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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mystery Quilting

When you get up in the morning, to a day that looks like this, there ain't nothing you can do but groan. I'm not complaining, we have had way less snow that my east coast counterparts, but it is so dreary looking.

What's the best thing you can do?????  How about participate in an online Mystery Quilt. That's just what happened yesterday, over at  http://www.planetpatchwork.com/.   It was their Superbowl mystery quilt day.

By day's end, I had this, which was quite a pick me up from my morning start, don't ya think?  :-) I knew when I read the supply list, that I was going for my hand dyes, but never did I expect it to be so cool looking. It really wasn't hard to do, if you learn to read the instructions. I, of course had to jump in and know more than the pattern a time or two, only to be knocked back down to reality and picking out stitches!  :-)  :-) Go figure! I guess that reading thing, isn't really "that" overstated. hehehe  Anyway the pattern is still up for a couple more days, if your interested. It finishes to a 61" x 61" quilt. Wonder if that quilting fairy will show up and quilt it now!!! A girls's gotta dream you know!!



  1. This is impressive! Love the way you had all that fabric on hand ready and waiting. Great quilt!

  2. I have a whole bin of Hand dyes and was looking for a different pattern to use them up. Thanks for the link.

  3. Wow, what a striking quilt! How lovely, and a great cure for the mid-winter BLAHs. Well done!

    - Mary


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