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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another PIG done

I am finally getting back to my game plan, of actually finishing some things. I drug all my unfinished projects out earlier this year, only to stack them in yet another corner and "not" do anything with them. Gheez, even the best layed plans can fail. How does that happen??? 

But yesterday I put the finishing touches on this very old "PIG" and we can check Calendar Cats off the list and consider it done. This one is so old that I have even managed to loose the book now! So, I really don't have much to tell you about it, other than it is really a cute little thing completed. If I remember right, part of the issue was finding all the cat eyes. That was a challenge, until last spring when I was in Alaska. I found a shop that was clearing out a huge bag of the things, cheap! So now I have eyes for quite a few of these quilts and no pattern to be found! Doesn't that just figure. LOL!!

I have even cleaned out my book shelves and still not found the darn thing. But all was not lost, because in two weeks our little quilt group is having a garage sale. Get this, no money changes hands, you just take your quilt things you no longer want or use and put them out for someone else who might want them. We all get to shop each others "stuff" or "crap-ola" as I prefer to call it!  hahaha  I seem to have quite a few bags of my treasured Crap-ola, to take along. Bonus!!! I have room on my bookshelves now.   It's a great way to trade away things you really don't want anymore, and pick up some new things in the process. What doesn't manage to find new homes will be donated to a quilting organization of some kind. Sounds like everybody wins on this one. Better yet, we pot luck, so I am looking towards some great grub while I shop! Yum Yum!

On that note we had a new place open in Denver this week. Wooden Spools quilt shop. We went to visit the other day and were very excited with it. They have a pretty unique concept. They purchase your old fabrics that are in good shape (fat quarters or half yards) for $1 a pound then resell them for $5 a yard. You get rid of your stash you will never use and someone else gets great fabrics for a good price. All nice quilt shop quality fabrics. I spent a fortune the other day on fabric, while my friend cleaned up on brand new yarns that they bought for a song from a closing shop. All the savings get passed along, and it's fun to look thru things. We had such a good time that tomorrow, we are taking an "It's a Wrap" class there. Watch out for a new project soon, if all goes well that is!

And yeah, I know my book shelf is great, and my fabric shelf is exploding! Guess I better start sewing some more.

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  1. Some great ideas here, Joan -- I plan to pass them along to my fiber art group! And how terrific that the kitties have eyes! They're really cute!



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