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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Just for Cookin' in the Kitchen

Are you in need for a quick holiday gift, or just something fun?
These potholders are perfect for cookin' in your kitchen.
This trio of holiday favorites, are quick and easy to whip up for the special day.

They are just one of the fun projects from...
You can find it as a digital download
(affiliate link)

It's not too late to add a special little something to your holiday gift giving!

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Virtual Cookie Exchange

I love this time of the year!
Especially when Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt" hosts her 
Virtual Cookie Exchange.
After all, virtual cookies may well be the only way to keep the calorie
 count down, during the holiday season!
 I'm sharing these absolutely decadent "Cheesecake" stuffed cookies.
You know...like a couple of chocolate chip cookies aren't enough calories!
You can find the recipe 
I have to admit...this time (oh ya...there have been others),
I cheated a bit and used a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough, 
 we bought from a school fundraiser.
I'm a lazy cook, and that is definitely the way to go.
Just slice it and roll it out nice and flat on wax paper. 
You add your cheesecake filling and top with another flat cookie.
You'll want to lightly pinch the edges together, but then you will carefully form it
into a ball. That's the important part.
You want them in a ball so they don't spread all over the cookie sheet.
 It takes a little practice, but you will be whipping them up quickly,
 before you know it! 
Probably too quickly for your hips and thighs!
What better way to gift these cookies, but in this fun holiday bucket...
...from the Wooden Bear Quilts Designs
I've had this book awhile now, but when I went to find it online,
 I was surprised to see it's on clearance for only $2.
If you want a copy...
you better grab it while you can
I bet they won't last long at that rate!
I used the tote bag/pillow pattern in the book to make this fun holiday throw!

I think my favorite AccuQuilt Go die, has to be rick-rac.
There is just to much you can do with it.
Check it out

A couple of years ago, someone shared a recipe for "thin mints"
 made with "Ritz" crackers.
I know I've asked before, but I can't remember who it was...
I just want to let you know, they are absolutely the bomb!
I made some for an "Elks" lodge fundraiser and a plate of 14 cookies sold for $35.
I made 6 plates of them, so it brought in over $200. Is that just too crazy???
Everyone loved them and what a great way to  support the community.

Now check out my fellow bloggers, for what's cookin' in their kitchen.
It could become your new all time favorite!
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Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Time For All Seasons-December

We are rapidly finishing up "A Time For All Seasons".
Carol has pulled out the stops for the Christmas season.
We are loving each and every one of them too!
Have you laid out all your blocks yet?
You know just to see them all together.
If so, your quilt will start looking something like this.
I've changed my mind on colors more than once...
and I'm not loving all the white backgrounds, especially so close together.
So, I'm going to get busy and remake some of my blocks before
I stitch them all together.
We are loving, seeing your blocks.
How about showing us your layout.

Don't forget to share your blocks on our Facebook page
We have sponsors who are providing fabulous monthly prizes.

Here's the schedule for this year...

April Bonus
May Bonus 
Sew Incredibly Crazy

See you next month, when Amy shares her incredible finish!

til next time...
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thanksgiving Turkey Dash and...Coming in 2020

While we are busy making our plans and
 thinking about what we are really thankful for,
there's something that isn't so thrilled, I guess one might say.
This oh so cute pattern, is from my friend Carol, over at "Just Let Me Quilt",
She's an incredible designer, with a "wicked" eye for humor.
What's not to love about that?
There's still time to get him stitched up, so check out the pattern

If you've followed me for very long, you know that I love to laugh.
Laughter makes the world go round and releases so much stress.
Sounds a whole like quilting doesn't it?

As I sit and listen to the news and see what's happening globally,
 it's easy to let that stuff get you down.
Pardon my little segway...
With the start of the new decade, I'm starting each day with a laugh,
 and you can all be a part of it too!

I'm officially announcing a "daily dose of giggles"!
Every morning when the alarm goes off, our local radio DJ's
are talking about what silly holiday it is.
They are so darn funny on the radio, that I had to "Google" it!
 Did you know there are websites with calendars of silly holidays?

Something has been rattling around in the back of my head for years.
 I wanted to make a bunch of little mini quilts that I could put in a basket
 and flip through when the spirit moved it.
The "EUREKA" moment hit me!
I'm going to make a small (8"x10") quiltie for every silly holiday day of the year.

It's a tall order and there is a lot of planning happening right now.
I don't expect any of you to be as crazy as me...
but you can join in any time.
Big, small, frequent, occasionally...share your glorious giggly projects and 
make everyone's day!
This will be taking place mostly on "Instagram" but I will have weekly posts 
right here on my blog. (I'm hoping I can remember how to add a linky bar, 
so you can share your posts with us all)
There will be prizes, and promises of lots of laughs.
I'm using the hashtags of 
So help make 2020 a year to remember.
Feel free to grab my button and share away.
I'd love to hear your ideas!
til next time...
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Monday, November 18, 2019

A Piece Of Blog Hop

You don't want to miss the final week of the 
"Island Batik" A Piece Of blog hop.

Monday November 18
Tuesday November 19
Wednesday November 20

Besides the incredible new lines my my fellow ambassadors have to share
"Island Batik" is having a give away.
The very line I used in my monthly challenge!
Hop right on over and check things out!

til next time...
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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Stitch It and Gift It blog hop

Welcome to my day of the "Stitch It and Gift It" blog hop.
I'd like to give a big shout out to Carla, our hostess with the mostess.
Thanks to you, I'm ready to give.
And that's a great feeling!
I'm working a little backwards, for this hop.
You see, I was "gifted" a wonderful set of  "Tool Time" fabrics 
designed by Bernie, for "Blank Quilting".
(Her mother in law was at a quilt retreat with me a couple of years)
My retreat gals knew I would love these fabrics and they were not wrong.
While I was pondering what to do for this hop, I looked up and saw them
 on the shelf and...the rest is history, as they say.
Part of the line included a soft baby book.
Each page filled with bright and fun tool designs.
This became my starting point!
Next, I needed a baby quilt to go along with it.
Giving credit where credit is due,
Last month during the Nifty Novelties blog hop, 
"Quilted Delights" posted a quilt that was perfect for my project.
You can see that post
It's a great way to use all these fun fabrics.
I adapted it a bit, to use a border row of tool pouches.
Check out this backing print. It's a toss up what side I like best!
What a great gift for a new little guy...
...or girl, there will be no stereotyping here!
I was given a yard of each of these fabrics, so there was plenty left!
What to do, what to do???
Loving the tool border print, I made a tool bag.
I still have nightmares of stepping on Lego's in the middle of the night.
While this won't make anyone actually put them into it, 
it might make it more fun to do so, anyway!
But, there are buttons and drawstrings to close the bag. That isn't something 
you would want to give a baby, so....
...this is becoming a gift that keeps on growing with a child.
These burrito pillowcases are always a hit.
And so easy to make.
There are loads of free instructions online.
My favorite is
Of course the best way to show off these "tooling" fun prints, is with this sweet
"Funky Friends Factory" bear.
I love Pauline's adorable soft toys. 
Even if your not familiar with sewing soft toys, she's got tutorials and videos,
that walk you through the process.
Check it out 
I've got a great gift for that special someone, when I need it now.
Can you believe I still have some fabric left.
Not a lot of any of it, but I betting you can come up with some ideas
 of what to add to this.
This has sparked me and now I need to go shopping for something with pink in it.
(OK, so maybe I do stereotype just a little bit)
I like having "ready to gift" things on hand. What about you?
You will want to visit my fellow bloggers today and get a peek at their "gifty" ideas.
MooseStashQuilting  (your here)
For the complete schedule click
til next time...
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