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Friday, February 13, 2009

I finished my table runner for Feb yesterday. I have to tell you, it
was not my favorite pattern when I first saw it. But then I
remembered that 2 foot tall pile of nickels that I have been swapping
for a couple of years now. So I decided to just get them out and
start to use them. I was stunned at how much fun it was to watch this
come together as I was working on it. I even used a new pantograph
that I had been wanting to play with on it.

One of the lessons I am finding in life is that it is way to easy to
say "I don't like that". Last year I got motivated to loose weight. I
used that ole "I don't like that" saying a hundred times when they
had me eat different foods than I was used to. After all, I did love
the brownies and cookies that replaced my main meals most the time.
Well, surprisingly enough, I found that they really were not as bad
as I was sure they would be. I have found that I do really like, or
I can say "LOVE" grapefruit now, and yes I do love this nickel
patchwork table runner. Even the ric-rac tickles me!

Life is sure a growth experience isn't it? I hope you can open your minds
to all the possibilites life has to offer. The journey is a wonderful one,
and the results will stun you too, I promise!

May your days be filled with wonderful possibilities!

This runner is a free pattern found here:

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