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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quilters tote bag

This week was a busy one. I attended two classes. The first one was the Blooming 9 Patch class which yielded a beautiful quilt top that needs some borders yet. I'll post that when it is done.

The second one was with our little quilt group yesterday. We made a tote bag that is large enough to carry our mats to class and all of our supplies in one bag. This monster is 26" wide and 21" tall. There are a ton on pockets inside and we added even more pockets on the outside. Gail our "great" instructor for the day even had us add little tabs to the top of the sides so if we are carrying anything tall in them, we can velcro them down at the top keeping them from flopping out as we carry the bag. She has such great vision, which was a "must" when it came to constructing these things. The pattern was very hard to follow. The instructions were poorly written at best. This would have definately been a UFO in my stash, had I not had Gail's help putting this together. I'm no pattern designer myself, but WOW, this one needed some help. One of the funniest things, was when the pattern called for us to cut 26', yes foot, long pockets. Now who's got a car that can handle a 26 foot long bag????? :-) :-) Half of us had patterns that called for 2 pockets on the inside, which was needed, and the other half had patterns that called for 1. I was a 1 person! Bless Gail for trudging thru making her bag, and sharing her learning experiences with the rest of us. We ended the day by stitching up the cute little carrying bags for all our sewing supplies out of the scraps. A big thanks to Gail for a wonderful day and a successful finish to this very useful bag. I can hardly wait to fill it with my supplies for next weeks class.

Colorado Quilt Council is bringing in Karla Alexander. I am taking a class for her "Bent out of Square" quilt. We need 60, 9" squares of assorted Batiks. From what I can tell, we stack them, chop them up, shuffle up the pieces and stitch back together. Looks very intersting. The lines are slightly curved, so I look forward to learning some new techniques and tips. I can hardly wait, and will keep you posted.

May you conquer "your" challenges!


  1. Hi, I love your bags and your moose fabric and applique. Do you have the name, company of the fabric. I need to make a quilt for some friends that have moose come into their "yard" quite a bit. I think it would be a bit of a joke to use some in their quilt. Thanks for any help you can give. rball2006@sbcglobal.net

  2. This is a Debbie Mumm fabric that is currently available at JoAnn's fabrics.

  3. You really are posting some awesome looking projects......your imagination must be running wild. Great job! It is a treat for me to see what you are up to every week!


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