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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bulls Eye

Recently I had a request for information on the Bulls Eye Quilt that I made a couple years back. EvaLena, here it is. :-) The inspiration for this little guy came from something I saw at a quilt show. It is nothing more than scraps. I took several different cream color tone on tone prints for the background, then went to work on my stash for the circles. You can use anything you can get your hands on, that is round, as templates. Having a ton of Tupperware lids, that was my template of choice! Just draw around the circles and cut out. On this one I used 3 different sizes and stacked them. Just raw edge appliqued, then after it was all quilted, I clipped the circles and washed it 3 or 4 times to make the edges of the circles "bloom".
The quilting that I did on this, was really my first attempt at free motion quilting. I love the look of the pebbles, so I just went to work and started playing. It took a little time to get them all done, but it was fun and I really love the way it came out in the end.  Personally, I get just as big of a kick looking at the back as I do the front. I just love the pattern that emerged when it was done. It's a great stash-buster and whats better to practice quilting on than this. Grab some scraps and have some fun. Now, if I could only learn to take photos that don't make all my quilts look like they are not square! That would be an accomplishment!  Hummmm... that might have to be a project for me, soon!   :-)

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  1. This is so cool, Joan -- I love the way you fluffed out the edges. Very avant-garde art quilt -- your color choices are super!



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