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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoppin down the bunny trail Trivet

April is on us already?  Didn't March just start, where does time go??

This month I've got a bright springy basket block "trivet tuxedo" for you. So here we go. For this block we are going to need 3 colors. One for the background (mine is the cream color with multi spots) and 2 for the basket. I used a green and a purple.

Background color
 1  - 2" square
 1  - 4 1/4" square cut twice on                                               
                  the diagonal
 2  - 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles
 1  - 3 7/8" square cut once on 
                  the diagonal

Basket bottom color   1  - 3 7/8" square cut once
                                                   on the diagonal
                                  2  - 2 3/8" squares cut once
                                                   on the diagonal

Basket top color     2  - 2 3/8" squares cut once on
                                               the diagonal
                              1  - 3 7/8" square cut once on
                                               the diagonal

Here is the layout of the pieces. You are going to have some left over pieces from this one. Just stash them away for a future project!

And now we start putting the block together.

                 It's really not hard at all.

So here you have it! My springy/Easter Trivet Tux. I added a little bunny for Easter. I found it in one of my old scrap book, idea books. If your a scrap booker, you probably have loads of these books and magazines yourself. I look them mine occasionally and am amazed at how many great ideas I get from them that works well with my quilting projects!

NOTE:  This is for a 6" block, and to make it fit nicely on our 6" tiles, I add a 1" strip around the edges of it and trim it down to a 7" square. You can catch the more detailed instructions on past posts. The original instructions are listed under Tutorials and trivets, and all the tux instructions are under Labels and Trivet Tuxedo's.

As always don't forget to share you completed project with us all!

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