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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's one big chili pepper

I was looking for something to make to thank a co-worker and came across this cute little pattern in and old issue of Quilters Home Magazine. It was perfect. She loves chili's. Did I really stop and read things before I jumped in, oh no, of course not. This thing is a monster. Somewhere in the 50-60" long range. I was a little shocked when I got the supplies together and printed out the pattern. Of course I printed it on my regular printer which cut off most of everything before I realized that it needed to be printed on my big printer, which was now making this thing huge. I decided to do it anyway, and I have to say, it sure is cute done. It was a little daunting with the size of it, but well worth it in the end. Now if she just has a room that is big enough to put this in????????

Anyway, I sure do hope she likes it!

This week brings me to doing a lot of quilting. I am making quilted bedskirts for about 35 beds. It is a much bigger job than I had planned on. I finished 4 in 12 hours over the weekend. Yikes. Guess I know what I will be doing for the better part of the summer. Glad there is no big rush, the lodge they are going to, will put them on room by room as I get them finished. So you know where I will be and what I am doing for the rest of the year! LOL!!! No time for me to get into much trouble it seems. Darn!! :-)

I have also started on a quilt for a display in the childrens area at the Englewood Library next month. I am very excited with my little Cinderella Quilt. Hopefully I will get that finished up this weekend and post some photos.

Just a note about last weeks quilt posting. My "Finding the Right Tree" quilt is now proudly hanging on my dining room wall. Not the usual dining room decor I know, but the family thought it was pretty darn comical, and didn't have an issue with it in there. Who knew! About the time you are sure you know them so well, they change on you. I think it is just to keep me guessing! Maybe a conspiracy of some kind! Hummm.

Let your imagination run wild and dream up something really big for yourself this week!

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