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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yikes that's Bright

OK! So the Mariners of days gone by, probably would be running to get their pair of sunglasses on, I know! But I just had to play with my fabric dyes and see just how outrageous I could make this Mariners Compass quilt. I do say, I think I have succeeded in that task! I happen to love it, even though it takes a bit of getting used to. A pair  of cool shades "do" help the situation.  :-)   It's a flimsy as of now. I am trying to decide just how to quilt it. I am guessing that trying to downplay it with thread is not going to really help this guy! Any ideas out there?????? I would love to hear your advise! Please put on your thinking caps for me will you!


  1. HI Joan,
    Debra Gabel here. Thanks for joining my Blocks Around the World sample making group. Your work is awesome! I can see you are a full blown quilting addict - like me! lol. Great blog. Keep in touch! You can see my blog on my website: www.zebrapatterns.com
    And by the way - that bright quilt looks great - gets your blood flowing!

  2. One more comment on your quilt - Hey - you have gone bold - go all the way! I would use contrasting neon threads on each section!Use neon lime thread on the fuchsia, Use fuchsia on the lime, use bright yellow etc!

  3. These are my kind of colors, Joan! Love this quilt!

    You'd be surprised how your choice of thread can tone the colors down, if you want them to. On some scrap fabric, audition thread in a color that is about 2 or 3 shades lighter than the fabric (light fuchsia on the fuchsia, chartreuse on the kelly green spikes, etc.). Hang the fabric on the wall and look at it from far away.

    If you use very light thread on the entire quilt, you'll bring down the brightness a bit. If it were my quilt, I'd follow Debra's thinking and try bright threads in complementary colors -- this quilt would not only sing, it would ZING! However, remember, it's YOUR quilt -- do whatever makes your heart happy.

    You've done a great piecing job here -- and the dyed fabrics are terrific!


  4. Looooooove it. Woke my eyeballs up for sure :)
    If it was me I would do some simple stitching within the mariners compass circles and triangles and then play away on the outside purple and fuschia.


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