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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not much sewing done lately

I am back from Alaska, and while I didn't get much sewing done while I was there, I did manage to get curtains made for my son's place. I found some great lodge look fabric that fit in quite well with his new digs and stitched up very simple curtains for 4 rooms. There was enough fabric left over to make some pillows to match and a bathmat and matching towel sets. I managed to bring home enough to probably make a pot holder too!!  hahahaha I have bombarded him enough with little treasures. I will keep the pot holder for myself!  :-)  It was a cold and rainy trip this time. They broke a record last Saturday for the most days with measurable rain (28 days) that was set in 1951. Needless to say it rained Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I came in on the red eye on Tuesday morning and had a call that it stopped raining and the sky was blue. Doesn't that just figure! The day I leave.  All was not a loss though, with all that rain came millions of mushrooms. I took a few walks with my camera. I have never seen mushrooms the likes of some of these. There were so many and so many different shapes, sizes and colors.
Some growing right out of tree stumps
Living in dry climate I don't often get to see things like these. When we do get mushrooms they all seem to be the same old boring gray mass around here.

This guy looked like a pancake that had been tossed on the side of the road.
I am so truly captivated with all these little things, that I can't seem to get the idea of some kind of a photo art quilt out of my head.
Watch out, you never know when that will appear! I suggest that you grab a camera and take some photos of something that inspires you too and see what happens!


  1. Those are very cool, Joan! Lovely photos too- you should consider framing a set of them to hang up- they are so colourful and interesting!

  2. What great inspiration for an art quilt, Joan -- any one of these photos would translate beautifully into cloth. (Now I've got projects for you for the next few months, haven't I????)



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