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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This past week was one of the best quilting weeks I have had in quite some time. I spent the week in Estes Park at the CQC (Colorado Quilt Council) bi-yearly quilt show.  A friend and I went up early, took our machines, and had a sew in prior to the show, then took some fabulous classes. If any of you are scrap-a-holics like I am, then Debbie Caffrey is the instructor you need to find a class with. She is the author of Noodle Soup, Can of Worms, etc. WOW is about all I can say about her. She gave us the most incredible class I think I may have ever taken. The pace was fast and she threw things at us a lightening speed, but you had time to catch up and were able to with ease. We all found ourselves hanging on every word she spoke, so it was a delightful class to take. I am so movitated now that I have heard her that I want to never come out of my sewing room. If you love 2 1/2" strips, you need to check out her books and her web page.


Another great class I took, was with Karla Alexander. It's not the first class with her for me. She is a great teacher and has one of the most freeing and fun ways of sewing curves I have ever done. Actually you cut free hand cut the curves too. If you have followed my blog you have seen my "Bent Out of Square" quilt posted last year, and yep, she's the one who thought up that beauty.  This time I took her Arboritum quilt class. We made leaves and inset them into the blocks. It all looked very difficult, but you can't believe just how easy it really is.
These are the blocks that all of us did during class. I don't think there was 1 of us, who didn't marvel at how easy they were to do. I can hardly wait to finish up more of these fun little guys! Oh yeah, this is what all those pieces were cut for that I posted last week. :-)     You can see more of Karla at   http://www.saginawstreetquilts.com/.
Like I didn't have enough on my plate with these, I was in a class once I got home yesterday at my LQS. Mariners Star! Those Quiltsmart patterns sure do take the "difficult" out of everything. I am well on my way to finishing up a 54" square quilt in just 1 day! Yea haw, I love those kind of projects. But with so much on my plate, I don't know what to tackle first!!!  Decisions Decisions!  :-)

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to be so excited about your quilting that you don't know what to do first??!! I love that feeling -- keep at it, girl!



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