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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Practice makes perfect

All those little tiny half square triangles, have finally been finished and I am happy to say that the blocks are done. This project would have been much better suited to the block of the month that it was intended to be. Letting things go for 9 months was my own fault, but I am delighted with the end results. Strangely enough that ole saying "practice makes perfect" kept rattling thru my head as I was working on it. I used to hate it when my mother would say that to me. Brought back all kinds of memories of practicing the piano. I learned to hate that, more than life and eventually they gave up and sold the piano. Well ma, I practiced something and I think I am about as perfect as I can get with these little 1 1/2" things.

I have never been a fan of pinning anything. My best friends mother was a seamstress. She would kringe when I was at her house sewing. No pins in sight. She was always so meticulous with her work that I drove her crazy. But I must admit, this was no place to not pin and be as meticulous as my friends mom used to be. It was sure a stretch for me, but the end results made it all worth it. Strangely enough the more I pinned the easier these little guys became. Who knew that a little pin would be so useful??????? By the end of this little exercise in patience, these blocks seemed to stitch themselves together and the pins went where they were supposed to the first time around. Now I am certainly not looking forward to taking on a project of this scope any time soon again. For now I am happy with what I have completed.

In peaking at what Oct 1 holds for this block of the month, I am happy to report that I now get to set these little guys on point and add the the center that is done! Yeah, should be much less pinning!!!


  1. Gorgeous combinations! You must be so happy to see these completed!


  2. The blocks look great! I fought pinning for a long time, but I now err on the side of pinning. My favorites are the little fork pins...they are just perfect for matching up seams.

  3. Ooooh!! I just LOVE tiny piecing! You did a beautiful job, Joan. Of course I have never done anything like this myself, nor am I likely to try, I don't have nearly enough patience for that! lol I can't wait to see how the quilt looks when you put it all together.

  4. These are just awesome......I wish I had that kind of patience!!!


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