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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a sickness I tell you!

I know you have all seen the trivets that I seem to be addicted to as of lately, but here is a new batch I just have to share!

 For some strange reason, I just can't seem to stop coming up with new ideas and things to play with.

This little guy here is actually the center block for my civil war mini quilt that I did a few weeks back.  The little mini quilts make a perfect format for tiles. I have gone to larger 12" tiles for all of these. I like the larger size. They are really nice for larger casseroles and pans. No balancing act with these big guys!

This went to my son who loves whales. It almost didn't make it to him, I liked it so well. I see a wall hanging for myself soon!

I went thru my embroidery designs to come up with this one. A few scraps of this and that and you have something fun to use.

Lastly my Dresden plate template and a few scraps made for this little cutie.
Give you any ideas?  Grab something you haven't used lately and see what you come up with.
And be sure to share them with me. I can hardly wait to see them!  :-)


  1. I love these! Especially the Dresden plate! I've never made one of those... looks like I need to add something else to my to do list!

  2. Your whales trivet is beautiful! Inspiring...

  3. I just fell for the Dresden Plate! perfect for a vintage teapot and a tea party!!!!


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