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Friday, March 11, 2011

Messanger Bag

If you have been following Aunt Polly over at Aunt Polly's Porch, you might have seen her tutorial for a great messanger bag. Click "HERE" to see it.

I have had a photo that was so special, that I knew I needed just the right project for it, and Aunt Polly came up with the answer. It was delivered to my friend Tyna this week, so now I can share it with you all.

The adorable cutie pa-tutti is her daughter, who is quite the little character. I had the privilege of working her school carnival last night. It's been many years since my boys were that age, and it sure brought back a lot of fun memories. I love seeing the little ones play the games and pick out their little prizes. I helped with the duck pond. Definitely only of the wettest jobs, but it sure was great fun...  and I got to live my childhood dream of eating more cotton candy than anyone should!!   :-)  :-) Ah yes it was a great night!

Polly used an assortment of scraps in  her bag. It's fun to pull together a few bits and pieces and come up with a great project. Little changes can truly make it yours. I made a small change to the inside pocket of the bag, when I choose to make it the width of the bag and stitch down a few lines to separate compartments and  have a couple places for pens to go. Your choices are endless, so head over to Aunt Pollys Porch and check out the tutorial for yourselves! I can hardly wait to see your projects.


  1. Forgot about this..will check it out..Thanks.

  2. It is great the way your bag has turned out. This is a great design and I love the shape.
    Your use of the photo is very effective. Great gift!!
    Hope you didn't have a tummy ache after all the cotton candy!!


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