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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Autumn Sun

While most of us are getting ready for the upcomming summer, I have just finished up my Autumn Sun Jacket. I do mean just. Probably 10 minutes ago! :-)

Last month was a very busy month of classes. Two quilt classes and this jacket class. I am thrilled with the end results of this jacket. It was a bit of a beast to put together. Nothing too hard, just lots of hours of paper piecing, but WOW was it worth it.

The pattern is from QuiltFashions.com out of Albuquerque New Mexico, For those interested. They also have a great Kokopelli jacket in the same style, that looks like it is considerably faster to do.

While the summer sun will be heating us up soon, I look forward to fall, when I can wear my new project. I am going to consider this as a jump on my fall projects! Probably the first time I can actually say I got something done with time to spare!

Now about those Christmas projects. I suppose I need to get those lined up and get a plan in action too. But it is just JUNE... Hummm I have time!! :-) Maybe


  1. Awesome jacket! But you didn't like paper piecing, remember? Did you ever finish that Santa for which I also have the fabrics of many years ago????? I need to get some patience and learn this procedure....any tips?

  2. Hi Joan,
    what a spectacular effort, well done! I am sure that it will just look so stunning on. Fabulous indeed!

  3. This jacket is beautiful! I found you through Stashbusters and have really enjoyed looking at your blog!

    Your dyed fabrics are gorgeous also...! Maybe someday I will be able to do that!



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