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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Duffle Do It

If you haven't surfed thru the Connecting Threads website lately, you will find some fabulous patterns you can pay and download immediately. This is one of my favorites. A Little Duffle Do It. For $4, you too, can have your own pattern for these cuties. I love taking a little something when I travel for the people who have to tolerate me, and this is perfect and fast. Everyone needs something to carry things in, it's just right for makeup bags or any kind of sewing supplies me might need to carry. A couple of fat quarters and a zipper and your on your way. These are the large size, and there are 3 sizes offered in the same pattern. Click HERE for the magic carpet ride over to this great pattern. You might want to check out all the other wonderful patterns while your there, too!

Since I am leaving on a jet plane this week, to help my best friend (46 years, yikes!!) with a wedding in her family, I decided to make myself a little duffle and a matching curling iron carrier. My old one, had long since seen better days.

In the middle of the night the idea fairy struck (darn her for interrupting my sleep) and her focus seemed to be dealing with the 1 quart ziploc bags that you are required to have for your liquids when you travel now. Of course, I had to get up out of bed and hit my sewing room early today. I took a ziploc and used the measurements to make one out of a heavier clear plastic.  On my last trip to Anchorage, as I was pulling my liquids out of my bag, the top portion tore off the bag, and there I stood with the zipper part of the bag in my hand. Thanks goodness the TSA agents thought it was funny and allowed me to take things on, since they do not have bags available for us anymore. So if this works out well with the TSA, and it should, since it "is" the exact measurement of a 1 quart bag, I will post a tutorial for making your own.
                                          Till then happy stitchin'


  1. What a wonderful idea! Please do let us know if this works and how to make it. I don't travel a lot but often enough to need one. blessings, marlene

  2. These do look rather good. Smart idea with the ziploc too. You need to train that fairy so you can still have your sleep!
    Love all these sites with their patterns. Isn't it great that we can now download instantly after paying for a pattern! It will probably make us impatient now to wait for snail mail!! Hope not.
    Have a wonderful time away.

  3. terrific idea.Looking forward to your tutorial. I always drag extra zip locks in my carry on just for the reason you mentioned. Selina


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