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Friday, March 4, 2011

Just one more St Patty's trivet cover

I love fusible applique, and this little guy was just about as fast as it can get.

One of the best places to find applique "treasures" is online. If you search for coloring book pages, you will be surprised what you find. You can click HERE for this one. I took it to a copy machine and reduced it to 78% the size of the original and it worked out nicely for our 6" tile.

If you have a few minutes this weekend, you might want to whip one up for yourselves!

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  1. Very nice Joan, I like this one a lot! I also love the fusable applique method, nice and easy then to do a blanket stitch on the machine!!! You may be interested to know that I found out my favourite local quilt shop stocks Insul Bright, so that solves my dilemma of where to get a heat resistant batt. Yippee!! I've ordered some so it should be here by Monday! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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