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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Missing in action

Not really, but I have been on a little field trip.  I spent a few days last week in Salt Lake City for the HMQS show.  What can I say about this show???   Let's start with WOW!

It was absolutely spectacular. The quilts were fantastic, and there was a great variety of vendors. They did their job and kept my credit card very busy!  I have always loved the Houston quilt show, but it is really big. Some times I am just on overload there. HMQS is about half as big, and just right for me to take in. The facility is wonderful, with tons of free parking, and the quilts on display were gorgeous. Besides that, we shop hopped one day and found the best quilt shops. They all seemed to be prosperous, something the Denver market hasn't completely enjoyed with our economy.
Once I get some time, I will have some great new things to share with you from our adventure.

My friend found this Hidden Wells quilt in the show and ran for me. I just have to share it. You know my passion for Hidden Wells. Congrats to the creator Linda Roderick, it's beautiful.

I have long been drooling over the Accuquilt GO. I've not thought it would be worth the investment for myself, but it's one of those things that kept rolling thru my mind. I have looked at 2 shows now and almost made the leap, but walked away. I was being so good, until I went online at Amazon and found the GO Baby for $89, free shipping and no sales tax. That one pushed me over the edge. Guess what my hubby bought me for Mother's day!!   :-)  :-)

This week JoAnn's fabrics is having a 25% off sale of the dies and mats, so guess who went shopping yesterday... Yep here I sit my 3 dies and mats just waiting for the UPS or FED EX truck to arrive with my purchase from Amazon.  :-)  It's going to be a long week of waiting I am sure!!    So I am off to my studio to work on another quilt that I got the pattern for at the show instead. It's really fun and your going to love it. Hint Hint: melts in your hands...   Think on it, and I will have it posted as soon as it's done!

Til then  :-)


  1. Nothing better than a brand new toy! And who deserves it more than you?! Enjoy it!


  2. Wow, thanks for sharing a little about the show- do you have more photos to share?

    And keep us posted about the Go Baby- I just saw that this weekend and I am curious as all get out! lol

    I missed going with you to the Denver show too- keep me in mind for next time!

  3. I am green with envy every time I read about your visits to shows.... one day! Have fun with your new toy. Which dies did you choose?

  4. nice pictures, love the wallhanging.
    I bought that go baby toy several month ago, but it's still in the closet since I promised to finish ALL my ufo,s first...........only 5 to go...


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