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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Hidden Wells

While I was gone, I worked on my Halloween Hidden Wells quilt. This little guy was so much fun. I spent a little time surfing the web for applique designs and came up with this combination. These designs were from Angies Bits and Pieces as well as Fat Cat Patterns. As we all know I can't seem to get enough of Hidden wells and this is just another reason why. It is so versatile that I can make almost anything I can dream up with scraps and have a very unique quilt when it's done. Best yet, it looks like I planned the project and I didn't. Once it was pieced I knew that I needed some applique to complete it, that was about all the "thought process" that went into it.

Oh yeah, and while it doesn't really show here, the ghosts are done in glow in the dark fabric, so when I turn off the lights I have a truly haunting wall hanging!  :-)  :-) I love Michael Miller for coming up with glow in the dark fabrics. I use them a lot in my baby quilts too. I have found it hard to find during the year, but Halloween time it's available, so stock up while you can!

Next "well" project????  There is Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon. Think of Turkeys and scarecrows, and gingerbread men, snowflakes and ribbons and, and, and ... 

Show me what you come up with and I will show you mine!

I am deep into piecing my new Alaska Shop Hop quilt 2010. All the blocks have arrived and I hope to have something to share with you very soon!

Stitch on sisters!


  1. How cool! Love the glow-in-the-dark fabrics!


  2. I'm not usually a huge fan of halloween type quilts BUT this one is lovely and so much fun.

    Speaking of fun you are one of my recipients of "The Sunshine Award." If you visit my Thursday post at my blog http://ascotintennessee.blogspot.com you'll find out what that is all about.
    You always manage to teach us so much and are so willing to share. Thanks.


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