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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have actually kept to my word this week. Here it is Oct 3 and I have finished up this month, of my block of the month quilt. Yeah haw!!! This is such a beautiful quilt, that I am glad I put the work in, on it. It would be a shame to have this end up as a PIGS project! (Project in Grocery Sack) Next month is a set of Flying Geese, then December is another round of pieced blocks (and those are already pieced) and it will be done. I can hardly wait to see the completed top.

Hope you all find time to realize your dreams in the week to come!


  1. It's looking fabulous. Love the color combinations.

  2. This is lovely -- and so HUGE!! I admire your perseverance on a quilt of this size -- and the results are so worth it!


  3. what a beauty. How big is it going to be??



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