it "flys" off the shelf!
A big round of applause might be in order, but all that noise would scare the birds away for sure. So a soft and gentle, heart felt thanks to 2 special gals.
Mary, from Ipiece2-Mary.blogspot.com, who has gathered this flock together and spent countess hours, on a wire making sure everything ran smoothly, and that wild and wacky Madame Samm, whom without, none of us would exist.
We love both you girls!  You make the world a better place!
Give a way you say?
I have a two-fer for you.

I love the Wander 'N Roam pattern. Would it not just be too much fun, with bird silhouettes appliqued on top?
And the little cell phone case...why it's "Flying Geese" of course.
Leave me a comment, telling me how you have used a quilt pattern for something else.
You know we all learn thru each others ideas!
I will pick a winner tomorrow, the final day of the hop.
It all seems like it's over way too soon doesn't it?
Please make sure you stop by and visit my fellow bloggers today.
I know they are waiting with some adorable things to share.
Tuesday, May 14
My favorite birdie photo!
It's a little grainy, it had my telephoto lens at it's max
but isn't he beautiful?
Another one of those Alaska marvels!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilters Favorites Linky Party

I just love "Hidden Wells" quilts. I couldn't think of a better thing to share for the...

         As few as 5 fabrics and your on your way to a fun adventure.

These 2 quilts are made of the exact same fabrics.
The order of the fabric in the strip sets are not the same.
Don't you love how different they come out?

Mary Ellen Hopkins was the creator of this lovely pattern, but her book is long out of print, and none seem to be  available anywhere. I turned to the Internet for some information, and found a few tutorials.

                   A "Ghastlie" version for the special Halloween touch!
Thru that process, I decided to photograph every step in detail and share some of techniques I used to make things easier for me.

Here is the link

The wilder and wackier they are, the more fun you have!
You can combine it with any kind of pattern to make each and every quilt unique!
Just 1/4 yard of 5 fabrics will get you all this!
And the best part is the crazier the combination, the greater the results.

These are some photos are from a class I taught. Each and everyone were so different.
Best yet, no one went home in tears!!
Oh happy dance!
I do hope I have inspired you to go to your stash, pull out the weirdest, wildest and wackiest combo and give it a try.
Please be sure to share your results with us all!
I must share this warning with you though. The "surgeon general" has declared them very addicting. Like "chips" you can stop at one!
OK, maybe the "surgeon general" didn't have anything to do with this, and they won't harm your health,  but...
you know what I mean.
Questions, questions.
Favorite Designer
Well, my favorite quilt designer has to be McKenna Ryan.
Her love of the outdoors and portrayal of wildlife is just uncanny.
Color Scheme
Successful color scheme... Lime green, pink and purple.
Heck when you get old, the sky is the limit!
Free tutorials...
Sure just check the links on the right hand side of my blog.
Sewing machines
I've got a lot of em, but hands down my favorite is my little Bernina 220.
It's a work horse, and great to taking to classes. It's got hours and hours on it, and never lets me down. Love the solid build of all metal parts too. Makes me feel like it's made to last.
Yes my baby is customized.
Moosestashquilting has to have a moose machine.
The photo was taken in Alaska a few years back at my son's place.
Fabric storage
I have all my fabrics in yardages folded and wrapped around 7 1/2"x11" pieces of cardboard. I keep it on shelves that make it easy to see.
Note: You can buy nice plastic ones, from Polar Notions, but
JoAnns Fabrics will give you empty bolts and you get about 4 pieces from each.
I myself prefer to have the extra $$$ to spend on more fabrics!
But for those smaller pieces...
I've found a CD rack, is the perfect solution.
I tried the tote method, but
I need my fabrics visible or I tend to buy things I don't need.
Now, I am off to "Learn" what others have to share...
Ohhh do I love our blogging world.
A big thanks to Geta for bringing all of us together.
I've said it once and I'll say it again...
Nothing beats the friends I've made in blogland!
Have fun and keep on stitchin!