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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mug Rugs

Sitting here today with my coffee and lamenting over the state we live in now. I bought a new flavor of coffee creamer, Vanilla Nut Rum, and yes, it is absolutely as great as it sounds. But trying to break into the sealed foil under the top, proved to be quite the challenge. It got me remembering the days prior to that goof ball,  who tried to poison us all with something in Tylenol caplets. Remember that? If I am thinking correctly that was the beginning of the end of our innocence and many of our abilities to open bottles of anything. Today you have to arm yourself with knives, scissors and hands of steel (not buns) just to get things open, so you "can" use them. Does this seem really crazy to anyone but me. What the heck has happened to our society??

Ok, I will get off my soap box now. I wish this Vanilla Nut Rum had a little of the "real" rum in it, that might make me a little more mellow this morning!  :-)

What this post was all about before my crazy foil incident, was this new rage called mug rugs. These little treasures are so much fun to make. It opens your mind to new designs, and let you finish them quickly. Even the busiest of people can manage to finish up a 6" x 10" quilt in a sitting.

This has to be one of my favorite dollar store finds. The sentiment on the cup "OHHHH" so explains my situation this time of my life. It's a sad thing, but it happens to most of us! :-)

If you have younger children or grandchildren, don't leave them out. You can find the cutest little cups, even sippy cups and make them special "Milk Mats". What a great way to share some special time with a loved one.

And last but not least, Santa will be riding thru next week, and we all leave milk and cookies out for him don't we?????  Well, have a special little mat for him this season too...
                                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love striped bindings, but I am seeing a trend here. Guess I need to go out and do some fabric shopping!


  1. Love them. Love them all. Merry Christmas!

  2. These are the best mug rugs I've seen yet!

  3. The mug rugs are SUPER. I love them.

  4. These have obviously been multiplying in a dark cupboard! You have been busy! I adore them. Love the way you have used the mug decoration to design and colour the mat. This is a wonderful idea. I am now going to look for mugs that can inspire mats, too!
    Now tell me about this open mind of yours that keeps wandering off? Has it come back yet?

  5. These are simply adorable! Do you design the mats yourself to coordinate with the mugs? What a clever idea!


  6. Goodness me, you have been busy..all of them would be my favourite...they are very inspiring...I may have to do a few while holidaying from blogging...beginning NOW lol...

  7. Love them!!! I found some adorable mugs at the Dollar Tree. Can't wait to create. Digging through my scraps now. Thanks for the inspiration.


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