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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a family affair

It's no secret that I have "blessed" many of our family with boxers. But I also made them for my son and his friends last summer. It was quite a hoot watching them react to them. What I didn't see coming, was my son who has never touched a sewing machine or express any interest at all in quilting, making me this photo quilt for Christmas. Here they are, the 3 amigos, with Kim in the middle, pregnant with twins due in March. I am not sure if I was more surprised at the fact that he actually made a quilt or had the courage to get friends together and have someone take a photo of them.

The story of piecing the quilt was hilarious. I shipped  up a machine last year to use when I am visiting. Mike got it out and started sewing, after he got some tips from Kim. Panic set in when he tried to zig zag with the 1/4" foot attached to the machine. Snap went the needle! Kim had to get a baby sitter for her little guy who was napping and she then drove 30 minutes to bail him out of his jam. He we sure the machine was broken and not repairable. Needless to say a needle change fixed things and he was on his way again. But after a few more debacles, Kim gave in and had him over to finish it on her machine. Brave girl that she is!!  My favorite part is where he cut thru to the front of the quilt at one point and fixed it by stitching the bejeebers out of it!  Have we not all be there at one time in our lives, or not!!!  Needless to say this is one of those very special quilts that I will cherish forever!

                                                                                                                                                                        When I tell you I "boxered" everyone up for the holidays I met it. Here are more of the little darlings!

On that note, I am so missing my sewing room. I sure do wish I could walk thru my quilt room. It has power now, but no room to work until the remodel is done!  :-(


  1. Oh what a marvelous gift, certainly a treasure

  2. Oh, my! Can you EVER top (or bottom!) this Christmas!!

  3. That's a family heirloom! What a wonderful compliment, too. I think it is wonderful that your son thought so much of you that he was prepared to do this. So special!!!!


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