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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drum Roll Please

After looking thru literally hundreds of photos, I have started to narrow down those that I want to use. And those that I need to find negatives for and get prints, to scan into my computer. This is definately the most difficult part of the project. The "Apples" on this page are my sons who are now 25 and 27. My how time flies.

I started out with a very simple layout for this page and basic stitching. Hope this gets your creative juices rolling. We will be adding more fun things as we go.

A few things I want to share with you is that when you are stitching, you will want to do that before you attach it to the Peltex, or it will make an indent that will be seen of the other side of the page. Not the look I was going for. So I stitch on my background fabric and have it entirely done before fusing it on to the Peltex. Another little tip I have found is that if your sewing room is like mine, little threads seem to come from no where. Those little threads will show thru on a light colored background if your not careful. I have cut down on this problem, by vacuuming my cutting table just before cutting the Peltex. I then right away cut my fusible and attach it to each side of the Peltex and leave the paper on it until I am ready to attach the completed page. I found this to be the easier way to deal with threads.

You will also notice in the photo that there is a faint line running down the right side of the page. This is actually a chalk like that I drew, so I knew where the side tab for binding the pages will fall when the book is complete. When I get the reverse side of the page done, I will be stitching a straight line stitch down this line to get that little indent so the pages will turn nicely. I am planning to also to a nice satin stitch around the page once both sides are done to finish it off. For now the reverse side will be left blank. It will eventually be the opening page of the book with a dedication of some sort. I would love to have a current family photo taken for this page also, but 3 guys who have no desire for a family portrait! Hummm. I will just wait until our vacation in October. We are taking a cruise and they always take photos of you getting on the ship. It tricks them every time. :-)

Happy Stitchin!!

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  1. Your A is for Apple page looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for B.

    Good job.


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