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Monday, July 20, 2009

It's done

Remember that little teaser back in June? The photo with the soda cans? Well here is the finished product. My attempt at the art quilting world again. It's always scary I know, but I just can't seem to get enough of this world.

In February I was reading a sewing magazine with an article on using aluminum cans. Really in a sewing magazine, I'm thinking???? Are they nuts? It was more on the garment line of magazine, and I had horrible visions of a tin can dress. Not quite so much, I am glad to say, but still very interesting, I thought.

You cut the top and bottoms off the cans then cut them apart so they lay nice and flat. Fire up the BARBIE, (yeah I know, not that Barbie) :-) Then cook away!
Now really, who has enough time on their hands to come up with this???? Or was it done under the influence???? Beer cans work as well as soda cans do!!!! Reguardless, it is really quite interesting and just how much more "GREEN" can one get, right?

I found thru trial and error that it works the best if the printed side of the can is towards the fire, and you do need to get it right down there in the flames. A little heat will take you almost forever to get the thing to start to turn. You need a good pair of tongs to hang onto things with. My BBQ tongs with the nice long handles would have been great but they didn't hold the can well enough. The short ones were perfect but you have to deal with hot fingers from time to time.

The heat makes it turn a bronze looking shade with some neat rainbow things that appear from no where. Just a touch too much heat and your can starts to melt. It will turn a bright shiny silver color, and from there, it's over. No going back from that point. I did find though that a combination of all of it made into a quite interesting wall hanging. This piece of hand dyed fabric said solar system to me. Yeah, I know, now I am hearing my fabrics talk. But really it wasn't me that was inebriated while I was cooking my cans. They were all soda cans!!! Really they were.

Go ahead and do your part in this recycling world. Give it a try. I am seeing a woodsy theme in my head with bears and moose in the trees. I have them cut out of the cans already, and am just waiting for the inspiration to hit, to get it started.

I hope you get inspired to look at something in a very different way this week! And have fun with it!!!


  1. I'm going to enjoy watching your work with this technique -- I don't have the ambition to try it myself, but I certainly do admire the results of others! What fun!


  2. How did you cut the cans after you "burned" them?


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