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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

It must be here. We have a foot of snow on the ground. Denver is usually so nice, but it seems that Halloween has traditionally brought snow. I remember those days of trudging thru it all with the boys to get their treats. It was always fun though, as we went with a couple other families and made a night of it all. It even got better when one of the gals bought a mini van and had a TV in it!! Man was that heaven. We would just drive from street to street in the heated car and wait for the kids. Can you say dis-connected!!!! The kids were older and much appreciated the fact that we were not hanging around them anyway. :-)

We took a little family vacation last week. Stepped off the plane in our shorts and flip flops to snow. Yikes, what a shock to the system. We took a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and it was so hot in Honolulu last Saturday night that I couldn't bring myself to put my jeans on before we left. I sure did wish I had when we landed in Denver the next morning.

This is the last little Halloween project I have to share for this year. Another one of Angies Bits and Pieces projects. Since I have managed to "play" away the month of October, I need to get busy with my Christmas projects. Oh yeah, another year that I was going to have them done by July and it didn't happen. Any one else have a track record like mine???? Maybe next year we need to all get together in some kind of forum and inspire each other to actually stick to our game plan!! Let me think on this and see what we can make happen. Please post a comment if you would be interested in something like this, and any ideas you would have on making it work.

For now Happy Halloween.

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  1. There's nothing better than group commitment to a goal. Maybe we could all agree to start our Holiday projects by October 1st, and then blog about them as they progress. When you put yourself out there, it helps you to commit. I know -- I haven't started my gifts yet, either!

    But we have good intentions, don't we?



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