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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Thanks to Ariane over at Arianescrafts I have lost a nights sleep. She posted a photo of a wonderful mini quilt she whipped up while keeping awake before starting in on her long work day. I work long days too, so I just decided to hop over and see what she was talking about. Consider me hooked.

The Small Quilt Talk group over at Yahoo groups is now my favorite place to visit. What a great bunch of gals. I got such a warm welcome, and they have some cool challenges. Personal challenges that is. They give you a pattern and you run wild with it. All the past ones are posted and I have downloaded them all to see what I can come up with.

Here is my first little challenge quilt. Now there is a real use for the scraps I have been keeping. I was never a real fan of the red fabric in this quilt, but man did it work here. It is so old that I will never be able to find more, so I will have to settle for enjoying what's done. I love the ability to actually start and complete a quilt in just a few hours. If you are needing a quick fix quilt, check out the group.

Down side of this all, is now I want more books! Oh yeah, clean out my bookshelf  and replace them with more. I guess that's the sickness!  :-)  I was able to find an out of print book on mini quilts in a electronic version and download it into my Color Nook. That was a bonus for me. I am loving having electronic quilt books and my Nook.

If you need more inspiration check out the great mini quilts at Pleasentree.  Now if that doesn't get your blood rushing, I don't know what will. I promise you will be seeing more small quilts here soon.  :-)
Just in case you wanted to know, the center of this little quilt is the perfect size for a 12" tile trivet!!!!!
                                                                 HINT HINT  


  1. Thanks - just what I need - another distraction!!
    It's a great idea. Love what you have done with your first challenge. I really like the idea of whipping up something small and quick.

  2. I made a half sized quilt for my daughter... sew fun! Yours looks very nice!

  3. I'm not sure my fingers would work on a quilt that small! :) But it's certainly beautiful and the red fabric works perfectly. blessings, marlene BTW - where did you find the downloadable book?

  4. Love the Small Quilt group. I also have all the patterns printed out waiting to be done.
    Your quilt looks lovely.
    You are the winner of one of my PIF's.


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