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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last of my vacation

One more part of my vacation I want to share. For the last of my time off, I went to Albuquerque to visit my best friend and to see the International Balloon Fiesta, one of those things I have done for over 30 years now. The weather was spectacular this year which was such a change from the past years. Only a few of the night events ended up cancelled due to winds, that picked up. But for those who know about the infamous "Albuquerque Box" it was truely alive and well this year. That is when the winds are optimal and a balloonist can actually fly in a box pattern by adjusting the altitude of the balloon. If it's as much fun for the pilots to fly as it is for us on the ground to watch, then it was a stellar week.  My favorite after all these years is the special shapes. They continued to delight is this year. Never mind the fact that we almost didn't even need jackets which is unheard of!  :-)

Probably one of the best moments this year though, was the grand opening of "Tim's Place". I had the honor of meeting Tim about 6 or 7 years ago at a Special Olympics" event. Tim has downs syndrome and is such a wonderfully special young man. He was so delighted to share his stories of the Downs Syndrome Symposium with me, that was held in my home town. It is just captivating to talk with him. I see him from time to time, last year he was working at Applebee's. Even with it being just once a year, he remembers you and makes you feel like he's known you forever. Last week, with the help of his family, he opened his own restaurant, "Tim's Place". They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs, and that is just what they do. No one leaves the place without the "special of the day", which is a Tim Hug. Never mind the fact that the food is out of this world. I had the best omelette that I can remember, and had to go back a second time before I left, for another. The experience is such a profound one to see this great young man touch the lives of so many others. The feeling of warmth and caring can't even begin to be explained, but it makes you feel like your are so at home. It was fun to see the love from everyone, even strangers, towards each other for the brief time we all share space in the restaurant. If you live near Albuquerque New Mexico or are planning a trip there makes Tim's Place a place to stop. They are located in the shopping center at Wyoming and Alameda. There will be a hug waiting for you!

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  1. I've never seen balloons as fabulous as these -- what a treat! Your first picture would be great inspiration for a quilt, you know . . .



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